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Sam England here and I want to share a secret weapon with you.

But before I do that, I want to talk to you about one of the most important parts of building a successful online business, one that brings in serious cash.

Getting Sh*t Done.

    Let’s be honest, the hardest part of “work-from-home” is the “work”. You have to work, create things, in order to sell something online, and it doesn’t matter if it’s:

  • Info Products
  • Software
  • CPA/Advertising
  • Affiliate Businesses
  • Ecommerce
  • Consulting
  • Self-Publishing

If You Are Wanting To Do 
Any of the Above, Then There Are Certain Things You Must Do


You’ll need graphics. You’ll need websites built. You’ll need to do research. You might need to order stuff, call places, write ads, write code, or write books to make money.

You’ll need to be organized. Answer emails, communicate with partners or customers and keep on top of things daily.

That’s a lot of work. So much for financial freedom! You might make loads of cash, but what good will it do you if you have to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for it?


There is a Solution, 
and it Starts With a Big “O”


The key to really building a successful business is usually a scary word for most people, as there are all sorts of problems associated with it, if you do it wrong.

The solution is outsourcing.

When it’s done properly, you can turn over vast amounts of work to other people and for pennies on the dollar. Outsourcing enables you to hand off customer service, graphic design, organizing, communicating, research, writing, programming, and more!

And no, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming…if you have my secret tool.


With My Secret Tool, 
You Will Have Success With Outsourcing…
And It Won’t Be Expensive 
Or Time Consuming!


There are two big problems most people face with outsourcing. The first is finding reliable,trustworthy outsourcers. If you head to Odesk to find someone, you can expect to spend hours digging for the right person.

The second problem? It can be expensive if you don’t find the right person for the job.

However, my secret tool eliminates both problems instantly. Within a matter of minutes, you can find someone to help you build your business quickly and easily!

Imagine having other people:

  • Taking care of your customers
  • Designing graphics and building websites
  • Doing research and writing books
  • Keeping track of and organizing everything
  • Writing ads
  • Coding programs to sell
  • Or more

All while spending only pennies on the dollar and shaving hours off your workload, allowing you to focus on what matters most!



“Outsourcing Prospector”

The Simple, One Click Tool That 
Shaves Hours Off Finding High Quality,
Affordable Outsourcers!

[GET] Outsourcing Prospector Software DOWNLOAD


Watch This Demo!


With Outsourcing Prospector, you can quickly find high quality outsourcers for pennies on the dollar. The software digs through Odesk for you and presents your options in an easy to see, easy to use format.

This will dramatically cut down the number of hours spent trying to find someone to help you with your business, allowing you to focus on building a better business.


But Sam! It Takes Forever To Find A Great Outsourcer, How Can Your Software Help?


It’s simple.

Let’s face it, most outsourcing sites suck when it comes to easily finding the right person for the job. Their site isn’t organized the best for finding workers.

Outsourcing Prospector is far better organized, runs faster, and finds workers faster than using their site. It shows you all your options in a simple grid format, providing all the relevant information you need.

In fact, it can cut down searching from hours to minutes!

But Sam! I Can’t Afford 
All These Outsourcers! 
How Can Your Software Help?


You would be surprised. You CAN actually afford it, if you find the right worker.

And that is what Outsourcing Prospector does for you – not only do you cut down on time finding the right person, you also save money by hiring the best your money can afford, instead of breaking the bank.


But Sam! 
Why Can’t I Use Fiverr?


Hey, fiverr is great! I know, I had software built just like Outsourcing Prospector, called Gig Prospector, that helps me quickly find Fiverr gigs.

I love fiverr, but there are a few things about fiverr you should know:

  • Fiverr gigs can come and go. There has been a few times where the guy I rely on to do something just closes his gig for a week, leaving me without reliable work.
  • Fiverr gigs are perfect for one off jobs, like ecover designs. But if you need things repeated, like setting up websites or keeping yourself organized and on track, then Fiverr won’t work.


But Sam! 
I Don’t Have Enough Work or 
Cash To Hire Someone Full Time!


Who said you have to hire someone full time?

Let me give you a secret. You can hire someone on an “as needed” basis. They remain on your team, ready to do work for you, but only when you need them!

