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Are You Sick Of Endlessly Fighting To Get Traffic? Are You Tired Of Constant Google Slaps?

“GRAB TOP Rankings 
At The Push Of A Button With Revolutionary New PC / Mac Software RIPS Up The Traffic Rulebook & Gives YOU The Advantage!”

Imagine Content Marketing & Link Prospecting, Automated. Curation Without The Hassle & Laser Targeted Guest Posting.

Drive Your Profits Like A Rocket – With The Latest In Content Marketing And Link Prospecting.

Dear Friend,

It’s Simon Greenhalgh and Steve Benn here.

When we began marketing – it was easy to get traffic . Back then – our big challenge was that people weren’t used to spending on the internet!

It took a whole lot of persuading to get them to spend, but getting attention was easy.

Heck, it was even easy to fool the old search engines such as Altavista and Lycos. Just putting your keyword everywhere was enough.

Things have REALLY changed since then.

I’m guessing you already know how hard it’s become – but before we get into that, I just want to tell you that we found  the solution.

It wasn’t easy – but we did it. 

We’ve Created A Radical New Traffic-Getting-StrategyWhich Is Going To Put A Stop To The Endless Slaps!

Our system is a white hat, ethical solution – that, unlike all the loopholes people are offering, will stand the test of time.

I’m talking about link and content prospecting – automated . With the ability to uniquely cusotmize our system to your sites individual needs.

There has NEVER been software like this before.

Until now all we’ve had our endless loopholes, Google shifting the goal posts and shady strategies that end up backfiring.

That’s what traffic-getting has become in our community. Dangerous.

It didn’t always used to be like this…

But First…If You’ve Been Trying To Get Traffic The Old Fashioned Way – You Know How Hard Things Can Be…

Back in the ‘good old days’ getting rankings and traffic was easy. That sounds like myth or legend, but it’s true.

When we began marketing, it was easy to get traffic and no one cared about traffic.

So many sites have been hit by Google slap after Google slap”

Like us, you’ve probably lost count.

Getting Traffic Is Harder Than Ever Before – And A Simple Ranking Change Can Destroy YOUR Businesses In An Instant

It used to be easy – but none of those old strategies worked anymore. And we were letting people down. No two ways about it.

Right now – think about who you’ve let down?

  • Your friends?
  • Your family?
  • Your business?
  • Your clients?
  • Your own peace of mind?

In fact, you’re probably the person who you’ve let down most. It’s your website and your business that has suffered.

It’s your pocket that has suffered . It’s you that has been working late night after late night – just fighting to get things to work.

What that means is that you have NO free time.

How much quality time with your family and friends are you losing out on because of the endless struggle to get traffic?

Relying On Google Destroyed Our Rankings…

It seems like a new ‘change’ happens every few weeks now. It feels like we are being backed into a corner.

Let’s face it – it feels like we are being backed into a corner with just two choices.

– Go black hat
– Or go home.

Here is why we decided to draw a line in the sand – and say ‘this far, no further’.

The Fact Is Many Websites Who Use Blackhat Strategies Get Permanently Delisted.

It’s VERY easy to get marginalised and totally removed from rankings.

Even if you manage to escape that prison sentence and your blackhat strategies work…

..they won’t work for long.

Loopholes ALWAYS close and sometimes they close like a bear trap and you get injured.

To Succeed We Had To Radically Rethink EVERYTHING

  • Were back links really dead?
  • Was creating massive amounts of content the only solution?
  • How could we ever get free?

Thinking about it paid advertisement seemed an awful lot easier.

Here is the thing – the ABSOLUTE second you turn off the cash faucet, the adverts stop showing and the traffic is gone.

Sure it would have been the easy way to go – but it wouldn’t have been sustainable.

So, we went back to basics – and decided to forget everything we thought we knew.

The only way to get ahead was to figure out – ‘what’s working now’.

Presenting SIROO – The Next Generation Of Link And Content Prospecting…

This Is Your Chance To Escape The Endless Google Slaps And Loopholes That NEVER Last…

SIROO Is The Secret Sauce Behind Our Radical, Proven New Ranking System!

