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On 07/17/2014 02:54 PM, Brian P wrote: 

Glad to hear the news on Serp Shaker. We haven’t spoken before but I made 200k+ with Local Page Ninja! 

Brian P is talking about the predecessor to this plugin!


With Serp Shaker you no longer have to spend tedious, long hours building a single site, hoping it will start ranking 6 months down the road. You can build sites in multiple niches. When you find a niche/vertical that is generating the results you want…YOU ATTACK IT! 

You keep building sites in that niche/vertical, while you look for and test other niches/verticals. 

You keep getting traffic by building sites. Traffic that makes: 

* Getting Leads 
* Getting Affiliate sales 
* Getting CPA conversions 
* Getting Adsense Clicks 
…and more 

A walk in the park!


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