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“PBN Domainer is an absolute BEAUTY! I literally just bought a site with DA of 36 and PA of 47 for $10.21. Plus it took me less than 3 minutes to find it with PBN Domainer.”

Joshua Zamora 
Zamurai Blogger

Drive Your Rankings Like A Rocket – By Tapping Into The Most POWERFUL SEO Strategy Ever!

Dear Friend,

It’s Simon Greenhalgh and Josh MacDonald here.

When we started in SEO – it was easy to get rankings.

It was even easy to fool the search engines such as Google, Altavista and Lycos. Just putting your keyword everywhere was enough.

Things have REALLY changed since then.

I’m guessing you already know how hard it’s become – but before we get into that, I just want to tell you that the solution is out there, and always has been.

The problem is that ONLY the “Gurus” know the secret…(is there such a thing?)

We’ve Tapped Into A Closely-Guarded Ranking Secret Which Is Proven To Dominate The Search Engines Time And Time Again!

I’m talking about Private Blog Networks. With the ability to tap into a little-known SEO strategy usually used by industry experts to get top rankings on demand for even the toughest keywords.

There is no denying that Private Blog Networks are the single most powerful way to get number 1 rankings time after time.

But, the most crucial part of this strategy is also the most difficult to get right…

Success with PBNs relies on getting a steady supply of high quality, authoritative domains.

These domains are not only hard to find, but even harder to snap up cheaplybefore your competitors!

Getting Rankings Is Harder Than Ever – Staying One Step Ahead Of The Competition Is Crucial!

It used to be easy – but none of the old strategies worked anymore. And we were letting people down. No two ways about it.

Right now – think about who you’ve let down.

It’s your website and your business that has suffered.

It’s your income that has been damaged. It’s YOU that has been working late night after late night.

This means that you have ZERO free time.

How much time with your loved ones are you missing out on because of the never-ending fight to get rankings?

Presenting PBN Domainer – The Missing Piece Of The Private Blog Network Puzzle…

This Is Your Chance To Win The Race To Get The Best Domains At The Lowest Price…EVERY TIME!

PBN Domainer Is The Secret Behind This Radical, Proven Ranking System!

PBN Domainer is the ultimate automated domain research tool – essentially it is a web based app (NOTE: It runs on our server and is totally automated).

What makes PBN Domainer so amazing is how it suits both the beginner and the professional.

It’s no exaggeration to say PBN Domainer is…

The Most Automated, Hands-Off Domain Research Tool Ever Created

Let me show you what I mean:

Here Is What It Will Do For You

PBN Domainer is going to free you from the endless struggle to uncover the “best (and cheapest) domains” that are proven to rank your content.

Imagine Having The “Cream Of The Crop” Domains Researched And Evaluated For You, Every Day Like Clockwork, With Zero Work From You.

It’s THAT simple.

Imagine Being Able To Rank At Will For The Most Profitable Keywords…

But what are “Private Blog Networks”?

A Private Blog Network or PBN is a collection of highly authoritative domains that you own and control for the purposes of pointing high quality and relevant backlinks to web pages of your choice in order to increase your position in the search engines.

In most cases, a PBN is made up of expired domains. An expired domain is a domain that at one time was a owned by another webmaster and for one reason or another the webmaster decided they didn’t want to renew their registration.

In fact, the very best expired domains (the domains we want!) were very often live, cared for websites with great content,good traffic and even have powerful backlinks pointing to them.

How Does This Affect Your SEO?

A PBN is a powerful SEO strategy because you own and control the content and backlinks within the domain. This allows you to…

  • Create high quality and relevant content that is specific to your niche
  • Control the anchor texts in your links
  • Point your most powerful links where you need them most

PBN Domainer works because it automates THE MOST TIME-CONSUMING task in modern SEO…

Automated Daily Domains For Life

PBN Domainer is fully automated and each day you will be given access to a file which includes EVERY expiring domain along with all the vital SEO metrics for each domain.

Win The Race To Secure Domains

Each domain in your daily file includes the EXACT date and time that it will expire allowing you to be ahead of the pack and win the race to secure the very best domains.

Automated Domain Authority

PBN Domainer will automatically provide the DA (Domain Authority) for each domain in the daily list. Domain Authority is arguably the most reliable measure of a domains SEO power available today. DA is provided by SEO market leaders MOZ.

Instant Backlink Count

PBN Domainer will show the number of backlinks pointing to each and every domain that is expiring that day. This allows you to quickly see which domains are likely to be the most powerful.

Extra Domain Info

We also include extra information on every domain such as PageRank, character length, TLD and whether the domain includes numbers or hyphens. This allows you to quickly filter out the domains you don’t want, leaving just the cream of the crop your looking for.

Power Of Combination

The secret lies in using all the data provided by PBN Domainer together to uncover the best of the best domains. Then relying on our automated lifetime service to win the race and pick up your golden domains at the lowest possible price.

