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Review by SeekDefo

I was given a review copy and here’s it. I am not a newbie when it comes to Fiverr. I have been using the site since the past four years. I have gone through countless wsos on Fiverr, I either buy them or get a review copy and I felt that there’s nothing no one could ever teach me more on this. 

But Gradi has managed to give me the shock of my life. Some of the gig types listed in her WSO are stuff that I’d never buy on Fiverr because they never work. Not with Gradi— she has listed gigs that actually do the job and that simply amazes me. I’d buy this wso just for those gigs alone.

Now, with all the extras that come along— ad copy, swipes, gig packages and the whole marketing methodology, I bet you’d have to try very hard to not make money with it.

My head is reeling with ideas already and I can make more money than Gradi. I am sure of that.

In terms of the insane value provided and the incredible opportunities inside, this is seriously the best WSO. 

Thanks Gradi.

Review by trevorlam

here it’s my promise for honest review
Iam very proud to become the man who can review this wso and I promise to comeback with my honest review.as iam don’t have relationship with the creator of this wso.first iam skeptical reading the headline but really iam interested with this wso so I want to reveal what it is!!!.it’s about fiverr after reading this wso its its easy to understand and every resource you need to make money is provided so you will get complete business.if you’re newbie or seasoned marketers I think this time for you to get this wso because this is a very high demand and evergreen business.as I know many people in my country doing this exact business and making a cool $$$. okay that’s my review making money is fun and if you have this guide making clear path to your success.

Thanks Miss Gradi

Review by mjones801

Disclosure: I received a review copy of the WSO but I also purchased a copy because 1. Gradi certainly deserves the support for all the hard work in spite of challenges and 2. It’s that good 

OK – so I thought the same thing when I first saw it: Not another WSO on Fiverr arbitrage! I quickly changed my mind,however, after taking a look at what Gradi has put together. I know the term “Business in a Box” is way overused but in this case that’s exactly what it is. You could just follow the plan (including an actual case study for one of her clients) and you would quickly have a viable business. However, I think it’s also important to note that even tho you might not be interested in having clients for an offline business there are plenty of resources here you could use for your online business. It will no doubt save you a lot of time and money in locating reliable gigs and you will probably (like I did) fine some real time/money savers you didn’t know existed.

Well done, Gradi! Good to have you back and thanks for sharing your expertise 

Best wishes for abundant health and success!

Review by RogerFung

I’ve received a review copy.

As others have mentioned in the thread, there is no secret as to how Gradi is making money with this tactic. The key is in the details and execution.

What’s included in the package is the exact gigs/gig combinations Gradi used; some swipe files; case studies; and most important: a list of trusted gig offers!

Just the time saved on searching in Fiverr is already worth the price. Your return on investment is simple: for the price of a cup of coffee and less than 15 minutes, you will save at least a few hours of research (not to mention the thousands saved from having to test out the gigs).

Two thumbs up!


Review by JonHascue

Here is my quick review.

I personally know and use this approach, but I did learn something as well.

I am sure you know this has to do with arbitage, and it does so with a simple explained plan to achieve results. You get everything, from the gigs to use, to where to advertise, free and paid, to what to say, swipe files, and a head full of knowledge. You can use all of this and expand even further. Just think out of the box, the ideas are there.

To me, the best part is the gigs. Not having to spend time an money looking for good gigs, they are right there as well.

In short, this does give you a good plan for business, with a nice marketable approach.


Review by TheDebtEliminator

I have received a review copy from Gradi.

This WSO presents ways to start some very comfortable profit streams by utilizing Fiverr that can keep your clients happy to continue working with you for years.

The PDF report was to the point, without and fluff.

And has opened decent profit possibilities up by using case studies …. To make the procedures transparent and easy to understand.

The secret sauce is in the Details, and they are provided in full.

This is a good value … You will save a lot of research time and be able to get started using this method quickly.

All the Best … Ron

Review by Jeff Caceres

This WSO ended my longest streak of “not buying a WSO” for over a year. So I already bought this one.

Anyway, here is my review for Simple Cash Puppeteer. I have already done this kind of method once, but the difference is that Grati put up together a complete business-in-a-box method that really saves my time. I have been buying too many Fiverr WSO’s that didn’t work on my part (even if I followed step by step instructions), but this one is too simple and newbie friendly. 

This is recommended for newbies, but this may also help the experienced and advanced ones. This will be useless if you just read and appreciate it without taking action. Action is the one that gives you results, not just reading and let it stay on your hard drive for long. 



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