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Stop Writing Books That No One Wants To Read – Tap Into This Hot Kindle Sub-Niche…

  • REASON #1 – Virtually Un-tapped.. Over $100 BILLION a Year Industry that Will NEVER get Saturated – This Industry Has Limitless Niches!
  • REASON #2 – People will always be spending money in this niche – over and over again!
  • REASON #3 – Repeat buyers who buy multiple products for a never ending problem
  • REASON #4 – This a popular Kindle niche with plenty of room for more books

Dear Publisher,

Publishing fast to an in-demand niche is one of the best ways to create an ongoing and profitable Kindle publishing income.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you…

  • You’ve spent hours creating and publishing a book that doesn’t sell.
  • You don’t have the time or resources necessary to create high quality books fast.
  • You don’t know what the Kindle marketplace wants…or how to create that quickly and profit.
  • You are tired of writing books that no one wants to read.

But…Finding a Little-Known Sub-Niche Full of Rabid Buyers…Changes EVERYTHING!

What if you could get a popular niche handed to you, with all the keywords, research, and outlines included, and all you needed to do was to get the book written? Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to just publish and profit?

Where All The Hard Work Is Done For You, Like:

  • The Exact Demographic Research (so you know who you are targeting)
  • The Dreaded Keyword Research (you won’t have to open up any software to do the hard keyword research)
  • The Best-Selling Elements of This Niche, ready to be incorporated into your content.
  • Done-For-You Content Research
  • Done-For-You Outlines, Simply Plugin the Included Research.
  • The Promotion Strategies That Work Within the Niche
  • All the Images you will ever need…Just Handed Over to You

Wouldn’t That Make Publishing 10x if not 20x Easier?

What if we told you there was a Kindle niche that was just waiting for you to publish in RIGHT NOW? And all of the information above was just handed over to you? That you didn’t have to do any of the hard work at all?

Imagine if you didn’t need to learn the skills necessary to choose keywords, research content, and convert “lookers” into “buyers.”

What if you had a white-hot sub-niche… and everything you needed to start making money from this niche  with publishing faster than you ever thought possible?

The exciting part is that this niche DOES EXIST…

What’s The Niche You Wonder?

Well, we can’t tell you exactly what the sub-niche is because then you wouldn’t buy our product!

But what we can tell you that it is a sub-niche of the general, humongous, billion dollar Diet and Healthy eating market. 

And an extremely popular Kindle niche with high interest and low competition!


Here Are Some Facts About The Industry As A Whole:

  • $120 billion is spent world wide on diets and weight loss programs if you could capture just 1% of that, you’d be very rich.
  • In the United States alone, the general dieting market is a $61 billion market, which means there’s money to go around for everyone including you.
  • 220,000 people are ‘morbidly’ obese in the USA and 68% of American adults are overweight
  • 1/3rd of women and1/4th of men are typically on a diet
  • In the US, dieters typically make 4 or 5 attempts at dieting per year which means if they don’t lose weight first time round they’ll try again so you can keep marketing to them time and time again.
  • 85% of dieters are female and they will spend money on weight loss programs over and over again if it helps them look good.
  • 90-95% of people who diet will gain any weight they lose which means you can market to them over and over again and offer them other weight loss solutions.

Are YOU Ready To Massively Profit from this Overlooked Sub-Niche and Start Getting Enthusiastic Buyers NOW?


Publishing Intelligence Non-Fiction Volume One is a three-module training system that gives you everything you need to start profiting with Kindle books from an incredibly large but little-known sub-niche of the “healthy eating” niche.

I don’t mess around or give you a bunch of theories or “fluff.” I am giving you a no-nonsense blueprint that you can use to speed along the path to Kindle and publishing profits in the “healthy eating” niche starting this very day!

You receive three in-depth training modules in PDF format, plus additional videos, spreadsheets,and checklists. Nothing is left out!

Here’s What’s Included

  • You’ll get the exact demographic information you need to make this niche audience like and trust you… by showing them that you understand and care about them (Module 1 gives you everything you need to know)!
  • You’ll get TONS of research to drastically reduce the time it takes for you to start profiting in this niche (You’ll see we’ve done it all for you in Module 2)!
  • You’ll get exclusive, little-known strategies for promoting and marketing your content… without wasting time and money on tire-kickers (See Module 3)!
  • You’ll get TONS of keywords people are using on Amazon right now that you can use to craft your title, book description and other marketing promotions
  • You’ll get access to exclusive content sources to cut down your content creation time to almost ZERO!
  • I give you not only research, but detailed outlines for this niche, plugin in your research and easily write or outsource a book.
  • I even provide all the images you can use freely – for your book and marketing purposes
  • I provide exact target audience insights to run paid promotions through Facebook and target the exact right people to your offers – don’t waste money by targeting to the wrong audience!
  • I show you exactly what covers will work best for this sub-niche (and also importantly, which covers will not work at all)

All You Need To Publish RIGHT AWAY!

  • Done For You: Kindle Specific Research & Keywords
  • Done For You: All The Images You Will Need
  • Done For You: Detailed Book Outlines
  • Done For You: Audience Insights for Social Marketing
  • Done For You: Additional Content Sources to Easily Make Your Book Unique
  • Done For You: A Step-By-Step Plan to Create Multiple Books in This Niche Fast and Easy

Jump In…There’s More Than Enough Room For Everyone

It would be close to near impossible for this niche to get saturated….there is room for everyone.
But what you do want to do is pick this up right now so that you can be the first out of everyone to profit from this niche immediately.

Take Action Now

Publishing Intelligence Non-Fiction, Volume One gives you an arsenal of tools, research, and knowledge to get in and plant your flag in a niche that virtually no one has found yet… but that has hordes of hungry Kindle buyers waiting for your content. Get in today!

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