[GET] Passive Income Masterplan DOWNLOAD

[GET] Passive Income Masterplan DOWNLOAD

The Astonishing Secrets That Can Have You Build A List Of 93.000+ Subscribers And Generating $350 Per Day, On Complete Autopilot…Even If You’ve Tried Everything Else and Failed!

“You’ll Be Amazed To Discover

Start Using Today — For FREE!

And Nearly All Of which You Can

Only Use The Most Basic Tools…

These Two Marketing Legends

How Would You Like To Wake-Up Tomorrow Morning With The Calm Sensation That OnlyComes From Knowing Everything You Need To Know To Finally Succeed Online – (And Not Just By Fluke, But As A Solid, Sustainable, And Scalable Online Operation)?

“I’m not sure how he did it, but Dave has managed to get two of the top guys in Internet Marketing to agree to an interview and tell us all about how they started online, how they make money, and how we can build a worthwhile business. This is very valuable stuff and something you don’t get access to very often outside of paid seminars. If you want to  get inside the minds of some top money makers and learn how you can build your own profitable business, you need to get this product”

Simon Anthony 

From: Dave Tall

R.E. How I Raised Myself From Mediocrity To Success By Applying These Secrets To Create A Life-Changing Passive Income – And How You Can Too.

Dear friend,

If discovering how you can create a passive income of $350+ per day sounds too good to be true then I’ve got news for you… That’s not even the best bit!

The best bit is…

it doesn’t matter if you are flat broke, tired of always failing, and can barely face the idea of trying out another new system…because this isn’t a shiny object and this isn’t a “brand new system.”

It’s the hidden knowledge that turns average internet marketers into crazily successful internet marketing legends.

And here’s the real beauty of it: Once you simply learn these secrets, you can never un-learn them… but you can apply them, to every single marketing decision you will ever make from today forwards…



But before I tell you these secrets, I need to tell you about a sickness…

The Sickness That Is Sucking Your Potential For Success 

Right Out Of You

There is only one word for Entrepeneurs who decide they are going to place their reputation, their security,  and their financial destiny on the chopping block of life:


I’ve seen so many brave people come online with huge dreams of creating a life full of freedom, fame and fortune, and it breaks my heart to see those people failing over and over again… the saddest part is — most of you never even realize you are sick!

If this is you then it’s important that you know… you have a sickness, but…


The disease is called Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS), and it’s responsible for broken dreams, streams of failure, and the financial ruin of many hopeful internet marketers.

How do you know if you’re suffering from SOS?

It’s easy.

  • Have you ever bought a “Brand New Fail Proof System”, and failed?
  • Have you ever been sucked in by an email from your favorite internet marketing “guru” and suddenly find yourself with another $97.00 product you don’t need and will probably never use? (Heck I bet you didn’t even know the product excisted before you opened that email and got seduced by the lure of instant easy riches!)
  •  Have you ever bought a new plugin or widget  because you thought it would magically make your life easier?

If you’ve ever been distracted like this then you already know what happens next…

You get sidetracked and end up trying to devise new tactics and new ways to be successful instead of just concentrating on the one idea you started out with… before you opened that guru’s email.

If you’re lucky you’ll only lose a day before you get back on track, but if you have a bad dose of SOS then you can easily lose days, months and entire bank balances if you’re not careful.

The good news is there’s…



The first thing you’ll discover while you are soaking up the secrets of these two marketing legends is that you areinstantly 100% cured from the need to invest in shiny new toys, plugins, ‘systems’ or training…

Because as you’ll quickly realize, the best don’t rely on anything except,

The Simplest, Time-Tested, Marketing Strategies

… that are proven (and then proven again)—Every. Single. Day.

Real Marketers Don’t Use Expensive

Tools, Or Complex Tactics And Neither Should You

I was just like you; wasting precious money and time on crap, but then I made a decision that changed everything.

I invested HEAVILY in a world-class mentor and committed to learning the strategies that are proven to work over and over again.

And one of the most shocking revelations was that I’ve been doing everything backwards.

