[GET] Rank And Bank System Aaa Video Get Page 1 Rankings For High Traffic Terms Like ‘Teespring’ In The Time It Takes Your Competitors

  But this is more than just one-hit wonder…

This is simply the most complete course on video ranking I’ve ever produced

Fast Ranking Is Just ONE Of The Things You’re About To
Become a Master In…

Here’s a few more:

  • How to drive so much traffic from YouTube that Google will be wondering where it’s all gone
  • How to conquer the video rankings and stay there, pretty much permanently
  • How to turn even the most stupid-simple video into a cash factory
  • How to find products PERFECTLY DESIGNED for video promotion

Because I’m part of the same scene you are…

Like you,  I know that everyone and their dog are saying they can get you fast rankings…

So how about some honesty on that part for a second…

No, your videos won’t hang around on page 1 forever, particularly if you’re trying to rank them FAST.  (You can get them to hang around for a long time, but that’s in Module 6 and 8 😉 )

But they WILL hang around long enough to make you a nice chunk of commission from any launch you can name… and that’s what’s important, amirite?

Hey, hang on… here I go again assuming everyone knows me… 
(I tend to do that a lot, but I’m just being friendly 🙂 )

 Who the Hell am I?

Well, as well as being the guy that’s about to show you how to rank and bank with video, I’m also a REAL LIFE Rockstar…

Yep, not the Internet kind, the real live, bouncy, loud, sweaty tour bus, Top 40 Singles and swarms of people held back by a barrier kind of Rockstar…

Which means I just ain’t cut out for that 9 to 5 grind…. no siree Bob!

Add my 4 (yep FOUR!) awesome kids to the mix and even the most caveman of roadies can work out that I don’t have the time to be messing around with stuff that just doesn’t work!

So, while I wasn’t hanging out at after show parties or redecorating hotel rooms, I started to learn EVERYTHING I could about video marketing and twisted and turned it more than a Motley Crue groupie until it became THE method to use…

And now I’m sharing it with YOU!

Introducing …

I have created the most COMPLETE courses on the subject possible, spread over 9 full on modules teaching you everything from:

This is the point where you cannot go back. No matter what, you have to face and solve your problem. In this section, you can tell your audience how you finally able to solve your problem.

After trial & error, you also able to help your family, friends, or colleagues that have the same problem as yours. And now, you’re about to tell the world the *Secret Weapon* that your use to finally solve and get rid of the problem(s) completely.

  • Niche Discovery – Uncover 1000’s Of Products WORTH Promoting

  • Money, Money! – Stuck for a way to monetise your video? Oh no you’re not!

  • Keyword Killers – Dig Up Keywords That Have Been Left Buried For Years… )

  • Script Secrets – Cat got your tongue? No problem… use my words!

  • Create Your Video – Become The ‘Spielberg’ Of Your Own Living Room (no face time required)

  • Ranking Rockstar – Get Yourself Known As ‘THAT’ Video Guy/Gal

  • The FLASH Method –Become a Ranking Rock God In Minutes )

  • After Burner – Not the 80’s arcade (even though that’s A-MAZE-ING) but how to kick your rankings up a gear

Extras – What? You want more… oh ok… I’m even going to share with you how to keep track of it all, and how to use just one video and create an empire…. Plus even more….

And I even spill the beans and share my best kept secrets including:

  • How to make Oprah and her friends your personal shopping team…
  • When Hand Outs Can Turn Into Hand Backs     
  • The tricky way to stick your nose right where the money is     
  • How To Beat The Flash In a Race To Rankings
  • The #1 Thing Most People Forget About When Writing a Script

In fact, the only thing I miss out of this is my mobile number… gotta watch those stalkers 😉

Check Out What Others Have To Say About My Last Course

And remember…
Amazing Fast Ranking like these are just ONE of the methods I teach

Yeah, I’m about to show you how you can take a video that even a toddler could knock up in 5 minutes and smash it onto Page 1 harder than Hendrix would have smashed his Fender Guitar at Woodstock, bringing you so many affiliate commissions you’ll have people climbing over each other to find out how you do it…

But it isn’t all about FAST rankings, as awesome as they may be, heck no, this is also about getting you some long term results…

Long term results on keywords you thought were un-touchable…

So that you too can quote yourself saying stuff like:

“Did half the stuff in the course.  Went to have a beer.  Still made page 1 for ‘Teespring’ by the time I got back.”

Yep… At the end of the day I’m a Rockstar through and through… which means that when I’m not being jumped on  by the kids I like to kick back with a beer and my Xbox..

And the way I teach you to rank these bad boys there is many a time that I don’t even finish before that fridge is a callin’ for sweet, sweet refreshment…

And when I check back, there it is already on the 1st page… sweet! No more work for me to do 🙂

Even for crazy tough keywords like ‘Teespring’ – and that’s not all…

Once you have this system in place and get yourself ranked for these type of keywords you’ll find yourself getting all sorts of other visits coming in that you didn’t even know about…

Make Money With…

What Sells On…

Designs That Work On…

These are ALL big traffic keywords that keep on a’ comin’…..

And Mo’ Traffic equals Mo’ Money!

And Using Video As Part Of Your Plan

Can Help Towards Results Like This!

Imagine Being Able To Pull Numbers Like This With Not a Lot Of Effort!



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So you now have a choice.

Either you can go back to trying to figure this all out for yourself (BAD) or you can rip my hand off and grab a copy of my system before the price goes up to $97 big bucks in a few days time (AWESOME!)…

You could grab the course while you can and be ranking and banking like a rockstar in a few short hours…

or you could exit away from this page and be playing backup flute for a local pub troupe for the rest of your career…

Your choice…

Although it’s not really a choice at all is it?

See you backstage.

Alex ‘Hello Cleveland!’ Copeland


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