What Do The Experts Say About PBN’s?

Seen a lot of debate about PBNs lately, here’s something from personal experience. They work if you get them right, and that is a craft learned carefully.

Cyril Maithily Gupta

Private blog networks are one of the fastest ways to rank your site as Google loves domain authority. Having the right domains in your private blog network could just shoot your rankings up overnight!

Aravindh Sridhar

Private Blog Networks are a big part of my SEO strategy and everyone I know right now who is using them is absolutely crushing it! So if you don’t use them already, you’re leaving money on the table!

Radu Hahaianu

One thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years, is that private blog networks (PBN) are extremely powerful if you want to build authority on the web. Knowing Simon for a few years…he definitely knows what he’s doing. Nifty tool…VERY useful indeed. Thanks Josh and Simon!

Andre Stoelinga

PBN’s when built correctly are one of the MOST powerful backlinks you can send to your money sites.

Chris Winters

PBN’s work that’s why Google’s on the war path with them. If you set up your PBN correctly you WON’T get in trouble and you’ll rank faster than fast!

Anthony Aires Gomes

Here Is EXACTLY WHAT You’re Getting!

The PBN Domain Web Based App – Valued At $97

At the core of this package is the PBN Domainer web based app.

The app will retail for $97 for a single license without training or bonuses.

We are now preparing to sell PBN Domainer to marketing, PR and SEO agencies – and the price will be a lot more than even the $97 public price with a monthly subscription.

Thankfully, you can take advantage of the launch offer and lock in the lowest possible prices and deep discounts.

Bonus Training To Max Out Your Results! – Worth $47

It’s time to build your own profit machine.

Myself, Josh and Bill McIntosh reveal the secrets behind going from zero to 5,000+ visitors a day with their websites.

We start of with super cheap Facebook ads spending $5/day & quickly multiply that little bit of ad traffic into a firehose of targeted visitors. This is highly targeted traffic! You can’t do this without the special traffic multiplier & no-one else is teaching it.

This session is going to teach you how to take your authority domains and your SEO strategies to the next level. Do NOT be fooled into thinking this isn’t for you. This is for everyone with an online business.

That’s A Total Real World Value Of Over $144 NOT INCLUDING Future Subscription Costs – This Is Your ONLY Chance To Grab A Once In A Lifetime Saving

But We Aren’t Going to Ask You For $144. Nothing Like That.

For the next few days, we have a very special ‘launch window’ – where we both can win.

The fact is – a special priced launch, allows us to reach EXACTLY the right people.

People who would benefit from PBN Domainer the most.

So – we’ve decided to make a VERY special offer just for them.

Just for people like you.

We Don’t Have To Pay Inflated Advertising And Promotional Costs…

We Get To Pass These Savings On To You Meaning We CanSlash The Cost To Our Community To Under $40

It really is as simple as that.

Right now, our costs are as low as they are going to be.

From here on out, they will rise, and as such – we will need to increase our prices.

What that means is, you can make some amazing savings – if and only if you act now.

“PBN Domainer is an absolute BEAUTY! I literally just bought a site with DA of 36 and PA of 47 for $10.21. Plus it took me less than 3 minutes to find it with PBN Domainer.”

Joshua Zamora 
Zamurai Blogger

Price Freeze Until PBN Domainer Closes In Just…

On Top Of Those Savings, You Are Getting A Phenomenal Launch Offer Discount – Saving You Even More!

We’ve decided to take things one step further and really deliver exceptional value by giving you an even better offer.

We’ve reduced the signup price EVEN further and added an extra special opportunity on top.

Put simply – we have FROZEN the price until PBN Domainer closes.

IMPORTANT: There Is One Slight ‘Catch’…

High end marketing tools typically sell for hundreds if not thousands of Dollars. The reason is simple – they cost huge amounts to be developed and they are designed to give massive returns to users.

So – rather than waste your money on software that will do very little in terms of your bottom line – invest in tools that really get the job done.

When PBN Domainer has its public launch – the price will be $97 – but as an part of our community – during the launch period,  we are offering a massive discount.

There is one small catch – in return for this massive discount…

We ask the you provide an honest, written testimonial for PBN Domainer.


As an exclusive bonus to JVzoo customers we have decided to offer a FREE “Outsourcers” 3x license worth $47!

Act now because its only available for the 5 day launch.

  • PBN Domainer Web Based App = $97
  • Live Training Bonus = $47
  • 3x “Outsourcers” License = $47

Total Real-World Value For Today Only = $191

Click The Buy Button Below And Get Instant Access!

“PBN Domainer is an absolute BEAUTY! I literally just bought a site with DA of 36 and PA of 47 for $10.21. Plus it took me less than 3 minutes to find it with PBN Domainer.”

Joshua Zamora 
Zamurai Blogger

Price Freeze Until PBN Domainer Closes In Just…

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