10,000% ROI and 500% Increased Conversions On Your Website?

It’s Possible With This One Simple Software!

“We literally see about a 10,000% ROI as our inbound visitor conversion rate has increase by literally over 500% since using live chat software.

I can honestly say it’s the most cost efficient customer support and sales tool that I have ever seen”

Andrew Gazdecki
CEO at Bizness Apps

What if you could snap your fingers and immediately
boost the conversion rate on your website?


In fact, you can reap the benefits of… …higher conversion rates…. Higher opt-in rates… Boosted affiliate sales, and… Strengthened customer connection… Starting RIGHT NOW… …without waiting… and without doing ANY hard work…

You probably already see
in action on this page…

We’re using it RIGHT NOW…
…on this very page…
…because it works!

One of easiest, fastest, and most effective live-chat software
for all types of websites.

Watch this quick demo video below!

How PopChat Works?


Download the
PopChat script


Install the PopChat script on ANY type of website


Configure PopChat quickly and easily
(even if you’re tech-challenged)


Let PopChat kick your conversions to the stratosphere!

How Will PopChat Skyrocket
Your Conversion Rates?

It happens so often… Probably more than you even realize…

Would-be customers visit your website, and they’re SO CLOSE to buying your product, signing up to your list, or ordering one of your services…

But they have one specific question, or are unclear on one tiny detail…

And they click the dreaded [x] button and move right on to your competition…

With PopChat, this profit-destroyer will NEVER happen to you again…

Instead, customers will ask you or your assistant their questions and you’ll be able to…

Answer Questions

No matter what, it’s likely that potential clients and customers will have questions that they don’t see the answer to on your website. Instead of letting that potential income disappear to your competition, you’ll be able to answer questions in real time, even if you’re on the go.

Shut Down Objections

Visitors to your site might have certain reservations… Maybe they worry about compatibility or technical issues. Whatever objections your potential customers may have, you’ll be able to overturn them with personal care and in real time –resulting in better relationships and boosted conversion rates.

Build Trust & Authority

Just having a PopChat box on your site will increase conversion, even for customers who don’t use the chat! That’s because these visitors will know that you are the real deal… that you’re present in your business, and that you care about your customers. As such, more visitors will sign up, buy, and order services with confidence.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandons

Nearly all businesses – digital, physical, and service – see a high number of “shopping card abandons”… People who get so close to ordering, but don’t pull the trigger. Services like PopChat have been proven to cut shopping card abandons up to 90% or more! That’s an instant increase in profit that you’d otherwise go without… so easily added to your bottom line.

Guide Customers To The Sale!

Giving your customers the personal, real-time reminder to click the button below and complete whatever action you desire will dramatically increase your conversion rates!

Discover What Your Sales Page Is Missing

Messages you get from PopChat will give you real live insight into what you can add to your sales page to boost conversion. If you get asked a question more than once, you’ll know that you need to add that information to your website! You won’t be able to get this insanely valuable information any other way.

Conversion experts ConversionXL show that industry giant
Intuit got a 211% boost in conversions just by using live chat!

…But! This technology has been reserved for Fortune 500 companies for far too long… It’s time for you to get your hands on this superpower, too! And with the our Charter Memberships of PopChat… you’ll be SHOCKED by how affordable PopChat is for your business… and today, you’ll get your hands on PopChat for the tiniest one-time, 100% risk-free investment ever.

Key PopChat Facts:


Even the brand new and tech challenged can install and configure PopChat without a hitch… Absolutely anyone, with ANY type of website, will have PopChat up and running fast. You’ll access step-by-step instructions to guarantee that PopChat is working for you minutes from now.


PopChat is fully responsive and will automatically optimize itself for users viewing your website on any mobile device…


Your PopChat dashboard will show you all of the key stats about your website’s performance, and how PopChat has helped those stats grow.


Sales, leads, quote requests and more, have all increased simply by adding live chat boxes to websites. Since PopChat makes this technology simpler and more affordable than ever before, there’s no reason for your business to be left out!


Track mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, and visitor movements all across your website with PopChat. Normally, this is an expensive additional service… now you’ll have this power, too.


PopChat technology is available in 6 different languages! English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, and Italian.


Affiliate marketers, e-commerce websites, offline consultants, coaches and more can use PopChat to boost sales and improve relationships with prospects and customers.


With our Platinum Unlimited agency license you can start a chat agency by offering live chat services to your offline clients, or offer live chat as a great add-on to any of your existing service packages. You can charge high fees for installing PopChat, and monthly residual fees for running the chat service for your clients. This can be some of the easiest recurring income you ever make!

What others are saying….

“As a marketer who has utilized live chat technology in his business previously I can say that it is super effective in converting your traffic into sales, leads and new customers.”

“I used the same concept back in 2008 with great success and that system doesn’t even compare to PopChat with regards to features and the ability to interact with your website visitors.”

“I installed PopChat on one of my sales pages a couple of days ago and monitored the traffic for just ONE hour. In that hour I converted two of my visitors into buyers and happy customers”

Andy Black (Software developer, SEO Expert, Affiliate Marketer

“44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.

