[GET] Pixel Studio FX Instantly Create Kick Ass E Book Covers And More Professional High Converting Designs In Seconds DOWNLOAD


[GET] Pixel Studio FX Instantly Create Kick Ass E-Book Covers and More Professional High Converting Designs In Seconds DOWNLOAD

PLUS, The Exact Three Steps To Generate $300 to $500 In Minutes!

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Amazing New Drag & Drop Push Button Software Technology That Requires No Technical or Design Skill & Allows You To Create Profitable Designs In A Few Clicks!


Easy To Use

Simple to use with point and click precision technology


Stunning Designs

Over 250 templates to select from spanning 23 niche categories


60 Second Creation

Create a cover from start to finish in just 60 seconds


Cash Palette

Siphons profitable design jobs that you can complete for cash


Training & Support

Full software training and product support included with PSFX

Software Features & Demo

 Web based software with nothing to download / works on PC / Mac / internet connection required.

 Hundreds of design templates: created by graphic experts from all over the world, of varying styles.

 In-built 14,000 stock images and icons included with unlimited usage

 3D models included: 12 of them, software boxes, dvds, book, report, magazine, report, hard back book, ebook etc

 23 niche categories, so you can create designs in almost any market you can dream of.

 Save and store your designs online

 20 design storage / 50 MB image space given per account at no extra cost

 Versatile and Easy to Use HD Interface & Editor with Drag and Drop Technology

 No recurring costs to use software: one time only

 Watermark Engine – protect your work – client share

 Developer rights included at no extra charge: Create and sell designs

 Social Share – instantly share your designs on pinterest, fb, twitter, g+

 Client feedback engine: client can leave feedback dynamically over your design giving you feedback in real time. this saves precious time.

 Cash Palette tool – find and complete designs from 7 popular freelance sites online for cash

Photoshop® is not required to design your ecover

NEVER again will you have to…
– Spend hours and hours searching for the “right designer” on Freelance sites…
– Spend up $300 to $500 PER design…
– Wait 3-5 days for the designer to come back with something totally WRONG…
– Get frustrated because you can’t “share your vision.”
Pixel Studio FX is the worlds first true drag and drop graphic design tool that requires zero technical skills!


The EXACT 3 Step System to Generate $300 to $500 in Minutes With Pixel Studio FX!



Browse the library of hundreds of visually stunning design templates that cover 23 niche categories and giving thousands of cover combinations to pick your perfect design.





Point, click and customize your design via the clean, simple and easy to use graphical user interface. Our powerful drag and drop technology allows fast and friendly editing!



Harness the power of our automated Cash Palette technology to instantly find design jobs from 7 of the top freelance sites and complete them in minutes for fast design income!





We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the software a try. If you give our software and system and a try and you decide it’s not for you, then we’ll happily give you all your money back.

This is a 100% no-risk 30 day guarantee. We’re here to support you, and unless we AMAZE you with our product, we won’t keep a penny of your money. If at any point you are unhappy, please shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to send you every penny back.

Don’t Believe Us? These Covers Took Us LESS Than 60 Seconds To Create!
















Bundled With Pixel Studio FX

Pixel Studio FX™ comes packed with a platinum pack of graphic content that is destined to supercharge your designs and convert on-lookers into buyers!


Unique Designs



Web Fonts Pack



Stock Images



Award Winning Templates



Web Icons




Anik Singal

PSFX is a life saver! As a best-selling author and book writer, I know how important it is to have eye catching covers for my e-books. It’s refreshing to just spend a few minutes to make the PERFECT cover the first time! Not only will Pixel Studio FX save you money and time.

Michael Cheney

I’ve personally used Pixel Studio FX and have to say I loved it. I’ll be recommending this to everyone with a 10/10. It really is an essential tool in every marketer’s arsenal. It will personally save (and make me) thousands of dollars.


Sam Finaly

We (literally) judge books by their covers… Quality graphics on all your products and services with Pixel Studio FX in your corner you have a powerhouse graphics design studio just a click away ready to beautify all your offers and make an instant impact.



Josh Ratta

“The guys at PixelStudioFX have created a great tool for everyone who sells digital products online! Whether you sell eBooks, info products, video courses, or software, this is a MUST-HAVE tool for branding your products professionally online”

Bill Hugall

I have to say GREAT work on this one. You guys knocked it out of the park. I can’t stand doing any of these tasks normally. You guys have saved me thousands for sure! I will be recommending this to EVERYONE!



David Orchard

This product is amazing. I can do work in an hour that before was taking me two days. My outsourcer will be crying because now I can produce professional graphics myself. For anyone serious about creating a professional look, Pixel Studio is a must have tool.

Matt Ford

I’ve had the painful experience of spending hours working with cover designers for projects, and when they come back with the design it looks nothing like what I had in mind, and worst part they got their graphics from Google images even after I told them not to.



Mark Bishop

Pixel Studio FX: Wow, Like Photoshop on Steroids without the learning curve and price. Graphics, Branding and perceived value is something I take very seriously. Pixel Studio FX Rocks… This software turns everyone into a professional designer in 60 seconds flat.