Here is an example of how Outsourcing Prospector can help grow your business:

Say you are building an Ecommerce business and you need your site updated with new products each week. It takes you a few hours to update the site but you are tired of doing it.

This is a perfect opportunity to utilize Outsourcing Prospector! Fire it up, search for people who work with websites regularly, and hire them on an as needed basis.

Each week they do the job, costing you only a couple of bucks, and yet freeing up two hours of work for you to focus on other things!

That is the power of Outsourcing Prospector!


With Outsourcing Prospector, 
You’re Going To Notice These 
Changes In Your Business:


  • More free time to spend on things that matter.
  • Making more money. You’ll be more productive and get stuff done faster than before, allowing you to make money quicker.
  • Finding the right outsourcer for your business and budget, without hassle.
  • You’ll dump the boring, nasty parts of the business you hate and will be able to focus on the things you love.
  • Shave hours of work off your schedule each week!
  • Save hours finding the right Outsourcer!
  • And much more!


Grab Outsourcing Prospector
Now For Only…

[GET] Outsourcing Prospector Software DOWNLOAD


Imagine Being Free To Do 
The Things You Really Enjoy!

How much would that mean to you? Being able to free yourself from your business, enabling you to do the things you enjoy without stressing about the business, how much would that mean to you?

How much would it mean to you to make more money with less effort? Using Outsourcing Prospector to find the right outsourcers that you can hire for pennies on the dollar…saving you time and cash?

This is what Outsourcing Prospector can do for you and you can start using it in minutes.


Fast Action Bonus #1

Ultimate Productivity

Ultimate Productivity Mastership is a 7 part video series – broken into managable sessions – on how you can maximize your limited resources in time, effort and money and trade them for higher gains in business!

Consider this the discipline building program for success.


Fast Action Bonus #2

Outsource Synergy

Outsource Synergy is a 3-part step-by-step course that shows you how to use your current resources smartly to leverage on freelancers and virtual assistants to build your business more intelligently so you can:


 Automate or semi-automate your online business without the need to involve yourself in the process,

 Get more work done, and

 Make more money!


Fast Action Bonus #3

Outsourcing Explosion

Outsourcing is easier than most people think.

In fact EVERY SINGLE ONE of the marketers I’ve spoken to about using outsource workers say the same:

‘Once you’ve started using outsource workers, you’ll never look back!’

…and I’m about to show you exactly how to start outsourcing in the most painless way possible, and avoiding many of the fatal mistakes most would-be outsourcers make….


Click The Buy Button Below 
And We Guarantee That You 
Won’t Regret Your Decision, EVER.

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You’re Fully Backed By Our 30 Day
Hassle-Free Guarantee!

We are so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you get our 100% Money back Guarantee. If you don’t like it or you plain think it stinks – we will send you your money back in full and without delay.

If it is not absolutely everything we claim it to be…send us an immediate email and we will give you a prompt, no-hassle, no-questions asked 100% refund.

Now we know that is a bold thing to do, but we can do it and stay in business because we know that once you get this product your going to love it.

There are no catches to this offer. There is no fine print. Simply order Outsourcing Prospector, use it for 30 days and if you aren’t utterly blown away by it just return it for a No questions asked. No Hassles Refund.

We know Outsourcing Prospector is everything we say and more. But of course you don’t know that yet, and why should you believe us? So, just to erase any doubts you may still have, we offer our personal unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

If you want to return it for any reason — Do It! We will send you a complete refund immediately – no quibbles, no hard feelings!



We implicitly reserve the right to remove this offer at any time WITHOUT notification.

Let me be honest with you. Due to high demand for Outsourcing Prospector we reserve the right to remove the bonuses, raise the price, or close this offer down completly to retain the quality of instruction for people who join the Outsourcing Prospector inner circle.

Once this offer is removed it is gone for good.

What You Should Do 
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You Really Can’t Afford Not To 
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To Your Success,

P.S. Don’t let the fear of not knowing limit your ability to make a substantial living online hold you back! This product alone will help you get solid results faster than doing and figuring out all the fussy work by youself!

P.P.S. Be smart! Take advatange now while this offer is still fresh in your mind. I’m so confident that you’ll love the techniques used in this product that you’re backed by an iron-clad 30-day guarantee. Take action now!


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