“62% reported being more likely to purchase from the site again. A further 38% of respondents said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself.”

Forrester Research study “Making Proactive Chat Work”

“PopChat is a really cool piece of software. We have used other live chat services, but really like the features Popchat provides. Not only are we looking to use it on our own websites, we are successfully getting interest from clients too, that want live chat on their sites!”

Jamie Garside,  Local Consultant

“High customer satisfaction scores and a double-digit increase in converted shoppers have shown the value once and for all of this technology.”

Forbes Magazine re: Wells Fargo

I’ve noticed with our website is that we’ve had a toll free number and live chat for clients to choose from. Over 80% of our sales come from the live chat…

Scott “Snerdey” Lawrence ,Snerdey Web Desgins

“We are web designers and this is one of the services we offer to our business customers for their website. Our live chat service generate income every month. If we didn’t offer it, they would buy it elsewhere, so it was a no brainer.”

Tory – Web Designer

How much extra monthly cash
can PopChat make you?

If you make even ONE additional sale for $50 per month thanks to PopChat… PopChat will be profitable for life.

And that’s assuming the bare minimum increase in sales…

So it’s completely reasonable to assume that you can make hundreds – thousands of easy extra dollars each month with PopChat…

Bear that in mind…

Because when you see how affordable PopChat is right now…

You’ll be blown away… and you’ll want to dive right in!

On top of that, PopChat is…

100% backed by our ironclad 30-day guarantee….

guarantee-sealAccess PopChat right now 100% risk-free, and if you’re not completely blown away by how easy and powerful PopChat is…

…If your conversions increase by 20% and you wanted them to increase by 30%…

…Or if you’re just not plain thrilled by PopChat…

…All you’ll have to do is click your mouse and you’ll receive a full, instant refund of your investment.

So go ahead and get the conversion-boosting power once reserved for the rich, and let it make YOU easy extra dollars right now!

Charter Member Special

Invest ONCE: Own PopChat For LIFE

Every other live chat service on the planet requires you pay a monthly fee.

But when you access PopChat today, you’ll only invest ONE TIME and have the power to run PopChat on up to three of your websites for life…

As soon as the Charter Member special ends, the price of PopChat will rise dramatically… so it’s important that you DO NOT WAIT… and that you…


Since PopChat is 100% risk-free and proven to work, it only makes sense to grab it right now for the smallest investment ever, and try it out on your websites.

Saying “No” to this opportunity today can cost you thousands of dollars in missed sales… it makes NO SENSE to take that risk… when PopChat is completely risk-free.

Select the PopChat package that best meets your needs and click the yellow button below to get PopChat right now.

Limited Time: Right Now You Can Get Lifetime Access To PopChat For A One Time Investment

No Recurring Pricing…. Invest Once….Own Forever!

It will NEVER be so affordable again… so get it right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What type of website does PopChat work on?

    A.PopChat works on just about every type of website used by Internet Marketers.

    Basic HTML sites, WordPress sites, Ecommerce sites, affiliate review sites, lead generation sites, and more.

    If you have a question about your specific website, just drop us a link to it in the PopChat box on this very page, and we’ll confirm that PopChat will work for you!

    (Cool how that live chat stuff works, huh?) 😉

  • Q.Can I install PopChat on my client’s sites?

    A.Absolutely! When you purchase the Unlimited Platinum license you can start a chat agency by offering live chat services to your offline clients, or offer live chat as a great add-on to any of your existing service packages. You can charge high fees for installing PopChat, and monthly residual fees for running the chat service for your clients. This can be some of the easiest recurring income you ever make!

  • Q.How Many Websites Can I Use PopChat On?

    A.With PopChat Basic and Pro licenses, you’ll use PopChat on up to ten different websites, and you can have up to three users so that your staff can answer questions as they come in.

    The Platinum license gives you UNLIMITED websites and UNLIMITED operators and a license to install PopChat on customers sites.  During the Charter Member special, the difference in price is so small that we highly suggest you take advantage and go PLATINUM.

  • Q.Is there a monthly or yearly fee to own PopChat?

    A.NO! Click the button to get PopChat right now, and you’ll own PopChat for LIFE with one small investment of $97. You’ll never have to invest in live chat technology again.

  • Q.How do I get started?

    A.PopChat is backed by our no-holds-barred 30-day guarantee. All you have to do is decide to try PopChat right now, and if you’re not blown away, if you only generate $200 extra this month and you wanted $500 extra, or for any other reason, all you have to do is click your mouse and you’ll receive a full immediate refund… So go ahead and get PopChat now with confidence, peace of mind, and excitement!

  • Q.What are the guarantee terms?

    A.Just select the PopChat plan that best suits your needs. We know that most marketers have several websites, so we highly suggest the PRO plan so that you can use PopChat on 5 websites with no issues at all. Click the yellow button, go through the secure, triple-encrypted checkout process, and you’ll immediately have access to PopChat and all of its conversion boosting power!

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