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SEO Recovery


As Promised, here’s how to…

Escape the Panda Penalty

Without Ruining YOUR Website’s
Call to Action!

Without Ruining YOUR Profitability!

We all know that for a website to be effective –

  • We have to get the human visitor to do what you want him to…
  • …opt in
  • …click a buy button
  • …click an ad
  • …pick up the phone / fill out a form

…and to do that we have to make the page targeted to that purpose.

And – if you have clients – they certainly don’t want you to mess with their website content!!!

But, Google doesn’t want us to do it that way.  They want us to present loads of content.  Words, words, words. 

And Youtube Videos.

The Very Last Thing You Want On Your Page Is An Unrelated Video!  That Is Going To Be Super-Distracting To A Human Visitor!!!


But There Is A Way To Get
The Best Of Both Worlds!

Introducing the Textifier plugin.  Watch this demonstration!

We have set this price so ridiculously low for launch day – please understand it will be increasing in price every day.  I’ve got to do this or my accountant will get me locked up in the “funny farm”!

You Get A Lifetime Licence, Lifetime Upgrades, Lifetime Everything!

For a price around ¼ of what we will sell this for after launch.

Don’t make the mistake of missing out on a never to be repeated discount!

If you are EVER going to do SEO, get this tool NOW so you’ve got it ready to use!


GET SEO Recovery Textifier PBN DOWNLOAD



As if that wasn’t enough – let me help out with these extra bonuses.

Bonus 1:  Unique System for Creating Unique Articles from Free PLR

One thing you are going to need with the Textifier Plugin is content. Content is one of the biggest challenges for SEO’ers the world around.

This bonus is a one stop solution for using our unique article compiling system to generate completely, 100%, unique articles from free or paid PLR resources which we also give you in this bonus!

Get this now so your content generation troubles are over!

Bonus 2:  Social Signals Plugin

We all know that Social Signals are vital for SEO.  We also know that getting your initial site visitors to share in their social accounts…

  • …can snowball into a wave of traffic
  • …give Google the signals it needs to rank your site

So we’ve thrown in our amazing social signals plugin too, absolutely free.  An unlimited lifetime licence!

Get The Panda-Bashing Textifier Plugin
And Awesome Bonuses NOW!

Boy, those bonuses are worth the incredibly discounted price of Textifier on their own!

So if you are EVER going to do SEO, get this Textifier and bonuses NOW so you’ve got it ready to use!


Professional License – 50 Site Install plus Unlimited Code Export for Other Sites

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