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Dear Internet Spammer,

Do you ever feel like that… like a dirty damned spammer?

I’ve gotta tell you, I do. A lot of the time. And it’s only gotten worse as the months and years have rolled along.

Don’t get it twisted, homie. I’m NOT a freakin’ spammer. But the world of money-chasing IM can make us feel like we’re selling snake oil. In other words, if we keep operating within niches known for being shady, spammy, scammy, and just dirty-rotten… we’re gonna be looked upon as “guilty by association.”

Know what I mean?

Hey, I love having an email list, selling products, and marketing to my peeps in the Internet marketing community. But I still can’t shake the feeling.

And I’m a grizzled veteran!

The “does this really work… or are you just another d-bag trying to take my money?” And the “are you just trying to make money by teaching me how to make money by teaching someone else how to make money?”

It can get downright exhausting. Not to mention heart-wrenching.

I don’t want people to think ill of me and my profession. Do you?

So what about health niches? 

I’ve actually done quite well with them, to tell you the truth. From weight loss to hair loss… prostate enlargement to tinnitus. There’s lots of money to be made in health.

But what happens when you write up your best-sounding blog post and dozens of people begin to comment about how this product you just praised has been scientifically proven ineffective, and that you’re just trying to rip people off by promoting something that pays you well… but doesn’t work at all!

And then you get the whole “you should be ashamed of yourself” sentiment.

Think this doesn’t really happen? I wish that was the case.

Money Vs. Passion

This is the classic niche-picking battle. And guess what… out of 10 marketing courses, 9 or 10 of them will tell you to choose money. Why?

I mean sure, if you know that lots of money is changing hands within a particular niche, you can try to enter that niche, hopefully with the right marketing message, competing with all the other jackasses who are doing the same thing… and you really might earn yourself an income.

It happens. 


If you’re not truly passionate about the niche, what makes this any different than doing any other job that you effing hate? Think about that for a moment.

And what would make you HATE this job? To tell you the truth, we already discussed this. You’re doing something that most people don’t think of as respectable. And deep down, you probably don’t either.

Jenny: “So what do you do for a living?”
Ben:“I do list building and email marketing.”
Jenny:“Oh, okay. What’s that?”
Ben:“I sell products to people by sending them emails.”
Jenny:“Right on. What kind of products do you sell?”
Ben:“Training programs on how to make money online.”
Jenny:“And how do these programs work?”
Ben:“I have no idea. I just sell them.”
Jenny:“So they might not work at all?”
Ben:“I guess not. But who cares?”
Jenny:“So you rip people off and you don’t care? Not cool.”

Why earn your living playing on people’s emotions, selling them snake oil… and not even giving a crap, so long as you’re getting yours?

The more I ponder this question, the crazier what I’ve been doing drives me.

I’ve always sought to only produce immensely effective training programs. And up to this point, I’ve gotta tell you, kimosabe… I’ve knocked the shizzy outta the park. Seriously.

My IM products are some of the finest in the business. Ask anyone who’s been around.

But that’s hardly the point.

What do I do when I’m not designing strategies and sharing them with my people? I market. I market other people’s IM products and I market health products.

Do these products REALLY work? Dude, I have no idea!

Shitty answer, ain’t it?

See, I’m no angel!

“Lee, I Would Really Like to Know What the Alternative Is, Playboy!”

Can’t say I blame you.

Let’s try a new conversation…

Ben: “So what do you do for a living?”
Jenny: “Oh, I run a popular blog for clarinet players.”
Ben: “Oh really? That sounds cool. What do you do?”
Jenny: “I share YouTube videos and offer tips. I’m a clarinet player.”
Ben: “Kickass, Jenny! Do you make any money?”
Jenny: “Oh, for sure! I get tons of traffic and earn lots of Adsense revenue. I also do product reviews and sell ad space. I’m also working on creating my own lesson plan on DVD. I’ll be selling those soon. I can’t wait!”
Ben: “Will you marry me?”

Could you just hear how excited and proud Jenny was to talk about her clarinet blog? How much explanation was required? Not much, right? And she didn’t have to tip-toe to make her chosen profession sound cooler than it actually is.

She’s a damn clarinetist with a damn clarinet blog!

How freakin’ organic is that? 

Think she’ll quit blogging about one of her deepest passions if the money doesn’t happen to come in right out of the gate? Not likely. Why? Because she LOVES her instrument! She loves talking about it. She doesn’t care if she’s getting paid or not.


Do you think she’ll stop blogging about her passion once she’s earning $10,000 per month? $20,000? Nope. No way!

Why not?

Because making kickass money doesn’t make her love the clarinet any less! So she’ll keep this blog going indefinitely. And she will become a smash success, both financially and within the clarinet community. 

This is simply the natural byproduct of doing something that you’re 110% friggin’ CRAZY about! And it’s for this very reason why I’ve written the best 138-page marketing training manual that money can buy…

Lee Murray Proudly Presents…

The conversation you just read, along with the commentary that followed, showcases the very essence of Pop Culture Cash.

You choose a niche that represents your greatest passion in life. You create a blog that you’re absolutely proud of and monetize it in tons of different ways, so that you’re always getting paid.

You then set yourself up to go VIRAL with social media (the best place to be when operating within a pop culture niche). You build an email list on the back end to turn one-time visitors into repeat blog visitors.

You share fun videos of various pop culture icons in your niche, among other great things… you can use other people’s viral works to make your own site go viral. This is so incredibly easy and powerful, you’ll hardly believe how stinkin’ ETHICAL it is!

Buddy, this is online business the way that online business was meant to be done.

You’re seriously getting paid to play!

Compared to “Pop Culture Cash,” other IM training programs suck this…

And lick these…

Sorry, but if I didn’t believe that, why would I even be bothering? Too many people create and sell crap just to make a few bucks.

I have two words to suggest that this is not the case with me…

138 pages.

I don’t cut corners. I give you EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

I could have sold just as many copies as I’m gonna sell if this book was 45 or 65 pages. But I truly care about you, my fellow success seeker. I really, honestly do.

So I give you everything…

From identifying your deepest passion to choosing the greatest business name the world has ever known… to each plugin and social media tweak you’ll need to make (all with clear, easy-to-follow screen shots)… to going viral, making the most money possible…

To creating the best possible content, driving loads of top-notch traffic, making that traffic deliver the “viral effect” to your blog… and so much more!

And get this… NO OTOs!!!

This book is everything you’ll ever need to be a wild success in IM without selling your soul… all while having so much fun, you can hardly call this work!

This product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s on a dimesale, well on its way to the regular $37 price point. If the price you see is less than $37, then you need to jump on this thing YESTERDAY!

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