[GET] Power List Building Software Pack DOWNLOAD

[GET] Power List Building Software Pack DOWNLOAD

If you’ve been around Internet marketing any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase: “the money is in the list” many times by now.

The fact is that building a list is essential if you want your own successful online business.

As you may have already discovered, building a list can be very hard work…

But now it can be much easier with this quality package of powerful software to boost your list building efforts!

This software makes it possible  for anyone to apply the very latest strategies to your business, building your own profitable list on autopilot.

Use this software for your own personal benefit, or even

sell them yourself and keep all the profits!

Each software comes with Master Resale Rights & Turnkey Sales Pages, making it easy for you to start selling immediately!

Plus you’ll receive our Bonus Tools & Resources to boost your profits even faster.

Let’s take a detailed look at the exclusive, quality software included in this one-of-a-kind package…

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Add UNBLOCKABLE Popup Opt-In Forms To Other People’s Sales Pages Through Your Affiliate Links! 

Includes Master Resale Rights + Turnkey Sales Letter

I just know that our first tool, Affiliate List PRO, is going to amaze you…

To see what it does, pick a website and enter its web address into the box below – then click the ‘Submit’ button.

You can choose any website you want for this demonstration.

What will happen is that you’ll see your chosen website -but with one big difference…

The opt-in signup form that appears right over the top of the website.

Go ahead and give it a try to see the software in action…

Enter Any Website Address (i.e. www.mysite.com

Pretty cool, huh?

You’ve just seen a special (unblockable) popup opt-in form slide in over the top of the website you selected. 

Now consider the benefits of using this same technology to put YOUR signup form over the top of all the sites you promote through your affiliate links!

Instead of just the owner of the site collecting email addresses from your referrals, you can collect them yourself by popping your subscription offer right over the top of anyone else’s sales page!

What an excellent solution for promoting affiliate programs and building your list at the same time!

In fact, this has to be the ultimate profit solution for anyone looking to maximize the value of the affiliate programs they promote.

The Easy Way To Create Your Affiliate Link Popups

Our Affiliate List Builder tool makes it quick and easy to add different types of popups to your affiliate links…

The example you saw in the demonstration was for a “slide-in” popup, which allows you to choose the speed and direction of the sliding and the final position. 

You can also choose a “lightbox” popup, which partially grays the underlying sales page then puts the popup over the top. 

Or you can choose a “fixed” popup, which appears at a fixed position on the screen.

For all the different types of popups, you have complete control of how the popup behaves.

Best of all you can use any combination of these styles together to create any sort of popup you want.

Here’s a screenshot of this powerful software:

Regardless of experience, building your list has never been easier…

   Create a popup page with your signup form on it (there’s a built-in bonus tool you can use to create this page automatically – see below for details)

   Type (or paste) your affiliate link into the software & choose a few simple settings – then click the Create button. The software will instantly create a brand new “affiliate link page”…

   Simply upload this “affiliate link page” to your web host and then send your traffic to that page (instead of sending them directly to your affiliate link)

That’s all there is to it!

Your affiliate link is even “cloaked” automatically, increasing the security of your link to protect your commissions.

All your referrals will be sent to your affiliate link just like normal, so you still get paid your commissions…

But now your signup form will appear over the top of the sales page – allowing you tobuild your list on autopilot AND safeguard your profits at the same time!

Add UNBLOCKABLE Popup Opt-In Forms To Your Own Websites & Sales Pages!

Includes Master Resale Rights + Turnkey Sales Letter

Our second tool, Web List PRO, offers similar features toAffiliate List PRO, but it allows you to display these popup signup forms over the top of your own web pages.

With this software you can also create different types of popups – and has all the same settings so you can easily control all aspects of your popups.

As you can see from the screenshot below, this tool is very simple to use:

Just like with our first tool which allows you to build your list through your affiliate links, now you can also build your list through your own web pages just as easy…

   Create a popup page with your signup form on it (there’s a built-in bonus tool you can use to create this page automatically – see below for details)

   Select the web page the popup will display on & choose your settings – then click the Update button. The software will instantly update the page with your new popup…

   Simply upload the updated web page to your web host along with the popup page (and your popup opt-in form will immediately start working)

This is the ultimate easy way to add popup opt-in forms to all your own websites & sales pages!