For example:

You’ll be amazed to discover these two marketing legends only use the most basic tools… and nearly all of which you can start using today— for FREE!

Imagine that… two of the most consistently successful marketers alive today are using the most basic FREE tools that anyone can use! – No fancy, shiny objects and they are still capable of building mailing lists with over 93.000 subscribers!

So listen, if you’ve been trying to find a magic solution by throwing good money at bad shiny objects week-in week-out then you need to STOP before you sink further into confusion , debt and despair.

  • STOP buying shiny objects designed to part you from your hard-earned cash and start investing it in growing your profits.

  • STOP thinking you have to know everything there is to know about making money online and start focusing on the few simple secrets that actually work.

  • STOP listening to mediocre (or even clueless) hacks that are pretending to know what they are talking about and start applying the proven strategies of these two highly respected, well-known, marketing legends.

I could tell you how well these secrets have worked for me until I am blue in the face…

But I don’t have to because I’ve already shared this exact advice with a select few internet marketers.

So listen to what they have to say:

(All testimonials are genuine, kept on file, and available on request)

Wow! What great content! I found myself making lots of notes and having virtually every question in my head answered! The graphics and audio were good quality and there is a mass of information within these products. Very useful to me and I’ve already downloaded some of the software mentioned!

Many thanks

Rich Conduit 

GREAT PRODUCT! The amount of value packed into this product is astounding!

ZERO fluff and nothing but actionable tactics and strategies for building your list and business, FAST! A ton of great content for any serious entrepreneur!

Darrin Bently 

“Amazing! I wish this product had been available when I was starting out. It’s full of really valuable information for anyone from beginner to the established marketer.

An inspirational presentation to motivate you towards creating and selling your own products successfully online.

Jonathan Moss 

Being one of the lucky ones to get an early copy from you Dave, I truly am grateful. This is a product that I would gladly pay at least $500 for.It’s inspiring, liberating, and a truly honest piece of work. Thanks, Dave!

Wayne Rodden 

“Dave’s done a really fantastic job of putting this product together. He obviously got his information from very knowledgeable marketers. There are some tips in this product that are absolute gold, both for newbies and more experienced marketers. I also especially like how Dave has presented the videos, including visual bullet points and summaries as you watch. This is a fantastic product – highly recommended!

Glenn Shepherd 

I think it is fair to say that everyday success hungry marketers are devouring the pro tips and success building secrets I’ve managed to drag out of these two internet marketing heavyweigths.

Become A “Money-Making Mastermind” Overnight

You’ll quickly realize the information you’re absorbing isn’t just a random collection of facts…

(Even though, that would be enough to create multiple business-breakthroughs).

The moment you “press play” on these secrets you’ll have access to a structured series of strategic lessons that you can use to maximize your full potential, take charge of your future, and reach the levels of success you’ve never dared to dream of…

  •  IMAGINE waking up tomorrow (and every day after) knowing exactly what you need to do next to make your business boom.
  • IMAGINE feeling confident that your actions and strategies are the exact same actions and strategies used by some of the best internet marketers on the planet today.
  • IMAGINE finally being able to tell your friends and family that you’ve cracked it (and then relax and enjoy life as a successful marketer!)

The world is changing so fast that if your strategy is “trying to stay up-to-date with all the NEW information” and “breakthrough tactics” then you’re taking the express train to ruin, defeat and an embarrasing return to 9-5 living.

So Stop Working Harder

Start Working Smarter

The truth is… the only thing that hasn’t changed (and won’t change) is the proven marketing strategies that are being used by the very best marketers…

…and you now have the chance to…

Get Instant Access To These

Astonishingly Effective Strategies

Here’s a serious question for you: Why start at the very bottom scrounging around for scraps of bargain-basement information, when you can go straight to the very top and start your journey there?

And here’s another question: Would you rather take advice from two proven marketing heavyweights about how to generate $350/per day in passive income and build a list of 93.000+ subscribers, or

…do you want to keep being let down by dime-a-dozen WSO’s, knocked together by a newbie marketer who’s never made a red cent in his life, and is just flogging some re-purposed PLR trash for a quick buck?

