[GET] PLR To X21 Of My Best IM Products Im Selling My Entire Info Product Business Get Private Label Resale Rights To ALL My Information Training Products For 7 Days Only DOWNLOAD

From: Paul Nicholls

To: Clients of Paul Nicholls:

Hi, Paul Nicholls here . . . .

(For those who don’t know me, you may be wondering, who is this guy? I’m Paul Nicholls owner of PaulNichollsMembership.com, and popular IM blog PaulNichollsBlog.com,  among other places online (just google me to find more)


Here is a screen shot showing just 5 of my products – which all got product of the day:





And here is a screen shot of my all-time wso stats:



That is a total of over $90k so you can see that this list of products do sell and have sold very well so there is certainly a big demand for the information within the courses.

Let me ask you this……


Are you really struggling to create an online business from scratch, or you have a few products and just can’t create an “empire” out of it?


Are you frustrated because you are trying to see results in a very competitive market (the IM market is one of the most competitive and most difficult markets – although highly lucrative) and you just wish there was an easier way?

Or are you trying to build a lucrative business online and you need something to get you going?

If so, you are not alone, in fact, my guess is that most people who are trying to get an IM business off the ground want to build an empire fast.

But the thing is it’s very very difficult. That’s the truth.

And building my info product business has not been easy, and it’s taken several years to get to the point that each info product typically sells 300-500 sales or more (and gets me lots of new subscribers and customers each time)

But here’s the thing, what if you had the chance to get access to every single info product I’ve ever created, and you could do anything you wanted with them?

You could repackage each product, one or two weeks at a time, and sell it on digi results, jv zoo or clickbank under a different name.

You could take each one, split it up into smaller sections and then create your very own unique product of it combining what ever products you want together…

You could re-release them as clickbank products.


I could go on and on with ideas. Maybe you are having some of your own ideas right now as well.


Now, I’ll be honest with you, up until now I was NEVER willing to sell the rights to all of my complete info product business like this.


I just didn’t want to lose control of these products because the amount of blood sweat and tears that have gone into creating them.

I’m proud of these 20+  products and all of the hard work it took creating them kind of makes it even harder to let go of them and sell the rights to them all…

So I haven’t been willing to let go.

But I’m gonna be straight-up honest with you about something.

I’m going to be working on some different things in my business and I still will be creating more products but I already have tonnes of information products in my product line that I don’t have time to make the most of so I would rather sell the rights to them so others can benefit and start seeing results online without worrying about having their own products to create and sell.


You’ll get download access to EVERY info product I’ve ever released


There are around 22 products in total with a few of those being upsells but there are still over 20 full complete products and courses with over 160 training videos.

(and yes You’ll get every single upsell to all of the courses if there are any)

You’ll get every single info product – even the ones that are discontinued, that I no longer care to sell, even the ones I DON’T WANT to have out there anymore.

Now, here’s the way this is going to work:

You’ll get all the original download pages from the products that I currently have download pages for (which is most of them). They are mostly created using optimize press and I use a similar download page layout for all of my download pages.

So you can either copy my download pages and create a same looking page using your own optimize press account or you can just use the information from the download page and create your own type of download page using another tool or software of your choice.

But – if you are willing to put some real work into re-releasing these on other channels – like jvzoo, clickbank, or udemy, or other learning sites out there – this can be the backbone of your business for the next year, if you want it.

Now, what about the price?

Each of these have value of between $17 – $47 (and I guess a lot more if you look at the amount of time it took to create some of these products)

There are over 20 products each with a value of between $17 – $47

So a total of $598

But that’s with no rights.

Rights normally sell in the IM world for about 3x – x4 the retail price – so you’d be looking at about $2000 – at the low end – to get all these products WITH unlimited plr-style resale rights

And I believe it would still be worth it – let me say this, I’ve thought for a long time about re-releasing all these on jvzoo, one at a time –

And if you did it – it would be worth every penny of $2000+!

But . . . instead of selling all this to one buyer for $2000+, I’ve decided to make this a WSO special offer in itself –

So for a limited time of just 7 days – I’m starting this out at less than $100 – that’s right – just $100 for all my products worth over $2000+

And each time someone buys, the price goes up by 10 cents – so if you want this, and you want it at the best price, get it now:

Now, here are some terms, these are non-negotiable, and if you aren’t comfortable with these, please don’t buy this:

1) There are no refunds, period.

2) There are also no refunds, period, on any product or wso you’ve bought already (this is an incredible deal, period. And if you buy $2000 worth of products for $100, then want a refund on the last 2 products you bought for $8 each, that is just plain old nitpicky. If this isn’t worth $100 to you right now, regardless of what you’ve invested with me so far, just don’t buy it. It’s not fair to everyone else.