SIROO is the ultimate traffic getting system – essentially it is a MAC / PC compatible desktop app.

What makes SIROO so unusual is how it suits both the beginner and the professionsl.

It’s no exxageraton to say SIROO is…

The Most Complete Traffic Getting Tool Ever Created

Let me show you what I mean:

Here Is What It Will Do For You

SIROO is going to free you from that endless struggle to get free traffic.

Imagine Being Able To Identify Traffic Opportunities At The Touch Of A Button.

SIROO Does Everything You Need From Content Syndication Management To Link Prospecting.

It’s THAT simple.

Imagine Being Able To Easily Find Traffic & Content Partners

Traffic is the lifeblood of marketing online.

When it comes down to it, you have two choices.

Pay for traffic or hunt down free traffic.

Right now – paid traffic is insanely popular.

But – once you stop paying, the traffic stops. Plus, I’ve seen people pay more for the traffic than they actually earn back.

In fact, Facebook Ads has become about the most popular way to get paid traffic.

Thanks to the the Custom Audience slap – this is about to change.

The gurus, thought leaders, and successful marketers are already deserting that ship.

They are looking for a new traffic angle, and so should you be.

Not Only Does Siroo Help You Drive Direct Traffic – You Get BETTER Quality Visitors Who Become Repeat Visitors

It’s Time To Forget About SEO & Google.

We’ve spent far too much time trying to trick Google. Then when that didn’t work, we did everything we could to please Google.

Guess what? That didn’t work for very long either.

They keep moving the goal posts.

In fact, I’d go so far to say that no one should be relying on Google traffic anymore.

It’s like building your business on quicksand.

Let’s put it another way.

Would you build your family home On QuickSand?


Then stop building your online business over the fastest shifting sands around. The next Google slap .

We don’t know when it will hit.

Only that it will!

Do not LET your business be destroyed because you relied on Google and WSO style loopholes of the week.

Crazy Proven Strategy: Actively Ignoring Google Can Be One Of The BEST Ways To Rank In Google!

Massively Increased Results Thanks To Siroo & Our ‘Ignore Google’ Strategy

SIROO Works Because It Focuses On The One Thing That REALLY Drives Traffic…

Have You Heard The Phrase ‘Content Is King’?

In the modern digital marketing world, that is more important than it has ever been.

  • Life After Google?

    Once you accept that Google offer only a fraction of the available traffic on the Internet, it becomes clear how important quality content actually is.

  • People Not Bots…

    Internet users and webmasters that will read, share and publish your content do not look for ‘SEO’ factors.

  • Give Them What They Want!

    They simply want high quality, engaging content that they enjoy reading and watching.

  • Proven Marketing Strategies

    SIROO follows proven content marketing strategies. There are no loop-holes, no tricks, no shiny objects and push-button distractions.

  • Automate And Diverisfy Your Traffic

    SIROO works for you and your business by automating the tedious tasks of finding, filtering and organizing potential traffic partners and sources.

  • Your Unfair Advantage

    Every major website since the dawn of the Internet have built their businesses using some or all of these techniques.

SIROO is a next generation content marketing, syndication management and link prospecting tool.

Cross Platform

SIROO was created using Adobe Air which means it is cross-platform and will run on Windows or Mac OS.



Create, organize and manage separate projects for unlimited websites, niches or anything else.

Automated Research

Less experienced users can dive into the powerful built-in ‘footprints’ to uncover a wide range of traffic and SEO opportunities. More advanced users can completely customize SIROO’s researching features.


Quality Filtering

The powerful filtering system allows you to uncover only the absolute best link opportunities and traffic partners at the touch of a button.

Automated Expert Analysis

SIROO will automatically provide you with detailed, expert analysis on all your potential traffic, link and syndication partners. Instantly uncover PageRank, MozRank, AlexaRank, Page and Domain Authority, number and quality of incoming links PLUS full contact details and social network profiles!

Here Is EXACTLY WHAT You’re Getting!