Chad Nicely

I’m completely LOST FOR WORDS. When I heard about Pixel Studio FX and what they were trying to do with custom graphic covers… I said NOPE…. you can’t compete with Photoshop. Then when I started using the software I realized I ate my words. This is AMAZING. The bar has been raised…



David Taylor

As a complete graphical no-hoper, I was keen to try Pixel Studio FX. Believe me, if I can create professional quality graphics with this, anybody can. I was totally impressed by the ease with which I was able to create amazing box shots and group shots for reskinning products.

JF Garsula

Before I had Pixel Studio FX, designing eCovers used to take me 20 to 30 minutes to design but there’s about 10 or more eCovers I need to complete in a day. I’m really thankful to Pixel Studio FX because it will only take me 5 minutes or LESS to design one eCover. Ultimate Time Saver!



Ray Lane

I was so excited to try Pixel Studio FX because it has dozens of awesome design templates that all perfectly match up to whatever product you are trying to create. This turns a 2 to 3 hour job into about 10 minutes of work. Best of all, it is a fraction of the cost I was spending on other products!

John Zakaria

“Pixel Studio FX rocks! It’s my go to software for creating professional e-covers that I need for my business. Easy to use and lots of options. Blows away the competition. “


Download Your Complete Design & Income Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to install it on my computer?

Pixel Studio FX is 100% web based. That means you log into the system on the internet. The only REQUIRED item is internet access. It does work on computer, tablet or PC.

Q: Does it work on Windows and MAC?

YES- in fact it works on any device that can access the web! We’ve tested Pixel Studio on multiple computers with different operating systems along with tablets and most mobile devices.

Q: I’m not tech savvy. I’m worried that I may not understand. Is there training?

Of course- We made sure that there is PLENTY of training! We have over 31 different 3-5 minute “training videos” designed to help you LEARN Pixel Studio FX in and out. We’ve chunked everything down into simple, easy to follow 3-5 minute ‘over the shoulder’ videos. You can watch, pause, and work your way through these even if you are completely new to design. Most of our users don’t need the videos, but if you do not a problem they are well categorized, and easy to find answers in minutes.

Q: I’m not sure where to get images… do you include any stock images or fonts? Are they included or are they extra?

We’re including over 8,000+ stock images and over 6,000 clipart and web icons to Pixel Studio FX. And guess what? They are ALL ROYALITY FREE. That means we already paid to use them and you can use them as many times as you want!

Q: Can you upload your own images into Pixel Studio FX?

Absolutely. We allow you to upload up to 50MB’s of your own images to be stored on our servers!

Q: Is any of the work “done for you”?

Yup! You’ll get instant access to over 3,000 pre-made designs with over 20,900 different combinations! These are all part of your membership.

Q: Do you have a developer’s license? Is it a one time fee or monthly membership?

There are no hidden fees or monthly charges! Everything is included with the Pixel Studio FX membership, including a Developers license at no extra chrarge!

Q: Can I sell the designs I make?

Yes! You can use Pixel Studio FX for all of your personal and client design needs! The developers license, which is included, allows you to do so!

Q: How do I make money with Pixel Studio FX?

We include step-by-step training along with a software called Cash Pallete, so you can start finding your first design job in minutes using the world’s most popular freelance job sites where designers are in high demand. We give you all the tools, the training, and the software. You just follow the steps, get the job, and start making money.

Q: How do I get support?

Easy! We have support almost 24 hours a day waiting to help you. Our Pixel Studio FX team is standing by and you can send them a very simple email at support@pixelstudiofx.com OR you can visit our community and support site here

Q: Is this Risk Free?

Yup! We made it simple. For the next 30 days, you can play with Pixel Studio FX as much as you want. If you don’t want it anymore, just let us know. We stand behind our product so we’re super confident it will AMAZE you.

Over the last 5+ years of being online and digital marketers, there has always been ONE thing that has “annoyed” us: Design! Especially e-book, software, or kindle covers.

It’s been proven that consumers will lose trust in you and your business when it comes to poor design and packaging of a product.

Take Apple for example: They spend over $11.6 Million just to offer the best design and packaging of their brand.

Hence, we’ve set off to offer you a simple solution to that pain!

With Pixel Studio FX and after more than 12 months of development and close to $70,000 invested, it’s our solution to these design problems.

Pixel Studio FX is the world’s first true drag and drop graphic design tool that requires zero technical skills.

We’re so dedicated on making this tool, just for ourselves, that we sourced over 8,000 images, 6,000 web icons and tons of clip art to give us the ability to generate nearly 3,000+ different combinations of design. And you’ll get instant access to all 14,000 images, web icons, and clip art today, 100% royalty free as a part of Pixel Studio FX.

In fact, we realized Pixel Studio FX was so powerful and reliable that we created a new business this year – We started our own web design agency! It allows us to hire and employ qualified people from all around the world to run your digital agency (thanks to Pixel Studio FX)!

We also went the extra mile to incorporate Cash Palette, a tool which helps you reach out and grab opportunities by their throat and use the power of Pixel Studio FX to reap the profits and to generate a great income for yourselves.

With that said we will close off stating that Pixel Studio FX is the ultimate graphic design solution for newbies and experts alike. So, here’s to your success with this amazing state-of-the-art branding platform and we wish you the very best of luck and fortune with our wealth of experience at your disposal.

Signing off – Adeel, Jimmy and Ali

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