Well today is the day you start at the very top.


The Astonishingly Secrets To Generating $350 Per Day On Auto-Pilot, Building A List Of 93,000 Subscribers, And Never Working Again

passive income

My passive income masterplan is 2.5 hours of “No Holds-Barred” video content, jam-packed with secrets normally only available inside closely guarded inner-circles and the elite-priced personal coaching packages of these two marketing masterminds.

But today the doors are blown right off!

And it’s surprisingly simple to get started:

You just need to sit back and relax as the Passive Income Masterplan unfolds in front of you…

… and then watch and learn as two current marketing geniuses layout the building blocks you need to build your own passive income stream…

You can start building your empire today with information cherry picked from the very top of the profit tree.

Open Up Your Copy Of The Passive Income Masterplan And Discover:

  • How to build a massive list of 93,000+ subscribers in just a few months… build lists like this and you’ll never have to ‘work’ again.

  • How to quickly create high-quality products that people actually want to buy, (and how to do it without any prior technical skills… and even if you don’t think you have anything valuable to teach!)

  • The surprisingly simple “Million Dollar” secrets to earning 10x more than your average internet marketer (and your friends, and family— just don’t tell them!)

  • How to achieve the unrivalled “success-mindset” of internet marketing superstar Alex Jeffreys! (Having been presonally coached by Alex I can tell you, just a sprinkling of this guy’s magic dust is enough to set you on your way to stardom—but you will have an entire bucket full. Use with care!)

  • How to get as much red-hot, highly targeted, super-responsive traffic as you will ever need, whenever you want… and how to only pay for it AFTER it converts into sales… so you’re never out of pocket.

  • How to stay focused, stay ahead of the competition, and how to make sure you are always moving towards your goals, dreams and ultimate ambitions—no matter what life throws at you.

  • The super-sneaky way to use Private Label Rights to make your first $1000 on a shoestring budget.

  • How to effortlessly suck up your first 1000 subscribers in record time just using Warrior Special Offers and free offers… (this is especially powerful if you’re short of cash, time, and experience.)

  • How to make big profits from a small list.

  • How to build a mailinglist of over 93,000+ … and what the heck you do with it once you have it!

  • The correct way to use your profits to skyrocket your success and stay profitable for life.

  • Tips and tricks for using Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads so you don’t throw away your advertising money like a newbie.

  • How to use the “never-spoken about” Ad Swap to build your list and your profits without spending a single dollar on traffic.

  • Discover the 6 insider strategies for using the ALL POWERFUL solo ad to put your business on easy street… (use these tips properly and people will soon be coming to you to ask how to be successful.)

  • The 7 deep secrets that you can only learn from learning alongside one of the best product launchers in the game… and discover how you can do the same.

  • Exactly what you need to do when you start making money online to make sure YOU CAN ALWAYS make money online.

  • How to leverage the best free traffic strategies to grow your list quickly from a standing start.

  • When and where and how to find and apply the ultimate paid traffic strategies  to scale your business into a safe, secure and long-term automated profit machine.

  • The #1 thing you must know to get started online (it’s not what you think and it will make failure almost impossible).

  • The complete guide for what to outsource, what not to outsource, why, and where to find the best outsourcers for each kind of task.

  • 3 surefire strategies to increase conversions that apply in every marketing decision you will ever make.

  • more conversion strategies that you’ll be crazy to ignore.

  • How to build membership sites (that can provide a passive monthly income) in about an hour!

  • The importance of “getting connected”… and how to network in an online world.

  • Why making just 20 measly dollars can be the most important of your life… and how to make your first $20.00

  • How to learn from your mistakes, and how to learn from the mistakes of these marketing legends to shortcut your road to success.

  • The 3 absolutely essential things you need to discover the best niche for you.

  • How to create lasting authority that will turn your subscribers into raving fans.

  • 2 failsafe techniques to build your first list so you can start earning online ASAP.