3) Reminder: You will be getting all of the product download links sent direct to your email inbox so you can then just download all of the products to your pc and save them. They are all zip files.  When you re-sell these you will of course need to save them and re-upload them to your own server, do not what ever you do sell them as they are because I will be taking these products down from my server in the near future.

4) This relates to the bonus below: I will also make it as easy as possible for you regarding the sales letters so you know which ones corresponds to which products. Again..you will get all of these sent direct to your email inbox after you have purchased.

So, if you have gotten through all of this and you are still with me, it’s still a good deal for you, get this for everything it’s worth:

and like I said earlier – here’s the bonus:

You get all the sales letters and the few sales videos too that I have for all these products (there maybe a few that don’t have sales pages but 98% of them do have sales pages.

(Some of these products also have graphic sales pages which were cost a few hundred dollars for each one alone)

I have no idea how much value this is – but if you say each sales letter is worth $200 to write – with say 20 sales letters and another $1500 for the graphic sales pages – that is $5,500 alone in sales letter value you can copy or use it as a guide and create your own unique copy, what ever you want.

So that brings the total value of this package to $7000 – $9000

And you get it all today for just:

Now, keep in mind, this sale will go for just 7 days, then I pull it. If this is something you want to do, now is the time to get in:


[GET] PLR to x21 of my Best IM Products Im selling my Entire Info Product Business Get Private Label Resale Rights To ALL My Information Training Products For 7 Days Only DOWNLOAD


Here’s a quick review of what you’ll discover in this powerful training:


–>You get all the sales letters that I have for all these products (there are a couple of products that I don’t have sales letters for but the rest all do have). (About 19 sales letters all together)


–>You get all my 21 products with full plr rights with over 160+ training videos

–> The products are worth $2000+ or more

–> The sales letters, sales videos and graphics are worth $7,000 or more

For 7 days, I’m running a – special offer on this entire package, the price goes up each time someone buys, the current price is:


[GET] PLR to x21 of my Best IM Products Im selling my Entire Info Product Business Get Private Label Resale Rights To ALL My Information Training Products For 7 Days Only DOWNLOAD


And if for some reason at this point, you are still thinking, “I just don’t know. I’ve never bought one of Paul’s products, I have no idea the value . . . :” That makes sense. Don’t buy this now. Instead, find one of my products and buy it. See if you like what I do. Decide to buy or not buy. No big deal. Really. Think of this as just a fun read.

For everyone else, if you even have an inkling of an idea of what you could do with over 20 products and over 160 training videos, 19 sales letters, video sales letters and some graphics – just buy it!!!

That’s all for now from me –



P.S., I don’t like to brag or anything like that as that’s not my style but if you don’t know me and you’re not quite sure how good my training and products are then spend some time and google me, look me up on the warrior forum or read my Internet marketing blog

All of the Products You Will Get with Full PLR Rights:


  • Offline Bullet Cash (x9 videos) – ($37 value)
  • Avalanche List Building (12 videos) – ($37 value)
  • Sales Funnel Mastery (8 videos) – ($27 value)
  • Video Creation Blueprint (6 videos) – ($27 value)
  • Product Creation Hero (9 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Email Marketing Assassin (14 videos) – ($37 value)
  • Solo Ad Professor (8 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Solo Ad Basics (6 videos) – ($17 value)
  • Knockout Profit BlackBook (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • The 9 Profit Pillars (9 videos) – ($27 value)
  • WSO Cash Code (22 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Extreme Cash Profits (22 videos) – ($17 value)
  • Adsense Cash Blueprint (15 videos) – ($17 value)
  • $100 per day blueprint (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • Fast Cash Commando (6 videos) – ($27 value)
  • Ultimate Solo Ads (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • Solo Ad Sales Funnels (6 videos) – ($17 value)
  • Passive Cash Profits (PDF) – ($17 value)
  • Sales Funnel Commando (7 videos) – ($47 value)
  • Blog Profits Exposed (12 videos) – ($17 value)
  • $500 – $3000 pay day formula (4 videos) – ($37 value)

What You Get in Total?


  • x21 of my best Internet marketing training products with full plr rights ($2000+ value)
  • 160+ training videos
  • x21 sales pages including graphics and sales videos ($7000+ value)

But, I Must Warn You….



…this is a Dime Sale!

And this Deal with ONLY be available for 7 days online.

That means the price will be rising aggressively.

Therefor it’s in your own best interest to get this insane PLR deal now because that’s the only way you can guarantee you will get it at this ridiculously low price before it’s gone forever.



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