[GET] Pinterest Genie DOWNLOAD

[GET] Pinterest Genie DOWNLOAD

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In short, this guide reveals…

How to Increase Your Profits by
Adding Videos, Slides and Podcasts on Pinterest!

And they all run directly from Pinterest!

Did you think that Pinterest was only good for sharing images? That’s couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, after studying the platform we discovered that you can add videos, slideshows and even audio files (music, podcasts, interviews…) on Pinterest! And it’s really easy with just a couple of clicks!

Get more visitors.

Get more sales.

Grow your authority.

Get more followers.

Delivering a new type of content where people are used to seeing only images is like running with a speedy car in a vintage contest! Your videos, slideshows and audios can be played without ever leaving Pinterest!

Can you Feel the Power?

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Milton Brown

In this Ebook You Will Discover…

  • Share your Videos on Pinterest

    It’s so easy to share your Youtube, Vimeo and many other video networks videos on a Pinterest board!

  • Share your Slides on Pinterest

    It’s so easy to share slideshows with this method, and you know they are always converting!

  • Share your Podcast on Pinterest!

    With a simple technique you can have all your audio files, including music, interviews, podcasts and more on Pinterest.

How to turn into a Pinterest guru!

In addition to the top 3 techniques to share unusual things on Pinterest, there’s more… we prepare you to become a Pinterest power user and we show you incredible traffic strategies that really work. We KNOW you will get a lot of traffic from this!



That’s Not All!
Woman or man, Pinterest will become your favorite social network!

Our guide includes tons of step by step screenshots to walk you through the process and we guarantee that if you will follow the steps you will see a huge increase in your traffic and gain a lot more followers and authority on Pinterest.


Thanks to this exciting eBook, you will be able to:

  • Setup your account the right way to get the most traffic and check analytics.
  • Learn a set of 3 techniques to publish videos, audio files and slides on Pinterest.
  • Learn fundamental traffic tricks to give more value to each one of your pins.
  • How many promotional pins and how many content pins to publish.
  • How to share your boards outside of Pinterest.
  • How to become a master of Pinterest.


At the end, you will get many BENEFITS!

  • Get more traffic automatically (yes, your content will continue to drive visitors!)
  • Get more sales (it’s easy when you learn how to drive your followers crazy!)
  • Grow your authority (you will be one of the few with new content to share other than images on Pinterest!)
  • Get better rankings (Google loves successful pins…)

You can obtain all of this for one low price. But you must be fast, because the price you are seeing right now is only good for the first 48 hours, and then it’s gone. So be fast, and change your social media life for the better!



If you are tired of seeing all the same things on social media,
turn the Pinterest world upside down!

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