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“Intuitive, Powerful, Web Based & Easy to Use…”

With this highly versatile and ready to go out of the box agency website you’ll have have a professional online presence in Just Minutes! With super simple installation and customization you can easily match the look and feel of your business in just a few clicks…

Drag n’ Drop Editor

Easily the best part of this amazing tool is the ability to drag and drop anything you see to any part of the site you choose! Place embed codes for things like autoresponders to create highly unique pages. You can even add a video to anywhere on the page and then simple drag to resize and drop where you want it!

HTML5 Responsive Website Design

Any site you create with Site Shaver comes automatically mobile ready. In fact there is even a built in mobile editor that is also drag and drop! When you create a site you’ll automatically be able to see how it looks on a mobile phone and then edit it right there in the tool!

Create Unlimited Websites

That’s right, with this amazing tool you can create UNLIMITED WEBSITES! As long as you edit the templates to make them unique (very simple) you have full un-branded reseller rights to every website you create. That means you can create an sell these stunning websites over and over for pure profit!!!

Hosting Free with Us or Anywhere Online

Hosting is included with your Site Shaver membership so you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees to host you or your clients websites. No extra charge. However if you would like to host your site elsewhere online such as your own server that is perfectly ok too!

Comes with Pre-Loaded Templates

With the drag and drop technology  you can really use any of the various “builders” to create any style of website but if you don’t want to do the heavy lifting you can easily just customize one of the many templates that are included from restaurants to lawyers, bands, hotels and more! These templates create high quality design that local businesses will happily pay top dollar for.

Edit Websites Online (nothing to download/install)

The best part about this amazing tool is you don’t have to install anything on your computer to use it! Simply login to the web based platform no matter where you are in the world and start creating websites. This saves a ton of time, headaches and space on your computer making it easier for you to focus on

“The #1 Solution for Creating Stunning HTLM5 Responsive Websites in Just Minutes…”

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself James Okeke (the creator of Videojac.com & SiteShaver.com) and Justin Sardi with an important message for anybody selling products online or services to local businesses.

Before I get to that let me give you a quick background of how we got here today.

I’ve been marketing online since 2009 but I really didn’t have much success for about the first year and half. Although I’d made some money through affiliate marketing, article marketing and so forth but it just wasn’t consistent. It certainly wasn’t enough to quit my job and go full time online.

That’s when Justin and I turned to local marketing. Although we struggled to find our footing it wasn’t long until we hit a breakthrough and really never looked back.

It all started by cutting all the crap and massive packages we were trying to offer and simply selling websites.

Yep simple $500 (way under priced) was all it took to get us off the ground. From there we went on to offer SEO, PPC, Video Marketing and other services but it all started with WEB DESIGN.

You see most marketers, ourselves included, tend to over complicate things which leads to having too many irons in the fire and never really burning anything down.

To this day when I get asked whats the easiest way to get starting making money with internet marketing I tell people selling websites.

They kind of look at me crazy and ask the question you’re probably wondering right now…can you still make good money selling web design?

Of Course You Can!

In a second I’ll explain what I mean but the key thing to remember is how simple and profitable selling design can be.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deliver, carries high profit margins and will always be in demand.

Here is why….

“New Businesses Start Every  Day and Every Single One Needs a

High Quality Web Presence in 2014 and Beyond…”


Did you know that in the US Alone nearly 600,000 businesses open and close their doors each year?

This has been happening for years and with the growth of the internet not only are even more businesses popping up worldwide but the need for a website is evident.

That’s why positioning yourself to be able to offer these businesses high quality design is such a smart move.

Not only can you make huge profits which I’ll get to in a second but it’s the perfect starting point to a local marketing sales funnel.

Once you build them a site you can add on traffic services such as SEO, Facebook or Youtube marketing. The key is if they don’t have a quality website…those other services are useless!

So back to how you can generate huge profits with web design sales.

Let’s see what a few of the tops sites in Google have to say…

“So, for a minimal site you can spend as little as $1250 or as much as $20,000 or more.” – About.com

“A simple but professional website can usually be produced starting at $2,500, plus basic Web hosting.” – chron.com

Professional designer: If you’d rather hand off the entire project to a designer, you could easily spend anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 on a basic site, with or without e-commerce capability.” – allbusiness.com

Those are just a few estimations that a business owner would find if they went to Google and searched terms like “How much should a business website cost?” or “Average cost of a small business website”.

I personally know from experience that many business owners expect to pay at least $1,000 for pretty standard website.

If you can get those sites created for pennies on the dollar (you can) then you stand to make at least 1000% ROI.

With web design you can usually ask for half up front, half on delivery so if you’re strapped for cash you don’t even have to come out of pocket.

The bottom line is if you need to add some easy income to your bottom line or just pay some bills…selling websites can get you there quickly.


“If selling web design is so profitable and easy then why do so

many marketers overlook it as a steady viable income source?”