Add UNBLOCKABLE Popup Opt-In Forms To Your Exit Pages Automatically!

Includes Master Resale Rights + Turnkey Sales Letter

Our third tool, Exit List PRO, offers a simple solution for adding “exit popups” to your web pages that display when someone is about to leave your page. 

Exit popups are a well-proven strategy for building a list, allowing you to turn ordinary visitors into highly profitable subscribers.

As you can see from the screenshot below, this tool is very simple to use:

Just like with our previous tools which allow you to build your list through your affiliate links and web pages, now you can also build your list from your exit traffic just as easy…

   Create a popup page with your signup form on it (there’s a built-in bonus tool you can use to create this page automatically – see below for details)

   Select the web page the exit popup will display on & choose your settings – then click the Update button. The software will instantly add the popup code to your web page…

   Simply upload the updated web page to your web host along with the popup page (and your exit popup opt-in form will immediately start working)

This is the ultimate easy way to add EXIT popup opt-in forms to all your own websites & sales pages!

[GET] Power List Building Software Pack DOWNLOAD

BONUS #1:  Signup Form Page Creator

Instantly Create Professional Signup Form Pages

Power List PRO is designed to build your list through your affiliate links, web pages and exit pages by displaying a “popup page” with your signup form on it.

With our superb Signup Form Page Creator, creating your popup pages is an absolute breeze…

Built-into each software is a special  tool which allows you to easily create your signup form pages by filling in a simple form and clicking a button.

You could create your pages manually if you prefer…

However it’s much easier to use the creator tool  which automates the process.

Here’s a screenshot of this powerful software:

Just fill in the simple form shown above – and out pops a complete, ready to use signup page generated instantly.

Here’s what you can do with this software:

You can select the text and color of each item

You can enter the close message and headline to be shown at the top of the signup page

You can include an image or photo of any gift you are offering

You can enter the main popup text for your signup page

You can optionally turn the text into bullet points automatically, to emphasize the benefits of subscribing

You can paste your signup form from your autoresponder with a single click

You can enter a privacy note to assure visitors that their details are safe

You can optionally allow visitors to skip your signup page, so those who don’t want to subscribe can still reach your sales page

You can set the color for all the different text items at once – or set the color for each item individually, all using a simple color selector

You can automatically include special code to avoid showing the signup page in the future to visitors who have already subscribed

After filling in the boxes and pasting your signup form from your autoresponder into the software, then simply click the Create New Page button and your signup form page will be instantly and automatically created.



Here is an example signup form created using the software, so you can see what each section of the form relates to:

With this powerful tool, you can create professional-looking signup forms – all in a matter of minutes!

BONUS #2: Web Page Personalizer

Boost Response By Personalizing Your Web Pages

Built-into each software is a special Web Page Personalizer tool, which you can use topersonalize your web pages to boost response.

Whenever your visitors enter their names into your signup form, the names are remembered, so you can then display them on your web pages wherever you want…

For example, instead of starting your sales letter with the usual “Dear Friend”, your web page could start with “Dear Jane” or “Dear John” (or whatever the person’s actual name is).

This has been proven to increase conversions and works with both the visitors who sign up through a form on your own website, and visitors who sign up through forms shown on your affiliate links who then visit your website.

As you can see here, Web Page Personalizer is very easy to use:

Before using the tool, simply insert the text REPLACENAME into your web page wherever you want the visitor’s name to appear.

Then select the web page to be updated and enter the default text (the text to be shown if the visitor’s name is not stored).

Click the Update button and the web page will be instantly updated, replacing all instances of REPLACENAME with special code that will show the visitor’s name (or the default text).

With this quick and easy solution, you can now personalize all your web pages in seconds!

BONUS #3: Pre-Written AutoresponderEmail Series With Private Label Rights

Launch Your Own Profitable Email Campaigns

While it’s important to have your own email list, you’ll find it of little value unless you have something worthwhile to send them.

