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Dear Traffic and Engagement Seeker,

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Because by the time you’re done reading it you will know the exact method that we have been using to get a2000% increase in our social media engagement.

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Look at these figures captured from right inside one of our Facebook pages…

As you can see before we stumbled across our engagement booster technique the figures were pretty unimpressive.

We even tried paying to boost posts but this was very expensive for a short term gain and didn’t really result in many PAGE LIKES which is what you really want to be growing for maximum exposure.

Here’s an example of how a $28 spend on Facebook got just 3 new page likes…

That’s a WHOPPING $9.33 per Page Like…

No One Wants to Pay That!

We knew there had to be a much better (and cheaper) way.

And there is…

And it’s not just cheaper…

It’s 100% FREE!

And just like we promised, we are going to tell you EXACTLY what the method is and how you can start doing it right away, even if you don’t buy anything from us…

We’re nice like that!

Introducing Andy and Barry’s Social Media Engagement Booster Technique…

We know that most marketers would put this method into a PDF document and make that the front-end product of a deep funnel that’s designed to suck up your cash and bleed you dry.

But we’re not most marketers.

All we ask is that if you like our method and decide to try it, that you at least consider the special package deal we’ve put at the bottom of this letter that will get you up and running much quicker and enable you to see results in the next 24 hours or less.

That’s fair isn’t it?

Yes, we thought so too!

Like All The Best Things It’s SIMPLE…

All we did to start seeing the results we did was to start sharing a certain type of image.

Yes really!

And we discovered it by accident and then kept repeating the process…

And on every fan page we tested it on…

In every niche…

The results were the same.

So what were these mystical images that attracted hundreds of views and mass engagement?

They were inspirational and motivational images with quotations on them.

But before you run off and start tossing together any old image and quote and hoping for the best let us tell you the rest of the story…

We’ve found in testing that not every image and quotation 

will get people engaging with you…

And while all of the images we’ve used have got way more engagement than our previous posts, some have worked better than others.

The single biggest trick is to come up with something that is both challenging and that resonates with a wide audience.

And over the past few weeks we’ve become pretty damn good at working out what will work and what won’t.

So although we could now simply send you on your way and you could blindly make up some inspirational images with quotes in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Gimp, we didn’t want to leave you high and dry.

So we’d like to offer you the chance to download twenty proven done for you inspirational quotation imagesthat you can use ROYALTY FREE on your own Social media accounts.

These follow the exact formula and characteristics of the images we have used to boost our own social media profile and get massive engagement for free.

And not only that but we’ll also give you Andy’s maximum exposure trick which is the best way to post these images so you get maximum impact every time.  This is his own tried and tested boost formula and it’s revealed to you when you pick up this pack of engagement boosting images today.

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Fast Action Bonus!

When you order right now we’ll also give you a copy of “Growing Your Facebook Audience.”

This detailed report explains in detail other ways you can rapidly grow your audience on Facebook and includes actual examples and their results.

Worth $9.95 on it’s own but you get it INCLUDED at no extra charge as a Fast Action Bonus when you pick up your set of Royalty Free Social Engagement Images today.

Here’s What You Are Going to Get…

The pack of twenty done for you social engagement images that you can start posting on your fan pages right away.

If you were to outsource the creation of these you would easily spend between $1 and $5 per image.  So even a low-ball estimate makes these a $20 value.

The Social Engagement Image Pack

This is the super fast and easy way that Andy posts his images to get the results you saw at the top of this page.

When you grab your Social Engagement Image Pack we’ll also reveal this down and dirty method that helps kick start the exposure of your post (for free) and helps ensure you get the best possible engagement out of every single image.  This secret sauce alone is a $10 value!

The Maximum Exposure Method

This exclusive bonus pack contains extra images from Andy and Barry’s Personal Collection.

These don’t follow the formula of the images in the main pack but they generate engagement all the same.

Other marketers would have sold this as a one-time-offer or upsell for at least $10…

But we’re not “other marketers”.



If you add up the value of everything listed above, even with conservative low-ball values you can see that you are getting a package worth a minimum of $40

Indeed we could happily charge you that and KNOW we were giving immense value.

But that might prevent one or two from picking it up because $40 isn’t exactly pocket change…

If we halved the price you’d probably rip your pocket trying to pull your wallet out quick enough…

But we’re going to do even better than that!

Order yours right now and you’ll pay…

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