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From: Sharon Lai 

RE: Winning Product Launches

Date: Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you’ve watched a product launch from the outside, you probably thought, “That looks pretty easy.”

The social media build-up, the JV partners, the pre-release registration, and then on the big day, sales!

So why did your last launch end in dismal failure?

It’s not your fault, truthfully. You just didn’t know the secrets. Before we get to that, though, let’s take a look at…

Here’s what you want to happen:

  • You create a product that your market wants and needs and is willing to spend money on.
  • You build your sales funnel.
  • You gather your friends and colleagues to promote you.
  • Sales!

It sounds simple. But for a lot of marketers just like you, the reality is something very different. You pour your heart and soul into a product you just know your audience will love and appreciate, you spend weeks choosing the right website colors and tagline, you agonize over shopping cart choices, and in the end, you’re lucky if you cover your costs.

Talk about frustrating!

Most marketers won’t tell you this, but the truth is, launches are hard. There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate, and if you don’t have a solid plan to follow, your product is more likely to flop than fly. 

The truth is, the Internet is littered with failed products. You may even have a few of your own out there, abandoned, just sad reminders that it’s simply not as easy as it looks to pull it all together and create a splash in the marketplace. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little forethought, a lot of planning, and a step-by-step guide to follow, you can create a product launch that others will envy – and that will bring in the sales you need.

The trouble with product launches is that there are so many things to consider – and most of them you don’t even think about until you’re well into the fray and it’s too late to back out.

In fact, most marketers don’t even do the preliminary steps necessary to determine if the product they’re creating is wanted and needed, and if they price they’re asking is right for their market. No wonder they wind up flopping! 

The fact is – there are a set of proven steps every product launch must cover. Without them, you really will be sunk. And let’s face it, learning them by trial and error is a huge waste of time and money.

My name is Sharon Lai and I’ve done over 20+ product launches over the past 4 years and been generating well above 6 figures income consistantly.

Below I’m going to share with you some income proofs of my daily transactions which takes place in my merchant account when I go through a product launch.

But listen, there’s more to it…

I’ve also built up a fantastic customer based ranging to the thousands from these PLR launches where I also gain instant super affiliate status for each promotion I sent out to that same customers list.

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That’s me you see wrestling with the TOP marketers in this industry for hyper competitive affiliate contests!

And today you can have the assurance that you can learn something extraordinaire from me…


Here’s how: In Product Launch Secrets, I’ve broken the process into 4 easy-to-follow modules to maximize your success.

Truthfully, this is where most marketers fail. They fail to do the research, they fail to get to know their customers, they fail to find their focus. And they’ve got the (lack of) sales to prove it.

In this module, we’re going to dig deep into your market and develop a strategy that will practically guarantee your success, by:

  • Getting to know your customers on a more personal level
  • Discovering if your market is truly the market you want to serve – you might just be surprised at the answer!
  • Establishing yourself as a true expert – not just a bossy know-it-all – including 3 ways to easily do just that
  • Developing a win-win strategy of offering free help – it will definitely pay off later!

In addition to getting to know – and be known in – your target market, Module 1 covers the basics of product creation, starting with:

  • The 3 primary purposes of a sales funnel – if your funnel is not doing these things, you’re just wasting your time.
  • How and why to create a “signature product” – the thing you are most known for, and which will help your customers the most.
  • The 3-product plan for a perfect launch – this is the meat of your sales funnel, and it’s critical for your success
  • The number one lesson every product creator must learn – miss this, and you’ll never be as successful as you could be.

Now that you’ve created your product and you’ve got your funnel ready for sales, it’s time to build a buzz. When you have a lot of powerful friends, this is easy. A few emails will do it. But when you’re just starting out or entering into a new market, it can be a little more difficult. 

In this module, we’ll look at:

  • Why the build-up is nearly as important as the product itself – and how to ensure your market is anxiously awaiting your next offering.
  • 10 proven ways to build a buzz – including one you’ve probably never considered
  • The 3-product plan for a perfect launch – this is the meat of your sales funnel, and it’s critical for your success
  • The number one lesson every product creator must learn – miss this, and you’ll never be as successful as you could be.
  • 4 ways to get other pros on board – because if you try to do everything alone, you’re only going to wind up exhausted!
  • The most important rule about JV partners – screw this up, and you’ll lose a lot of valuable opportunities!

Here’s where the whole thing falls apart for new marketers. There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate, and they all have to work together seamlessly to enable great results. Miss one thing, and everything else collapses like a house of cards. 

This module begins with a handy checklist of items you’ll need to get started, then follows through with:

  • Tips for blogging for your buyers – because if your number one marketing tool doesn’t have a solid purpose, you’re doomed.
  • 5 title techniques guaranteed to draw readers in
  • How to ensure blogging consistency – because an abandoned blog is worse than no blog at all
  • The anatomy of a landing page – including 3 important considerations, and one comprehensive tool that handles it all for you
  • How to choose a payment processor – and one trick that makes testing easy
  • 3 reasons visitors return to a blog again and again – if you provide this, you’re practically guaranteed an audience
  • How to keep the content flowing – without spending all your time writing!

Ask any successful marketer where the real money is, and they’ll tell you it’s in the back end. Sure, it’s great to make lots of sales in the first few days, but if you don’t follow-up with strong customer service, you’re committing the greatest of all marketing errors: leaving money on the table. 

Luckily, with a little planning and some sage advice, you can build an efficient and profitable follow-up system right from the start. In module 4 we’ll talk about:

  • The backbone of your back-end – and why good customer service can make or break a product launch.
  • The top 2 killers of otherwise great products – and how to plan for and avoid them
  • 5 essential elements of customer service – set these up ahead of time for worry free follow up later
  • 4 customer service options – including one that nearly everyone opts for but no-one actually recommends
  • 10-part follow-up plan – to keep the money coming in long after your launch is history
  • Extending your product’s life cycle – learn to do this right and you’ll find yourself on the list of hugely successful marketers sooner than you think!
  • 8 questions to ask – and answer – before you launch. If any one of these isn’t complete, you could be in trouble.

Seriously. While all this looks like a lot of work and plenty of spinning plates to balance (while you’re trying to manage a home and a life and a business!) it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle. Planning a winning product launch is, for the most part, just like following a recipe.

  • Gather the ingredients
  • Do the prep work
  • Follow the instructions
  • Serve

And “Product Launch Secrets ” is the cookbook you need to help you start.

Everything you need to know about launching product is included, from a checklist of critical ingredients to the step-by-step instructions for putting them all together.

Because you’re receiving all the necessary materials, you can learn – and take action – in the way that’s most comfortable for you. So instead of vegging out on the sofa, you can now start planning your next killer project!

Of course, if you’re not sure if this course is right for you, you’ll be glad to know it’s covered by my…

Now I’d be somewhat less than truthful if I said planning a wildly successful product launch is all wine and roses. The truth is, there’s a lot of work involved. But once you know the steps to take, that work is a whole lot easier to do. You don’t have to re-invent the process – you just have to follow the proven steps to success…and that’s exactly what “Product Launch Secrets ” will show you.

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