That’s why the Power List PRO package includes two complete sets of ready-made emails -with a total of over 120 messages – all with full UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights, so you can feel free to edit / modify them however you wish and sign your name as author!

With these ready-to-go emails and your copy of Power List PRO, you’ll be well on your way to building a profitable email list in no time…

Package 1: A complete set of 52 home business newsletter emails  with enough content to cover a FULL YEAR of follow up messages! 

Package 2: Over 70 ready-made niche autoresponder emails which are all easily adaptable to whatever products and services you want to promote – making it effortless to create an autoresponder sequence for just about any niche!

Never before has it been so easy to setup your own newsletter and/or autoresponder series, build your list on autopilot and start generating income from your subscribers immediately!

BONUS #4:  Ultimate List Profits

How To Build A Powerful List, Get Traffic & Make Money

To supplement our exclusive software, we’ve added this valuable *3 volume* course where you’ll discover loads of strategic techniques & methods that you can use to explode your business…

Inside This Complete Course You Will Discover:

10 Ways to Motivate Visitors to Happily Give their Email Addresses to You! (Using just one of these methods successfully could add thousands of new subscribers to your list)

How to Plan Your List Building for Optimum Profits! (Get the key ingredients needed to creating your own opt-in strategy)

Secrets to Creating a High Converting Squeeze Page! (We even reveal some of our best in house pages)

4 Ways to Promote Your Opt-In Offer! (You can create the best opt-in offer in the world but, if you don’t take these steps, you’re not going to see the results you desire.

The Optimal Follow Up Recipe! (Essential tips to make sure your emails get delivered & read)

5 Keys to Finding Great Affiliate Products & Services to Promote! (Plus, learn how to give yourself an edge for Bigger Paydays in 4 Easy Steps)

3 Essential Parts to Creating Your Affiliate Promotion Plan! (Doing these correctly can Boost your Affiliate Income)

How to ___________ Correctly (This is one of the Most Important Parts of your affiliate marketing plan that you must be sure to do)

The 3 T’s You Must be Doing Right to Make More Money! (Miss just one of these and it could affect your income)

Superstar Affiliate Marketing Dos & Don’ts Checklist!

7 Ways To Generate Qualified Traffic! (Discover how to Maximize & use the Most Effective Traffic Generation methods)

How to Create the Best Traffic Generation Strategy for You! (Doing this will help to Stop wasting your precious Time, Effort and Money)

How to Test and Track for Better Results!

12 Common Mistakes to Avoid! (You might be doing some of these right now!)

29 Essential but Often Overlooked Tactics You Should Be Using! (Adding just one of these to your marketing plan could get you more website visitors)

And much, much, more!

Order Now & Get Master Resale Rights To Each SoftwareSo You Can Sell Them Yourself And Keep 100% Of Every Sale You Make.. Turnkey Sales Pages Included!

This package is a great resource – but I’m going to make it even more profitable for you, by including full Master Resale Rights to each software for no extra cost!

This means you can sell the software yourself and keep all the money.

Just make one sale to recover your investment, and the rest is pure profit.

I’ll even give you  ready-made sales pages to make it really easy for you to start making money.

Just add your own order button to the ready-made pages, upload to your web host and you can be ready to take orders instantly. Full video instruction is provided for you if you need it.

You can also use the software as a valuable bonus with other items you sell, or include it in packages and membership sites, or even sell the resale rights to other marketers yourself!

Get Started Building Your List NOW!…

I hope by now that you can appreciate the power of our new list building package and how it could seriously boost the profits of your business.

When you order today, you’ll get immediate access to our entire set of SEVEN powerful tools and resources…

 Affiliate List PRO 

 Web List PRO 

 Exit List PRO 

Sign Up Form Creator (built-into the software)

Web Page Personalizer (built-into the software)

Autoresponder Email Package

Ultimate List Profits 3-Volume Course

With all these quality list building tools and resources in one package, I’m sure you’ll be amazed to see what I’m offering today.

Plus you get master resale rights & turnkey sales pages to each software, so you can sell them yourself for all the profits and keep every dime you make!

You can get the tools you need to make the money you want, and even help others do the same.

This low price will not last forever!…

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