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Please Note: Samson Elite WP plugin gets updated regularly to stay compatible with WordPress updates. 

Current Version: 3.29

Over 1156 copies sold to date. Don’t miss out any longer…
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Customer Testimonials

I bought this from the recommendation of my friend Joe Finn and when he speaks SEO I listen. But after reading this sales page and watching the video I knew I had to have this for my sites and also my clients sites..
I know that this stuff works because I’ve been using High PR blogs for awhile now and they just plain work, but you’ve taken it a step further and are going to save me ton of time.
I can’t thank you enough for making this a WSO as I know you can sell this for many times this price and people will gladly pay it. I can’t wait to set it up and start using it right away. 
I will get back to you when I have something more to tell you and I know it will be great.

Morris Murphy (Murph)

At this price point I cannot see any risk. If this plugin only achieved half of what I saw on the promo video I would still buy it. 

So that being said I’m heading for the Buy Now button right now.

Thanks Konrad, you’ve just made my job a little lighter.


Definitely very powerful stuff we are looking at here. This plugin is not bringing us any spammy backlinks, but Real backlinks from authority sites on autopilot – which is a great relief for people who are afraid of needing to spend too much time on backlinking.

Providing quality backlinks is a must and seems like Samson Elite is the answer to that. Simply love products from Konrad. : )


Very powerful stuff. I use this for my own WP sites, and it even helps with indexing. Cool!

Joe Finn

OMG – How Fantastic is this plugin?!!!

If you are not sure about this, then you haven’t watched the video!

I get tired of reading sales copy and even though this is one of the shortest ever (this often indicates a Mega Product, that doesn’t need it – or a lousy marketer LOL)

So straight to the video for me!

1/4 of the way in and I was ready to buy !
1/2 way in and I just couldn’t wait any longer!!!

Now I’m off to watch the rest.

Thanks Konrad !!!!

(If this does not become the WF Number 1 Seller of 2012 – Then I will be shocked)

Richard Young

Hi Everyone, 

I am a friend of Konrad’s, and DID receive a demo copy, but was NOT asked 
to do a comment on his thread. : o

I would like to honestly say though, that not only is this plugin ingenious, it is going to save users boatloads of time, effort and CASH! 

This is a STEAL at this price, or even a much higher price, as the ROI is completely …..

Definitely a must have! 

Thanks very much Konrad for a great piece of kit here! : ) : ) : ) : )

Take care, 



I’ve been using this wp plug-in since Konrads original launch. (I purchased so no fake review here) Outstanding value here for something that is easily & quickly implementable that will rank your site a LOT HIGHER than not having it.

I moved a local page from page 9 to page 3 with less than 100 words of content JUST by using this little beauty.



Pretty impressive claims, right?


Watch this short video for a very quick walk-through of the plugin… 


Note: Though I mention 500+ URLs in the video, I have since updated the plugin and cut this down to just over 200 URLs. I raised my bar of expectations and only kept sites I thought were of top quality (this includes a list of 40+ .GOV sites).


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