[GET] SEO Dragon How To Double Your Website Traffic With Simple On Page Improvements DOWNLOAD

[GET] SEO Dragon How To Double Your Website Traffic With Simple On Page Improvements DOWNLOAD

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Software Doubles The Daily Visitors
Of Any Website In Under 3 Weeks:


Requires NO Technical Experience
And Results Are GUARANTEED

Dear Friend:

Dealing with Google sucks!

A single, tiny error on just one of your ‘old’ pages… and your entire site is pushed down in the search ranking, losing 90% of the traffic.

So all that new content you worked so hard to post… goes right to page 20 while some other blogger gets on page 1 with terrible, or even duplicate content. It sucks. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google could just tell you exactly what you need to do on your site to improve your ranking? In plain english??

Here’s what this is all about: I have created some simple software that can scan any website and instantly tell you exactly what to change in order to get to the first page of Google – increase your organic traffic.

And I’m not talking about gaining a few extra monthly visitors.

Nope. I’m talking about doubling… Even tripling your websites search traffic in a few weeks.

Making these small changes to your site can have shocking results:

I Doubled Traffic to My Blog
Using This Software:



Check Out My Consulting Clients
Website After Using This Software Once: 


It’s Like Injecting Your Site With SEO Steroids!

I have tested this software on dozens of sites, and made a few critical discoveries:

Discovery #1: Over 90% of websites tested had at least 3 things that could immediately boost their Google rank, and potentially double their organic traffic.

Discovery #2: The average site was only getting half the amount of unique visitors it should be. (little-known Google penalties were holding them back from their real potential

Discovery #3: Sites using WordPress are broken by default, and are getting penalized by Google as soon as WordPress is installed. (You must change a few default settings before you add content to a WordPress blog or risk getting penalized.)

On average, sites that implement the changes have been doubling their traffic in about 3 weeks time.

Traffic From This Software
Has Doubled My Online Sales:


Over $3,000 A Day In Product Sales! 


The Fastest Way To Recover Your Site
After Being Penalized By Google:


Traffic Shot Back To It’s Highest Point
After Using This Software To
Save One Of My ‘Penalized’ Blogs


Local Business Owners Are Shelling Out Big Bucks
To Have This Software Used On Their Sites:



Best part: This software is designed to help anyone, regardless of their ‘tech’ experience, rank their websites to the first page of Google and drive twice as many visitors for the same amount of content.

  • NO technical skills need, just a few simple steps to follow.
  • NO need for backlinks or any ‘off-site’ SEO (All of the improvements are made right on your website)
  • NO black-hat or spammy ‘tricks’ that only hurt your search rank (90% of other SEO software will hurt your site in the long run)
  • Only easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to improve your sites Google rank (and drive hordes of visitors) with just a few small changes.

 SEO does NOT get any easier!

Introducing: SEO Dragon 

SEO Dragon is a powerful piece of software that runs right on your computer.

In just 30 seconds, SEO Dragon scans your entire website and generates a full report with step-by-step instructions to improve your rank in Google’s index.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and make the small on-page ‘tweaks’ this software recommends. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. 

You’ll see a massive boost in organic traffic in as little as 3 days… Often doubling your traffic in just 3 weeks. 

See Results In Under A Week:


After Using SEO Dragon
Search Traffic Tripled In 6 Days

This software works on any type of website including WordPress sites, Joomla, Drupal… as well as websites you have built yourself in HTML.

Use this software every time you start an affiliate site to get an immediate boost in Google’s rank… start making affiliate commissions sooner! (The average Amazon affiliate site started with this softwaregenerates sales it’s first week online!)

But that’s not all… 

Want To Learn The Fastest Way To
Start Your Own SEO Consulting Business?

Do what I do: Send local business owners a free report about their website (you can generate one in 30 seconds with SEO Dragon AND your contact information is added to the report automatically)…

…then sit back and wait as those business owners start beating a path to your door willing and EAGER to pay $1,000… $3,000… even $5,000 or more for you to help them implement the changes to their sites.

If just 1 out of every 10 biz owners you email writes you a check for $5,000…

…how many of these reports will you send each week?

And to make sure you get the most out of SEO Dragon I’m including all the hand holding video training you need become an SEO guru (don’t worry, the software does all the real work)…

…as well as a quick-reference manual you can use as a refresher course on new features as they are released. 

Here are just a handful of things SEO Dragon can do for you and your business:

  • SEO Dragon stays up to date with ALL of Google’s changes – Since this software uses Google’s own index to give SEO suggestions, you will never have to worry about pandas penguins or any other animal Google comes up with. (This will even keep you ahead of all future changes to Google’s search algorithm)
  • Generate custom SEO reports for your sites, or your clients – SEO Dragon creates PDF reports including an SEO score and detailed instructions on how to leap-frog your site to the first page of Google. (This report can be fully customized with your contact information so you can sell them for huge lump sums of cash to other website owners)
  • Generates CSV file of all links that need to be fixed  – Get to work quickly with a list of all the URLs on your site that need to be improved.
  • Quick-Reference fast start manual – Get started generating more traffic 5 minutes after you download SEO Dragon by following the quick-start guide.
  • Hand-Holding SEO training video makes you an SEO expert in 20 minutes – Become an SEO expert quickly while you let the software do all the work.
  • Software scans your entire site on Google’s index in 30 seconds – Find every small change you need to make to your site in order to get on the first page of Google… guaranteed. 

