Discover the Hottest Trending Keywords in Google, Bing, Amazon, Ebay & Youtube
+ more in Just One Click

Spy on your competitors without paying Monthly Fees ever again!

Easy As A Couple Of Clicks Of The Mouse…

SEO Commander can help you…

  • Find The Hottest Trending Keywords
  • Tap Into 9 Top Authority Sites
  • As Easy As One Or Two Clicks
  • Increase Traffic With Laser Targeting
  • Get Results Fast
  • SPY On Your Competitors
  • Check Rankings & Social Metrics
  • And Much More…

Are You Struggling With Traffic?

Not sure of the right keywords to use on your website to attract the right traffic / visitors?

Don’ t worry you are not alone! Many people are in the same situation as you,they have a website but its just not pulling in targeted traffic/ visitors. The good news is SEO Commander can help with that problem by drilling down and finding you laser targeted keywords automatically from up to nine authority sites.

There are many factors to making your website ‘work’. Before you get traffic that will convert you have to find which keywords to use for your product / niche, what your visitors are looking for and not to mention what your competitors are up to. Many people think they make a website, get hosting and when it’s live it earns them money / gets visitors.

Most of the time this is not the case and a major factor in that is due to the fact they don’t know how to get visitors / traffic. OK so lets say you have traffic / visitors, are they converting? Are they laser targeted visitors who want to see your product / services / offers? If not that trafficis not what you are looking for all it will do is eat up your bandwidth with no or very little return at all.

SEO Commander Has You Covered!

With that in mind and years of experience under our belt we decided to make SEO Commander. We want to help you get your website on the right track, discover the most popular related keywords in Google, Amazon, eBay & YouTube + spy on your competitors with one just click so you can see what keywords, social signals and other factors are benefiting them. 

No matter if your website is selling Tee Shirts, Kindle, Antiques, Electronic Goods or some other product SEO Commander can help you find the right keywords for the job.

The results we have seen from using seo commander for our keywords has been astounding, the keywords have been golden! We have been testing them out for nearly a year on affiliate / eCommerce sites in many niches and they have yielded excellent results for us.

The Data You Need At Your Fingertips.

Get The Data You Need To Help Increase Your Traffic, Bank & Outrank Your Competitors

The data you need when you need it

Super fast multi-thread windows desktop software gives you the speed you want to get the job done quick.

SPY on your competitors (*Pro Version)

Easily see what keywords your competitors are using, what social signals they have and many more metrics to help give you insight.

Laser Targeted Keywords

We use these keywords ourselves on our eCommerce sites
(money sites) to help us bank better using laser targeted related keywords from top engines.

Rankings and social metrics

Monitor your search engine rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Check your social metrics / signals on many top social platforms.

Charts and graphs

Compare your ranking results easily over the past 7 – 30 days with our easy to read inbuilt graphs and charts.

Video Tutorials

Bite size video tutorials for each part of the software in our members area.

Simple To Use With Powerful Results

Using The Right Keywords Will Bring You More Laser Targeted Traffic And That = More Results

How it works: Simple & Easy

Very easy to use interface for everyone.

This #1 tool provides an abundance of features including discovering the highest searched related keywords from nine top sources of Laser Targeted Keywords including Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Yahoo, GooglePlay, Ask and Shopping . com

What’s even better is that it is so easy to use, enter the domain(s) / keyword(s) and a click or two of the mouse and you SEO Commander will go and do its thing then give you the results.

Look at some of the features below :-

  • Windows Desktop Software
  • Bing Search Suggestions Keywords
  • Google Suggest Keywords
  • Yahoo Search Assistant Keywords
  • YouTube Suggestions Keywords
  • Shopping.com Search Suggestions
  • GooglePlay Suggestions
  • Ebay Keyword Suggestions
  • Ask Keywords Suggestion
  • Amazon Keywords Suggestion
  • Rank Tracker (Check Google, Yahoo and Bing Rankings)
  • Social Tracker

Powerful Windows Software

Unlock these powerfull features with the PRO version.

If you want even more features than we offer in the Standard Version? Do not worry we are offering an upgrade to the pro version on the next page for a real special price. Saving more than $100 from the normal price if you purchase while this time limited special offer is still running.

The pro version has all the features of the standard version plus some hot new features & some exclusive features we have not seen in other software.

Just look at some of the extra features in the pro version :-

  • Serps Insight – Check Google Algorithm & Be On Top Of Changes
  • Site SPY – Find Out What Makes Your Competitors Sites Tick
  • Keyword Spy – Easily Find Your Competitors Keywords
  • SemRUSH API – Save $ Using SemRUSH API for Only $15/Month (optional)
  • EMD Checker


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

You don’t have to take our word for it, our results speak for themselves! They say the proof is in the pudding so we invite you to check out these amazing results. The site below was built just over 3 weeks ago from when these stats were taken using a brand new domain, no other tools or were used for the keywords / seo we we’re just harnessing the power of SEO Commanders keywords.

Amazing Stats using SEO Commander Keywords on a Site Less than 4 Weeks Old

Get Seo Commander TODAY

Start Using The Correct Keywords and Get The Job Done!

The beauty of Seo Commander is that it works in almost every niche. If it is for sale (and legal) then Seo Commander should pump out the laser targeted keywords you need.

The beauty of Seo Commander is that it works in almost every niche. If it is for sale (and legal) Seo Commander should pump out the laser targeted keywords you need.

What’s The Word On SEO Commander?

When i first seen SEO COMMANDER i thought that it would be difficult to use because of the words SEO but i am glad to say how wrong i was. It is not just an SEO tool it does a lot more. I have checked out some competitors on it and also dug into some real juicy keywords that i am putting on my new sites, i love the way it hooks into amazon, ebay, bing , yahoo, youtube,shopping.com,google play, google and ask, thats 9 top sources for more nice keywords for me and my sites. I would say if you are on the fence about this to jump in while you can.

LukeLondon – England

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Seo Commander from Jane. I tested it for weeks and got some amazing keywords out of it for my websites. I run a bunch of eCommerce sites for eBay and Amazon so this tool couldn’t of come at a better time for me, i love it and my traffic has increased since using it.


Great software i am so glad i purchased it. I am amazed how fast it is and how easy it is too. i have been naughty and spying on my competitors and finding all their keywords and ranking positions and metrics like tweets, likes and all that. i have only just touched the surface on what this bit of kit can do but i must say i have no complaints at all.


SEO commander is one of those softwares you just need in your toolbox If your into watching your competitors and you should be! Similar services such as what I was using before SEO-Spyglass cost more in monthly updates alone. ITS A NO BRAINER JUST GET IT!




Bing Search Suggestions

Google Search Suggestions

Yahoo Search Assistant Keywords

YouTube Suggestions Keywords

Shopping.com Search Suggestions

GooglePlay Suggestions

eBay Keyword Suggestions

Ask Keywords Suggestions

Amazon Keywords Suggestions

Rank Tracker (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Social Tracker (Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious, GooglePlus, Digg, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Ticket Support Included

For Use On One Computer

Windows Software

12 Months Free Support & Updates

You will have the option to purchase the multi PC license after your initial purchase.

You’re Just a Few Clicks Away!

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