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Anxiety and Depression Mega PLR Package

Anxiety and depression are the biggest mental health problems in the world today and our private label rights mega package is full of quality information for you to use to help those people suffering from one of these disorders.

Part One – The Anxiety Package


The anxiety package covers many types of anxiety disorders including panic disorders, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD and more.

PLUS you also receive our depression pack which covers teen depression and more!

You will have a private label rights license for articles, ebook and professional cover graphics, full-size infographics and bonus tweets!

If you are in the anxiety, depression or mental health niches this package is perfect for you to be able to provide well-researched information.

Our content isn’t filled with excessive keywords and fluff!

The content is of the highest quality and you won’t be disappointed!

This Anxiety Package Explains:

  • How diet is important to reduce anxiety.
  • How exercise is required to boost your ‘feel-good’ hormones.
  • Different treatment methods, including systematic desensitization, reflexology and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • How there are habits that can exacerbate anxiety symptoms and more!

  • You’ll receive ~ 20 x Anxiety articles in 2 formats – Word and Text Files
  • Report and ecover graphics, plus PSD file.
  • Professional full-size infographic.
  • 20 Tweets ready to use, just place your website link and tweet!
  • Plus a depression PLR bonus package too…


Anxiety Professional Infographic

This infographic isn’t just your average PLR graphic…this infographic is exceptional! You are going to be more than just a little bit excited about the quality.

This bundle alone is exceptional value for money, but this infographic makes it unbelievable value and you can buy this package for a fraction of the cost of even one infographic.

If you were to have an infographic like this one designed just for you, 
you would pay a few hundred dollars!

Plus look at the dimensions! This is not a little social media graphic…this is a FULL-SIZED professional infographic you would expect to see on one of the top authority anxiety websites.

Why not place it on your website and become an authority on anxiety.

Your visitors will definitely want to share this graphic to their favorite social media sites! Your website may even go viral faster than you can imagine. :)

Infographic FULL-SIZE Dimensions

~ 600px width x 2658px height ~


Anxiety Article Titles and Word Count

Here is the list of articles you will find in your package. These are not your average length PLR article!

Check the word count and as we said, they are NOT filled with fluff! They are filled with valuable, researched information.

  1. Anxiety 101 – 612 words
  2. Anxiety and Exercise – 648 words
  3. Anxiety Diet – 595 words
  4. Anxiety Healthy Eating Guidelines – 648 words
  5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety – 572 words
  6. Exercise Programs For Anxiety Management – 705 words
  7. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – 610 words
  8. Habits That Cause Anxiety Symptoms – 654 words
  9. Healthy Nutrition For Managing Anxiety and Depression – 472 words
  10. Managing Anxiety Symptoms with Exercise – 546 words
  11. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – 552 words
  12. Panic Disorder and Panic Attacks – 618 words
  13. Reflexology for Treating Anxiety – 607 words
  14. Research Into Anxiety – 565 words
  15. Social Anxiety Disorder – 562 words
  16. Stress and Anxiety – 546 words
  17. Systematic Desensitization – Anxiety Treatment – 522 words
  18. Treatment Problems for Anxiety Disorders – 556 words
  19. Types of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders – 551 words
  20. What Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – 530 words

Text files are also included!

Anxiety Report and Cover Graphic

The anxiety guide is ready to go!

It is already formatted as a PDF and is ready for you to use. It contains 15 pages and isn’t padded out with photos. It includes the ebook cover and disclaimer and 2,604 words (or approximately 5 articles.) You can use it immediately you download the package.

You don’t have to wait and spend a few hours or days editing or formatting. It is completely ready to go. The word doc can be easily edited so you can add your website URL, click save and you are done!

If you would prefer a full-length ebook just add the articles from the pack and create a mega ebook to sell. Your options are limitless!

Anxiety Tweets

We have also provided 20 tweets that you can use to promote the articles in this pack. You can publish the articles on your website and then tweet to your followers. All tweets correspond to an article in the pack, so upload your articles and tweet when you are ready to promote.

Part Two – The Depression Package


Depression Private Label Rights Quality Package

Depression is fast becoming a major mental health concern and our PLR pack is full of researched information to offer solutions to your website visitors questions. A perfect package to compliment your anxiety package!

This Package on Depression Contains

  1. 10 x Articles in 2 formats – Word and Text Files
  2. Professional full-size infographic.
  3. 10 Tweets on depression ready for you to use, just place your website link and tweet!

Another FULL-SIZE Infographic Even Bigger!

If the anxiety infographic amazed you, so will this one! We’d love to show you the full-size one here, but you will have to wait and see it for yourself. ;)

Have you ever had an infographic priced that is as big as these? If you have you will know they would cost you quite a few hundred dollars each…but having two designed…well the price you are going to pay for this package isn’t anywhere near that.

Infographic FULL-SIZE Dimensions

~ 800px width x 2902px height ~

Pretty impressive isn’t it?

Depression Article Titles and Word Count

To add to your anxiety pack, here is another 10 articles edited by us on depression. As with the anxiety pack, word docs and text files are included.

  1. Alcohol and Depression – 560 words
  2. Depression and Anxiety – 582 words
  3. Depression In Teenagers – 653 words
  4. Exercise for Depression – 533 words
  5. Foods Choices May Cause Depression – 546 words
  6. Light Therapy For Depression – 504 words
  7. Natural Cure for Depression – 611 words
  8. Natural Remedies for Depression – 424 words
  9. Steps To Avoiding Depression – 594 words
  10. The Dangers of Anti-Depressants – 602 words

More Tweets For Your Depression Promotions!

Plus you will also receive another 10 tweets to send out to your followers! People will read your tweets and want to visit your website to find out more details about your offer or news!

Are You Ready For This Incredible Offer?

The articles and the graphics are top notch…our feedback is awesome! We are 100% positive you will love the content and your website visitors will thank you for the researched information. Plus because it is quality, they will share the information and infographics which will boost your website’s traffic!

By Now You Can See The Value In This High-Quality Package!

We edit every article and check everything passes our quality control! We want you to be 100% satisfied!

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