[GET] Real Estate Offline Pack Grab This Easy Lead Gen System To Land New Real Estate Agent Clients DOWNLOAD

[GET] Real Estate Offline Pack Grab this Easy Lead Gen System to Land New Real Estate Agent Clients DOWNLOAD

Educate your local real estate agents and have them begging you to build a mobile website for them

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My name is David Cisneros and I am an offline marketer and product creator.

I know what its like to get out there and try to sell offline services to local business owners.

Over all the years of working at this business, I finally figured out why local business owners are so quick to say


The reason…..

Real Estate Agents Don’t Know Any Better!


How do I know this?  I used to be a real estate agent.

And I had absolutely no clue how valuable online marketing could be for my business, until I started to study the marketing side.

Local business owners don’t really know how the internet can help them get more customers.

Recently, I have been specializing in mobile marketing.


It’s very simple….

1) Most local businesses in my area don’t have a mobile friendly website

2) It’s a very quick and easy way to get my foot in the door and sell them more services.

3) I can carry around a mobile portfolio on my smart phone and easily show local business owners what a mobile friendly website should look like.

Most recently, I have been focusing on selling mobile websites to real estate agents.

Have you ever driven by a property that has a for sale sign, but has an empty box where the flyers go?


I hate these empty boxes!

Sometimes I just want to know a little about the property, see some pictures, price, etc.

So I set out to solve this problem….

I decided to create “Property Showcase Mobile Sites” for local real estate agents so their drive by prospects can find out instantly whether that property is a good fit for them.

We simply put a sign out in front of the property that says
“View This Property on Your Mobile Device at www.elmst.com”

But I still found out, that some real estate agents just didn’t get it.

So, it was time to EDUCATE them!

I put together a short report called “Understanding Mobile Websites for Real Estate Agents”


I had a professional cartoon video created that can also get my point across.


And lastly, I created a piece of Windows software that creates 5 RESPONSIVE lead gen templates that I can use to start giving away the free report, while collecting their email address.


template1-225 template2-225 template3-225
template3-225 template5-225


This software sets up the whole thing for you.  No need to worry about adding any HTML code or trying to figure out exactly where the auto responder goes. 

The software does it all for you.

Just upload your video to YouTube, edit your PLR Report, fire up the software and BAM, your templates are ready to upload to your server to go live.

Watch this Demo

And now…..

I want to share this with you.

How would you like an opportunity to educate your local real estate agents and get them started on buying mobile websites from you.

I am offering you the chance to grab the following items that I use in my business:

  • Short PLR Report with 5 ecovers and PSD files
  • Custom Professional Video that grabs the users attention
  • Simple Lead Gen Software Builder that creates 5 lead gen templates in minutes.
  • Auto-responder follow up sequence

So you might be thinking…

“Cool Dave, I can educate them, but how do I create a mobile website for them?”

No problem….

I got you covered.

 Check Out This Bonus….

 You get my Mobile Real Estate Software
software-boxThis easy to use Windows software will help you create a real estate property showcase mobile site in minutes.

Watch this demo video

More Bonuses….

I am also throwing in some marketing materials for you to drive traffic to your new lead gen templates. 

Postcards: You get a pack of postcards that you can use mail out or pass out at networking meetings.

postcard2  postcard4                      postcard3   postcard1


Flyers: You can use these flyers to pass out or mail

Real Estate Flyer 1 - Letter Size      Real Estate Flyer 2 - Letter Size

Banner Ads: Use these on banners to run paid advertisements on Google, Facebook, Bing, and drive unlimited traffic to your lead gen squeeze page. 

250x250     250x250



So what are you waiting for?

If you have already scrolled down to the bottom of the page and seen how ridiculously low priced this package is, then you know I’m already crazy.


How about this.

I am so sure you will be satisfied with this product that you can try it for 30 days on my dime.

That’s right!

For 30 days you can try it, use it, then ask for a refund.  But please do me the favor of actually trying before you ask for a refund.

It’s only fair right?

I have created a product that you can use today to land new clients, the least you can do is try it out.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this product.

I am confident that if you take a couple of hours out of your day, set up this system, then drive some traffic to it, you will start to educate your local real estate agents and start turning them into clients.



Price Doubles When Timer Runs Out!

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