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From The Desks of: Ivana, Sherman, Venkata
Date: Sunday, May 31, 2015

It’s a very sad fact that there are so many new marketers that are stuck in this cycle and for some reason, STILL can’t crack the code of driving targeted traffic to their optin pages and sales pages.

The thing is, it’s not your fault. You have been misled in the past on how to properly drive traffic that turns into leads and sales. 

Truth is, it really is this simple:

If you are doing anything more or less than these steps and are having a hard time turning a profit, then I can guarantee you that you are doing something wrong.

Many of us are told to just throw a few hundred dollars into google adwords campaign, target a million keywords and to wait a day or two and watch the money roll in. . .

. . . and after a while come to realize that those steps are a load of bologna when you see NO MONEY coming into your commission dashboard and you are now out of the money you invested.

If this sounds familiar, then believe me when I tell you that I feel your pain!!!

I myself have been in this situation numerous amounts of times and it starts to take a toll on you after you come to realize how big of a hole you’ve dug yourself in debt.

It always comes with a solution. . . which is why it turned out to be a good road traveled in the end. 

The fact that you may be struggling within your business is my guess as to why you’re still on this page and if you’ll give me the next few minutes of your time, I’d like to show you how to overcome it.

(honestly I don’t know what they wanted to say here)

Hi there… Ivana here and today I have partnered with Venkata and Sherman to bring you…

Well, finally the time to learn all about it has come for you!

But first of all I would like to tell you a little bit about our personal struggle in IM world.

Long time ago, we were dealing with a very big problem:

How to bring targeted traffic to our sales pages.We had everything ready except for that.

We’ve tried everything, but nothing worked. We bought many products of people promising to teach us how to generate traffic but they didn’t help us enough to succeed.

Among the things they advised us to do were to buy solo ads (really bad results), rank our page in Google (almost out of reach), go to forums and send our links like a thousand times (pretty spammy don’t you think?)

We didn’t have almost any money. We’ve spent everything in the products we bought and the strategies they recommended, hoping that this time it will actually work! But again… NOTHING!

We finally discovered an amazing traffic source that really works! We use it every single day and it never fails!

So here we are to share it with you in a step-by-step guide we made for you so you can finally start seeing targeted quality traffic in your pages which will be more than willing to buy your products!

You can now build your own list of customers!

No more spending time, money and effort on fail traffic strategies!

Although I speak the truth, talk is always cheap and we encourage you to take a moment to listen to a few testimonials

And the BEST part?!?

Yes . . we’re dead serious and we’re not just blowing smoke here.

In fact, we have everything laid out for you to follow in the exact steps to follow to get you driving traffic, building your list and making money as fast as possible.

If you follow this course exactly as it is laid out, you will see that you this is a total Risk Free Method. As there is pretty much NO way you can lose your money! 

We’re sure that you’re probably pretty anxious and are on the edge of your seat right now and you should be because of the results that are in store for you and in addition to the over-delivery, we want to allow you to get 100% access to this traffic source and detailed step by step training for just a fraction of our regular price which is just a small, one-time investment of:

I believe it would be safe to say that the screenshots and testimonials above can 100% vouch for us when we say that what we have for you WILL produce results.

All we ask is that you take action and actually implement what we teach and if you can send us tangible evidence of you putting everything into action with no results, we will gladly refund you every penny of your investment.

All this being said, we’re almost done with accomplishing our goals with this product offer. . . and that last one is to change YOUR life and to get you that breakthrough that you’ve been after for so long.

There’s no telling how long your search can continue but what we can assure you is that if you do what we say and follow our lead, you’ll attain it much sooner than you think 

In order for this process to kick off, we need you to take the first step and you can do so by putting your trust in us and hitting the button below to make your investment.

To Your Penny Click Profits,

P.S. Although we do intend to change as many lives as possible, please do mark my words that this offer will not be available for long so act, FAST!!!

P.P.S. What sense would it make to keep winging things on your IM journey when you can take out all the guesswork in one shot?

None at all, and we encourage you to please take advantage of this offer and not to let it slip through your fingers.

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