[GET] Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint DOWNLOAD

[GET] Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint DOWNLOAD

Discover The Weird And Unconventional Method For Creating A High-Converting Sales Funnel For Your Products Or Services In Only 5 Minutes Or Less!

This “Beginner Friendly” Training Shows You How To Fill Your Sales Funnel, From Your Free ‘Lead Gen’ Product All The Way Through To Your High Ticket Offer, With Products And Services That Almost Create Themselves!

 Garry Sayer
RE: Creating Your Own Cash-Sucking Sales Funnel!

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Have you ever felt confused when trying to figure out your sales funnel because you don’t know how to create products that people would be happy to buy?

Are you frustrated because you want to create a sales funnel for your products or services but find yourself overwhelmed so you make little or no progress?

Do you want to create a sales funnel but you’re worried that you’ll fill it with offers that don’t represent value to people so you end up annoying or alienating your subscribers so they don’t buy anything from you? 

I Struggled With Creating 
Sales Funnels…

If you know me it may surprise you to know that despite creating products and sales funnels for well over a decade, until last year I struggled with figuring out which products and offers to include in my sales funnels.

I’d often take hours and sometimes days torturing over my choices.

I used to worry about how well the products would be received. 

I was concerned up upsetting my future customers because although people like great deals, and they enjoy buying, they often don’t like feeling they’re being sold to and I used to ‘over sell’ the products in my sales funnel which damaged my conversions.

But then I had a Eureka moment…

I Stumbled On This Odd Method For Creating Sales Funnels Straight Off The Bat!

Last year I was browsing through a private Internet marketing forum. 

Hidden away in one of the posts I stumbled upon this weird method which revealed how to create and map out EVERYTHING inside your sales funnel quickly and painlessly, but by doing things in reverse to conventional sales funnel creation.

Initially I was dubious as it seemed an odd thing to do, but then I thought why not? What have I got to lose by giving it a try.

When I Applied This Method The 
Results Were Surprising!

By doing things in reverse not only was I able to create the sales funnels a lot quicker, my conversions IMPROVED dramatically too!






1 in 3 people who bought the frontend offers also bought the upsells in my sales funnel! Plus an extra $9000+ generated!

Pretty neat huh?

And now I’M EXCITED to share this method with you so you too can achieve similar, and possibly better, results from your sales funnels so you make more money!



Here’s what you’ll discover inside this training…

  • The number 1 reason why it’s easier and more profitable creating your sales funnel backwards than forwards and why it saves you a ton of frustration and time!
  • Exactly how the Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint strategy works so you can create your own game plan for implementation!
  • How and why you can use ‘The Cash Ladder’ in your sales funnel to explode your sales and profits!
  • Why most people get stuck creating their frontend offer and how you can avoid this trap andcreate a high value frontend offer in a snap (HINT: This doesn’t involve using PLR)!
  • The BIGGEST mistake people make when creating their sales funnel so they make little or no progress and more importantly how you can avoid making the same mistake!
  • Why the products or services inside your sales funnel need to be c_______t and if they’re notwhy you’re leaving a ton of money on the table!
  • How to create a compelling super targeted Lead Gen free gift that encourages people to join your list and enter your sales funnel excited at what you’ll be sharing with them.  Do this wrong and you can ruin the rest of the funnel. I’ll show you how to do this right so it’s super targeted to everything in your funnel here on out so you achieve high conversions!
  • How to create a frontend offer which represents great value in peoples mind’s so they’re more inclined to pull out their wallets and buy WITHOUT you doing all the general ‘work’ associated with product creation!
  • How to structure the components of the One Time Offers in your sales funnel so they compel your customers to buy more from you and how they almost create themselves – I’ll give you a bunch of great ideas for your One Time Offers so you maximize your profits!
  • EXACTLY what to put in your high ticket offer so it represents excellent value for your future customers – this is the key component of this training!
  • Several practical examples so you can see for yourself how easy it is to create a high converting funnel in 5 minutes or less!
  • Gain the confidence you need for implementing this yourself. 

As A BONUS I’ll Also Throw In A FULL TRANSCRIPT Of This Training…

I know some of you guys prefer to consume content quickly through reading it rather than listening to an audio. So for you guys I’ll also throw in a full transcript of this training so you can get started quicker.

Get 100% Of Your Money Back 
Anytime During The Next 30 
Days With Just One Email…


If you aren’t completely satisfied, just email me and I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. You get to go through this product at ZERO RISK to yourself. Go ahead, try it out. Create a sales funnel for your business in super quick time. I’m confident of the results.

At any rate, you have nothing to lose. And money to gain.

How Much Garry?

How much is it worth to you to have a finished and complete high converting sales funnel filled with products or services that automatically compel your customers to buy more from you?

How would it feel if you could see real life and practical examples of sales funnel set up in less than 5 minutes that you can follow and apply to your own business?

Imagine the profits you’d pump into your business having a high-converting sales funnel bringing you cash in on autopilot.

It’s difficult to put a figure on this but I’d say it’s worth a lot wouldn’t you?

But as I’ve just launched this product, and I want to get this information out there to as many people as possible,  I’m initially making it available at a heavily discounted price.

Right now you can pick this up for $27 $7, but I will increase the price soon. So you only have to make 1 sale from your sales funnel to recoup your iinvestment today!

Get Instant Access Right Now.

 Yes! I want to learn how to setup my sales funnel quickly as well as remove all the roadblocks associated with setting up a sales funnel and grab this training right now. I understand that I’ll receive:

  • AN AUDIO RECORDING on how to set up a profitable and high converting sales funnel filled with products people are super keen to buy. VALUE $47!
  • A FULL TRANSCRIPT of this recording so I can consume the information faster so I can quickly get started creating my own sales funnel. VALUE $47!
  • TWO SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED BONUSES including some additional sales funnel training which currently sells for $97 so I receive even more value. VALUE $147!




    P.S. I reserve the right to pull this offer at any time. So if you’re sitting on the fence I’d urge you to pick this up as you have nothing to lose and increased sales funnel  profits to gain.

    [GET] Reverse Sales Funnel Blueprint DOWNLOAD

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