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The American College of Sports Medicine Predicted that Bodyweight Fitness Would Become One of the Top 20 Trends 

Bodyweight Fitness Holds the #1 Spot for 2015

Hi Fitness Enthusiasts & Marketers

Sue Fleckenstein here with another one of my best selling MEGA PLR packs in the fitness niche. 

Staying fit and healthy is a major concern for millions of people around the world.  One of the biggest struggles anyone has is in finding the time to exercise – either by fitting in the time or by buying a costly gym membership. Unfortunately statistics show that too many people just never follow through on their good intentions. They don’t visit the gym often enough and their memberships sits gaining dust while they gain additional weight. 

What if you could show your readers a way that they could get fit and healthy without visiting the gym and without having to buy any expensive gym equipment at all?  

Introducing  –Primal Fitness Fundamentals

This is a Done for You Pack of PLR all you need to do is brand it with your voice, add affiliate links and rake in the profits! 

Primal Fitness Fundamentals helps teach your readers easy ways to exercise using their own body weight. Exercises discussed in the main report include walking, hiking, lifting small rocks, picking up branches, putting more effort into housework. In fact any type of exercise where you have to push, pull, stretch and squat. 

Eating a balanced healthy diet is the next component of Primal Fitness Fundamentals and the best diet that fits into this category is the Paleo Diet. It’s the diet that our ancestors followed, you would be hard pressed to find any overweight hunters and gatherers back then! ​

This product is Evergreen – which means the content never goes out of style. This is fantastic for you as an online marketer – it means you can keep selling and reusing this product over and over again. 

Your Target Market –Anyone Who Wants to Get Fit & Healthy 

Don’t forget that New Year’s is just around the corner and we all know that means Resolution Time! Use this pack to help your readers commit to a lifestyle change that is easy to adapt to and which won’t cost them a fortune. 

No doubt your readers will have questions and we have you covered there too. The main report addresses common concerns such as: 

  • What is Primal Fitness? 
  • What does a basic workout consist of? 
  • What everyday activities can I incorporate into my fitness routine? 
  • What foods do I need to eat? 
  • Isn’t Primal Fitness and Crossfit the same thing? 
  • Just how do I get started? 

How to Use Your Content – it’s super easy!

Just follow the steps below: 

Brand Your New Content

Upload to Your Website

Promote & Earn

Here’s What You Get Today Inside Your PLR Pack

Main Report 20 Pages – 5668 Words – Just Add Your Own Links


Editable Ecovers

Ecover in 2 Styles – Plus PSDs 

Blank Style allows you to add our own details – use Paint or Pic Monkey

Ready to Load Email Series

Delivered in Word, PDF & Text Formats

Ready to Use MP4 Video + Editable Files

Main Report Saved as a Slide Show

HTML Mini Site – Includes Sales Page Text

Bonus Buy Buttons Included

Set of Banners – to help promote your product

Keyword Report & Available Domain Names

Includes Instructions on how to read the keywords for maximum benefit

Recap of What You Get Today

  • 20 Page Ebook, 5668 words – Primal Fitness Fundamentals
  • Editable Ecovers 
  • Report turned into Slides
  • HTML Mini Site – with sales page
  • Related Keywords
  • Available Domain Names
  • Introductory PDF 
  • Research Report
  • Banners

See what some of our customers have to say:


Winding Up Work – Fit After 50 is the first PLR package of Sue’s that I’ve had a chance to review. I’m very impressed! The ebook, articles and reviews read well, and are structured so editing them to suit your needs is a snap.

Add to this a complete package of graphics, videos, keywords, sales page, tweets and so much more, and you have everything you need to get off to a good start in this market. I’ll definitely be checking out BuyPLRToday.com for my future PLR needs. Nice work, Sue!


Sue at BuyPLRToday provides quality PLR products for bloggers and writers of article and e-books. Unlike some PLRs in the market that are poorly written and lacking in substance the PLRs from BuyPLRToday provide a good starting point for writers creating products in a broad range of subjects. I have found the yoga and health articles particularly useful in preparing future blog posts, articles and e-book for my very new yoga site.


I used to buy a lot of PLR. I thought all PLR contained the magic content I needed to get my Blog going. I also thought all PLR would provide that much-needed shortcut to e-mailing my lists.

I was wrong.

The first error I made was thinking all PLR was well written. I wasted a lot of money on junk PLR.

My second error was thinking what I bought was ready to use. That’s not the right way to make the most of PLR, but I don’t want to have to struggle to put what I buy to use, either.

My second error was thinking what I bought was ready to use. That’s not the right way to make the most of PLR, but I don’t want to have to struggle to put what I buy to use, either.

Now, I only buy PLR from a few trusted sources, and BuyPLRToday.com is one of the very few sources I trust to deliver the kind of content I can put to use.

What sets BuyPLRToday.com apart? Well, the quality of the writing is at the top of the list. I can take the information I get, put my own spin on it, and turn it into content that’s relevant to my audience. I don’t have to worry about wading though confusing words and phrases that scream POOR WRITING or UNRELIABLE INFORMATION.

The variety of content provided by BuyPLRToday.com is also a plus. I can use the text, but there are also Power Point slides included, so I can switch things up really fast.

With a few alterations to make the content my own, I can have a Webinar or video ready to go.

If you’re looking for PLR that delivers quality content in ways that make real sense to you and your business, I recommend you give BuyPLRToday.com a try. You’ll be putting your money and the content to great use in no time at all!

Thanks for the great work, Sue!

Shawn Hansen

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