The SIROO Mac / PC Desktop App – Valued At $499

At the core of this package is the Siroo desktop app. It runs on Mac and PC without any emulators – thanks to the proven Adobe Air platform.

The app currently retails for $499 for a single license without training or bonuses. This has been sold to private clients and via webinar.

We are now preparing to sell Siroo to marketing, pr and web design agencies – and the price will be a lot more.

Thankfully, you can take advantage of the launch offer and lock in the lowest possible prices and deep discounts.

SIROO Members Training Area Valued At $300

The Siroo training area takes you through everything from setting up the app and installing, to getting results!

  • How to install
  • How to activate your license
  • How to use Siroo
  • How to run your first traffic getting campaign
  • How to use Siroo’s advanced filter system to customise Siroo for your precise needs!

Bonus Training To Max Out Your Results! – Worth $500

We’ve got some seriously powerful bonuses lined up for you – showing you exactly how to dominate traffic for your niche.

We’ve gone and got you the best insider strategies – from the secret behind PBNS (including PBNs on the same host!), cheap traffic with retargeting, and PR.

Total Real World Value $1299.00

This special, never to be repeated SIROO offer is so powerful because it changes the balance of power.

Up until now – all the power has been out of our hands. Our traffic and destiny has been controlled by the whims of those at Google – and the SEO gurus who are always out in front.

It’s not practical or realistic for us all to jump from loophole to loophole, constantly buying new software.

Only the ‘gurus’ have the time, money and manpower to do that.

Siroo is the ultimate, flexible white hat system.

You are getting an astonishing deal precisely because of this. We want to change our marketplace.

Get rid of the overpriced tools and loopholes. Destroy the constant threat that Google holds over some many of us.

Isn’t it time to get back to just getting traffic? Without the B.S ?

When SIROO Officially Launches to The Public – It will Cost $899 Per Year – This Is Your ONLY Chance To Grab A Once In A Lifetime Saving

By positioning you as an authority and helping you connect with people and sites who have the traffic you want, your results are WAY better quality.

Whilst everyone is out chasing ‘penny clicks’ ask yourself if those people ever consider how Low quality their traffic is.

Who wants 1000 visitors at 1 cent each – if you only get one sale?

Actually, who wants to waste their cash on paid traffic at all?

Siroo delivers on all the key needs of today’s traffic professional. It’s up to you how you use Siroo – will it be for your own sites, friends or clients?

The fact is – even at $899 – Siroo would repay your investment in VERY short time.

Here You Can See The Results Of Siroo Being Used For A One Off Campaign For A Client

But We Aren’t Going to Ask You For $899.00 A Year . Nothing Like That.

For the next few days, we have a very special ‘launch window’ – where we both can win.

The fact is – a special priced launch, allows us to reach EXACTLY the right people.

People who would benefit from Siroo the most.

So – we’ve decided to make a VERY special offer just for them.

Just for people like you.

We Don’t Have To Pay Inflated Advertising And Promotional Costs…

We Get To Pass These Savings On To You Meaning We Can Slash The Cost To Our Community To Under $400

It really is as simple as that.

Right now, our costs are as low as they are going to be.

From here on out, they will rise, and as such – we will need to increase our prices.

What that means is, you can make some amazing savings – if and only if you act now.

On Top Of Those Savings, You Are Getting A Phenomenal Launch Offer Discount – Saving You Hundreds Of Dollars More!

We’ve decided to take things one step further and really deliver exceptional value by giving you an even better offer.

We’ve reduced the signup price EVEN further and added an extra special opportunity on top.

Put simply – the quicker you act, the more you save.

Here Is Why You Need To Take Action Now

We Have An EXTRA Daily Fast Action Discount. The Quicker You Sign Up, The More You Save

The longer you wait, the lower the fast action discount.

The reason for this is simple – those people who take action fastest are usually those who see the best results.

We’re looking to build an army of testimonials from people like you. So – because you’re more likely to take action with software if you take action to signup now – we’ve sweetened the deal!