  • How to only find reputable solo ad sellers  and not get ripped off by solo ad sharks (this one tip could save you hundreds of dollars, massive stress and many sleepless nights).

  • The simple secret to creating a “NEVER give up” mindset so overcoming every new obstacle is just a matter of time.

  • Where to find help when you need it most.

  • Plus, much more…

For Internet Marketing Superheroes Who Haven’t (Quite)

Discovered Their Superpowers Yet…

If you’re just starting out online, or you’ve been muddling along for a while without any clear direction then this is your chance to open up the world of internet marketing and stake a huge claim.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you’re doing…



By opening this treasure trove of hidden knowledge, you can fast track to the top — without any need for research, fruitless investments, or misadventures down expensive dead-ends.

Instead you could be partying with other success stories like me, and hanging out with superstars like Alex Jeffreys.

Having a drink with Alex Jeffreys

At a party with many other internet marketing experts…

And you can do it all… 100% RISK FREE

Take A Look At ALL Of These Success Strategies

 Without Any Risk To You

You’re Protected by my 30 Day IRON-CLAD Money Back Guarantee!


In an ideal world you’d see what a great opportunity this is, you’d invest, and start applying these secrets immediately —but we don’t live in that world…

So I’m making this decision as easy as possible for you today by removing all the risk.


Here’s how it works…I can’t just give this information for free because it would lose it’s value to you, and probably end up never being apllied.


So I’ve arranged the next best thing…


If you’re ready to take action to create the profitable passive income streams you need to succeed, then I’ll allow you to buy the Passive Income Masterplantoday, review all the content, and test it out for a full 30-days…


…and if you are not completely giddy with excitement for any reason, then all you need to do is simply contact me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase without hesitation.


All the risk is on me.


[GET] Passive Income Masterplan DOWNLOAD

I want you to have this information — and I know you are more likely to commit to taking action if you are the kind of entrepeneur that understands the need to investing in success, rather than scrounging around for free information.

I know that video isn’t for everyone, so I’ve taken the video content and turned it into two bonuses that will allow you to absorb these secrets, strategies and success tips at your leisure.

Bonus #1:

Passive Income Masterplan — The Transcripts


Download these transcripts, print them out, and make note while you follow along with the videos. Or get them on your Kindle, read them in bed, and let your subconscious go to work on them overnight! — Value $17FREE for you

Bonus #2:

Passive Income Masterplan — The Audio MP3’s


Load these babies onto your iPod or MP3 Player and get a marketing masterclass while you workout, go running or during your drive to work — did domeone say “effective time-management?” Value $27FREE for you

Are You Ready To Try Out

The Passive Income Masterplan For Yourself?

You probably want to know how much it is going to cost to get your hands on a copy of the Passive Income Masterplan…

And you’ll be pleased to know that even though I could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this information, I have no intention of doing so…yet.

Even if I only asked you $97 to get your hands on these secrets you’d be hugging me with gratitude.

However, as it’s a special offer I’ve been advised to price it at $47…and that would be a VERY fair price.

But my goal is to help people that are REALLY STRUGGLING to succeed and I still remember what $47 felt like when I was struggling.

So to make these incredible strategies, and insider secrets, truly within reach of those who need it most…

I am going to create a LIMITED TIME OFFER and sell you the full “No Holds-Barred” version of the Passive Income Masterplan  for only $9.95!

But only until the clock runs out…and then the price will rise to reflect the awesome value of this masterplan…

Here’s exactly what you are getting…

Try Out The Passive Income Masterplan Today,

100% Risk Free For 30-Days, And You’ll Recieve:

The Masterplan — Value ($97)

The Transcripts — Value ($17)

The Audio MP3s — Value ($27)

That’s A Total Value Of $141.00

Today YOU Pay Just: $9.95!

All you have to do now is hit the BUY NOW button below, before the clock runs out, and you’ll own your very own copy of the Passive Income Masterplan.

Click The “Buy Now” Button Below

I am looking forward to hearing your success story…

To your internet marketing success,

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