Listen: This software is not for everyone.

If you are looking for some one click ‘get rich quick’ tool…

Or if you are the type of person who will buy this tool and never put it to good use…

Then it’s not for you… you’re not ready yet.

But if you want to get the most organic traffic possible out of every site and blog you build…

…if you want to get (and stay) ahead of change Google makes…

…and if you want to generate steady, consistent sales from your website…

Then SEO Dragon is for you.

There is No SEO Software That Can
Tell You The Exact Improvements That Will
Double… Even Triple Your Website’s Traffic
The Way SEO Dragon Does. 

Here’s the deal:

For the first time ever, I am opening the powerful SEO Dragon software to the public.

This software has doubled the organic traffic of almost every site I have tested it on… in most cases as little as 3 weeks.

OK… So How Much Is This Incredible Software And
Step-By-Step Instruction Going To Cost Me?

I am planning to sell this software for the low price of $197. This is a bargain considering the $5,000.00 fee I charge my consulting clients to use this tool once on their sites.

But you won’t pay anywhere near $197.

Nope. You won’t even pay $97 or $77

I am offering you this traffic doubling software (and hand-holding training) with:

  • NO Recurring or continuity payments
  • NO Silly bribes or ‘bonuses’
  • NO Gimmicks

The complete SEO Dragon software system can be yours for a single payment of just $47

Why just $47?

Well, this is a special promotion for my previous customers and a handful of affiliate partners.

So, if you are on this page now, consider yourself lucky.

You are getting this tool for less than half what everyone else will pay.

But this discount offer is only good until the timer at the bottom runs out. When it’s done, it’s done.

And there’s no reason to wait – because even though you won’t need it… I’ve got your back with one-on-one support from day one…

So You’ll Never Be “Stuck” Or Left
On Your Own… 

You’re getting access to LIVE 24/7 lifetime support.

personally handle all support so you will be able to get answers to your questions directly from me.

Want To See SEO Dragon In Action?
I’ll Do You One Better…
Try It For Free! 

With my 60 day ‘triple guarantee’ you can try the software for a full 60 days. 

And if you don’t double your traffic in 3 weeks…

If you don’t see an immediate increase in your sales and income…

Or even if you just don’t like the font I used in the software…

Send me an email or fill out a support ticket with the word “REFUND” and I will send you back every penny… with no questions asked. :) 

You can even keep the software.

You need to move on this right now, though – the “early bird” pricing is going to disappear fast.

Here’s how to order and get instant access right now:

Click the buy button below to download
SEO Dragon at ZERO risk,
And I’ll see you inside.

[GET] SEO Dragon How To Double Your Website Traffic With Simple On Page Improvements DOWNLOAD

If you still haven’t clicked the “buy now” button to get started yet…

Think about this: The faster you can get started testing your sites, the sooner you can fix the problems that are holding your sites back from the search engine rankings they truly deserve.

If you keep putting this off, Google will only add to your penalty over time, and your competition will continue to rack up more ‘brownie points’ with Google making it even harder to rank your sites.

The truth is… you’ve only got three real options:

  • OPTION #1: Ignore these small changes and continue to get about half the traffic your site should be getting (And half the income you deserve to be earning for your time).
  • OPTION #2: Try to keep up with Google’s changing demands on your own – and hope the hundreds of hours you put into research pay off down the line. (Then spending hundreds more hours going through every page of your websites to check them).
  • OPTION #3: Get started right now, from day one, KNOWING exactly what actions you need to take to get your site on the first page of Google’s results (and double the traffic for the same amount of effort). 

I know you’ll make the right choice – and I’ll see you inside.


– Luther Landro

[GET] SEO Dragon How To Double Your Website Traffic With Simple On Page Improvements DOWNLOAD

P.S. I have made thousands of dollars selling these reports to local business owners and consulting clients.

I am possibly the only game in town for this type of info, so I have been “writing my own ticket” and naming high fees.

$47 is nothing compared to the size of the check your very first client will pay you for doubling their search traffic.

Next week, you will thank me for giving you a cutting-edge service to sell that no one else is offering.

Imagine the look on your significant others face when you surprise them with a vacation or shopping spree that was paid for by a single report generated with the SEO Dragon.

Click the buy button below, go through the quick training and use this software to book new consulting clients immediately.

[GET] SEO Dragon How To Double Your Website Traffic With Simple On Page Improvements DOWNLOAD

P.P.S. Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put this software to work for you. With the no-questions asked guarantee there’s NO WAY you can lose…

P.P.P.S. Take a look at how my other customers are using SEO Dragon: 


[GET] SEO Dragon How To Double Your Website Traffic With Simple On Page Improvements DOWNLOAD

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