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Free Social Image Redirect AppSimple to use, even a child can use it!Ability to Use Images from Around The WebMobile users handled!Facebook Retargetting

[GET] Social Image Redirect App DOWNLOAD

Just enter in the URL of the Image. Post your images to services such as IMGUR, DropBox, or your own host, Create Social Image Redirects, then Share Quickly and Easily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Social Image Redirect

Paste Images on Social Networks that are linked to ANY Webpage.  These Images when clicked will take the viewer to any webpage you desire.

If the Viewer is on a mobile Phone the user can also be directed, to make a phone call.

Both for Offline and Online

No Other Software will give you the power that Social Image Redirect App has!
Drive traffic to any webpage you want from:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+

Paste Images that when clicked will whisk the viewer to any webpage, or if on a mobile phone call a number you decide!

Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing

In July of 2012, Google reported it is driving 15 million calls a month to US advertisers via Pay Per Call advertisement. Forbes estimated that calls in this model “could explode as more businesses understand the benefits of pay per call versus other forms of advertising” and that “Pay per call could be 10x bigger than pay per click”. If you are not in this particular model of affiliate marketing at this point in time, you are missing on potential revenue.

Some Pay Per Call programs upwards of $50 per call. (Pay Per Call available in US and UK)

[GET] Social Image Redirect App DOWNLOAD

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