Well for starters not all of use are savvy web designers.

In fact most of us non tech savvy people are generally left with two main options for creating websites whether for you or a client.

#1) Outsourcing or Hiring Locally

When we first started we hired a designer in India to build websites for us that we would sell to local businesses here in the US. It wasn’t a terrible arrangement as we were paying $100 per site and selling them for $500+.

THE PROBLEM was the lack of support during local business hours. Not only that but there were language barrier issues, timezone complications and even a few instances of being overcharged through third party sites like odesk.com

Although outsourcing can be cheap it comes with a huge stable of headaches. Finding and retaining good people is time intensive which cuts into your overall profit. Time is money and for every hour more you spend on a project your profit margins go down.

For many of us WordPress is the next best option. As a long time WordPress user myself I’m not here to bash  the platform as there are many good uses for it.

THE PROBLEM with WordPress is that it’s again time consuming and can be very costly. Not only do you have to buy a new theme and plugins for each new site you create…you have to learn that whole theme from scratch!

It doesn’t matter if you “know how to use WP” when you buy a new theme you have to learn how to manipulate that particular theme. Even then if you don’t code it’s nearly impossible to get things where you want them to show up on the site.

On top of that the constant updates and security issues make it a risk to use especially when you’re hosting a clients site.

That’s why we decided to create something that would allow you to create the type of high quality sites local businesses will pay top dollar for without all the headaches!

“We’ve made it Drop Dead Simple to Create Stunning Websites

for You or Your Clients using Drag n’ Drop Technology…”

With this powerful platform you can create UNLMITED WEBSITES for virtually all your marketing needs.

With the super easy to use drag n’ drop editor you can literally place anything you want, wherever you want on the screen. NO CODING NEEDED!

Even place a video wherever you want it and simply resize it to fit the screen by dragging the corners. It’s the simple.

Imagine if you could sell high quality websites like you see in the demo video for $1000 or more for less than an hours work?

The best part is during this special deal you’ll be able to get access for an entire year for one crazy low price.

Sell just one website (for a nice profit) and then everything you do is pure profit from there.

I mean you could sell 50 websites and your cost would be nothing more. Think about that!!!

If you had a way to create amazing websites and a simple lead generation method to land the deals don’t you think you could make some serious money selling web design?

We do…

Introducing: Site Shaver The Ultimate HTML5 Drag & Drop Website Creator



The Perfect Solution for Creating Stunning HTML5 Drag & Drop Websites in Just Minutes!

Here’s what is included when you buy today….


White Label Websites with Full Reseller Rights

As a site Shaver Premium user you can create unlimited websites for all your marketing needs. The best part is you have full reseller rights to sell these stunning websites as you see fit. These types of sites can sell for well over $1000 each and you can profit from them over and over! Not only that but we’ll host them for you for FREE!

Up to 20 Users/Staff

Don’t want to actually build the sites yourself? No problem! With the premium license you can add outsourcers or employees as users that can access your account from anywhere online! Don’t worry about them having full access though because you have full control over what they can and can’t do within your account.

Drag n’ Drop Editor With Premium Templates

With our easy to use web based editor you can login and create websites 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Using the powerful drag n drop technology combined with premium templates and top notch designs you can create stunning websites with ease. You can easily customize any template to create highly unique websites for all your needs.

World Class Support

Once you become a Videojac customer you’ll have all the support you’ll ever need. Not only can you pick up the phone and get help but we have a full time support desk as well. Although you’ll hardly need us as this website takes just minutes to setup and we’ve included extensive video walk through training, we’ll be here when you need us!

“To help you hit the ground running, we’ve included several killer bonuses…”

Bonus #1 – Super Simple Referrals

The Method Explained

Teaches you exactly how to implement the referral methods I used to jump start my business. Breaks down who to contact, how to approach them, what to say and when to say it. Comes with the main PDF and a Quick Start Guide to get you up and running quickly. Also includes an “Additional Referral Tip” PDF which shows you simple methods to explode your business through the use of referrals.

Bonus# 2 – Direct Mail Domination


This course teaches so very unique ways to target the exact clients you want with small personalized pieces of direct mail. It includes the main PDF as well as a done for you direct mail kit. You also get a couple great bonuses including “being creative with Direct Mail” (video) and “thinking outside the box” (pdf)


Bonus # 3 – Powerhouse Pricing Formula


This is a very powerful training course that teaches you how to properly price your services so that you stay profitable. It comes with video and PDF training and breaks down exactly how you should be pricing your sites. There are also a couple great bonus videos including “Pricing Progression” and “Market Penetration” training.

The Total Value of What You’re Getting Today

Site Shaver Premium License ($997 Value)

Super Simple Referrrals ($47 Value)

Direct Mail Domination ($47 Value)

Powerhouse Pricing Formula ($47 Value)

Total Real World Value = $1,138

“For a limited time you can get access to this amazing tool plus the bonuses for over 60% Off…”

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