IMPORTANT: There Is One Slight ‘Catch’…

High end marketing tools typically sell for hundreds if not thousands of Dollars. The reason is simple – they cost huge amounts to be developed and they are designed to give massive returns to users.

So – rather than waste your money on plugins that will do very little in terms of your bottom line – invest in software tools that really get the job done.

When SIROO has its public launch – the price will be $899 – but as an part of our community – during the launch period,  we are offering a massive discount.

There is one small catch – in return for this massive discount there is one small catch.

We ask the you provide an honest, written testimonial for Siroo.

Owning SIROO Is Like Having Your Own Private Army Of Traffic Getting Ninjas!

You’ve read our story – and most probably your story as well. You’ve seen the results of our beta group -and we’ve shown you just how powerful SIROO is.

The next step is up to you.

Do you want to continue to fear Google and struggle to get content and traffic?

Or – do you want to step into the light and drop your shackles.

To be free of the worry of what Google does next?

SIROO Is The Software The Good Guys Go To When They Are Sick And Tired Of The Rest…

The longer you wait, the lower the discount and once the launch offer is gone. Ouch. So – grab yourself the steal of the century and get your hands on the only PRO level traffic software.

Remember unlike other ‘solutions’ that exploit loopholes – SIROO is 100% whitehat.

Why risk your website on software and tactics that might not work next month? Or, even worse, that might permenatnly damage your site’s rankings?

Remember SIROO is:

  • 100% White-hat & Ethical
  • Future-proof
  • Follows proven marketing strategies

Your Getting SIROO Today And Locking In Your Deep Launch Discount PLUS Fast Action Discount

Join The SIROO Army Now And Get Instant Access to The Training And PC / Mac Software!

This is your first, last and only chance to get access to SIROO at this low, one time fee with zero risk to you.

It is also your only chance to get lifetime charter membership as opposed to paying a yearly fee – so this truly is the best possible deal.

Choose Your License And Get Instant Access!

UPDATE: Launch Day Only – EXTRA 25% OFF!

(We Recommend the Standard License As It’s The Best Value)

Don’t forget to order now, and you will get instant access.

Looking forward to seeing you in the members area,


Simon Greenhalgh and Steve Benn

PS We strongly recommend the 3 X license. It gives you the most flexibility – and it’s also the pack with the deepest discount.

PPS Remember – nothing hurts worse than losing your business or income because of change someone else made.

This is EAXCTLY what happens to thousands of websites every day thanks to corporations like Google, Microsoft and Facebook changing things. Even just slightly.

The ONLY way to become immune is to take control of your own traffic destiny.

To start connecting with the real authority sites and the real consumers of content.

These are the people that the corporations CANNOT afford to ignore – and as such this is the only way we can protect ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconWhat Is SIROO?

    The software is called Siroo – and it’s the next generation of content syndication management and link prospecting software.

  • q-iconWhat does SIROO do?

    SIROO is, essentially, a traffic getting tool. It allows you to laser target the right sites and traffic sources for you, then use that to massively increase your traffic.

  • q-iconWhy A 5 Day Launch Offer?

    Right now – we want to make you the best possible offer on SIROO. Firstly, because you are part of our community and we want to give something back – and secondly because we can have WAY lower costs. We don’t have to pay out for advertising, affiliate fees or prizes.

    That means YOU get to take advantage of savings we just can’t offer when SIROO becomes a mainstream service that is paid for monthly.

  • q-iconIs There A Guarantee?

    Yes there is a 30 Day Conditional Guarantee where WE will help you get the best results. We don’t offer a ‘no-quibble guarantee’ as we don’t think you can just think about ‘getting’ traffic – you need to be serious and take action. As such – try SIROO for up to 15 days risk-free and if it’s not working out at any point during those first 15 days – just let us know and we’ll help you. If we can’t help you get it working – then you get a full 100% refund under our 30 days guarantee.

  • q-iconWhere Can I Get Support?

    Just go to http://siroo.zendesk.com for support.

  • q-iconDo I Own SIROO Outright?

    Yes – and we are including 1 year of updates.

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