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Charles Kirkland here.

I’ve been an internet marketer since 1999.

I’m the founder of the Media Buyer Association.

I’ve been a top 100 ClickBank affiliate out of 100,000+ affiliates.

I generate up to 3,872 leads per day.

And I’ve never seen anything like this.

NOT 4 cents per website visitor…

NOT 4 cents per impression…​

Yes, 4 Cents Per Lead In The IM Niche

That’s unheard of, until now.

Think about it…

If you buy a solo ad, you might pay .33 to .50 per click.​

If you run a Facebook ad, you might pay $1 or more per click.​

Which means you usually pay $1, $2, $3, or more per lead.

And that’s not bad.

That’s normal.

But I flipped out when one of my own students, Percy George, told me how he’s getting IM Niche leads for 4 cents a piece and turning them into a steady river of commissions.

And these aren’t tire kicker leads.​

High Quality Leads That Buy, Buy, Buy

He’s putting up impressive numbers like:

​$949.40 in 4 days from 1 program…

$1,026 in 21 days on W+…

$1,946 in 30 days on W+…

$781 in 11 Days on JVZoo.​..

A Nice Stream Of Daily Commissions

Beating Big Names In Affiliate Contests

And Percy is virtually unknown.

He has no big name.

All he has is a set of listbuilding and commission generating tactics that WORK FAST.​

Top 5% W+ Affiliate

From Scratch To  9,017 Leads In 2 Months

Why Spend Years Growing A List Of 9,017Subscribers When You Can Do It In 2 Months?

I don’t know about you, but my first two months online were a frustrating hell in which I made zilch.

That’s why I got on video with Percy and had him lay out EXACTLY what he did.​

If I were just getting started again today and I had to have just one training, it would be the new training video Percy and I just recorded for you.

This Is Your Master Key That Will Unlock The Door To A Whole New World Of Dirt Cheap Leads And Consistent Commissions

$485 In 2 Days From 1 Program

As you can see from the screenshots, Percy just got started online a couple months ago and every commission screenshot you’ve seen is from not long ago.

This means that everything in this new training video will work for you NOW in 2017.​

From zero to 9,017 subscribers in 2 months is nothing to scoff at. Especially when you’re paying as low as a measly 4 cents per lead and bringing in a steady stream of daily commissions.​

Rapid Cheap Leads Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t get rapid cheap leads and create a steady river of commissions flowing into your accounts, then just let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

There Are 2 Roads In Front Of You

Road #1

  • You are using outdated tactics that stopped working months ago
  • You grow your list at a turtle’s pace and pay too much per lead
  • You watch as others use these new tactics to rake in commissions

Road #2

  • You are using new tactics that are proven to work now in 2017
  • You grow your list by leaps and bounds and get 4 cent leads
  • You use these new tactics to bring in piles of commissions

“Yes Charles and Percy! I Want To Download Your New ‘Rapid Cheap Leads’ Training Video Now!”

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