[GET] Online Food Empire DOWNLOAD

[GET] Online Food Empire DOWNLOAD


The Stupid Simple Way to Rapidly Acquire New Restaurant Accounts and Massively Grow Your Bottom Line – Without Ever Leaving The Comfort of Your Couch


Close 1 New Client in 30 Days or Your Money Back!


  • Easily close new clients!
  • Gets your foot in the door for a la carte services!
  • Practically sells itself!
  • YOU determine what to charge your clients for this service!
  • Work your own hours, determine your own paycheck!
  • Unstoppable potential to scale your business!
  • Even without industry contacts.
  • Without any sales talent or experience.


From the desk of: James Camargo


Dear Local Marketing Consultant,


Do you sell to restaurants? Are you tired of struggling to get your FOOT IN THE DOOR and sell your marketing services to restaurant owners? Are you looking forsomething to NEW sell your restaurant clients? Something they desperately NEED?


If you answered YES, then you’re in the right place! Because you’re about to discover a great new opportunity that can change the way you do business.


In fact, what you’ll find here can change your life!


You’re going to find out how you can:

  • Bring in new business, consistently.
  • Get your foot in the door to offer new products and services to your clients.
  • Increase your authority as a trusted consultant and partner.
  • Make more money while working less.
  • Without making a huge investment.

And in the process, of course, you’re helping small, local business owners grow their businesses and secure their livelihoods and legacies for future generations.


I’m about to tell you how you can do all this – and more. Stay with me.


Does this sound painfully familiar?

You want to offer your marketing services to local restaurants. Actually, you just want to get a first meeting. You’ve sent hundreds of emails and you’re not getting replies. You’ve made cold calls and angry restaurant owners keep hanging up on you.


Why is this happening?


Because you’re trying to sell them “marketing.” They don’t want to buy marketing. They want to buy results!


Now, imagine this scenario.

“Hi, I’m a consultant who focuses on helping restaurants grow their businesses. I’d like to meet with you to show you how you can reduce order errors, deliver to your customers faster, and increase your average ticket as much as 20%. We can also capture customer email addresses so you can send them deals and special offers. Are you available for a 20 minute meeting (day/time)?”


Now, you just wait. Wait for the “Yes.”


Of course they’re going to say “YES!”

  • Increasing average ticket as much as 20%!
  • Improve order accuracy, resulting in fewer mix-ups and refunds!
  • Spend less time on the phone answering menu questions, taking and verifying orders!
  • Deliver orders with speed!
  • Get customer email addresses for future marketing outreach!

HECK YES! This restaurant owner is going to want to meet with you!


Now, here’s HOW to deliver on your big promise.

(This is what I’m so excited to tell you about!)

In this new system, “Online Food Empire” you’re going to find out all about a new software that I developed from the ground up. This is online ordering softwaremakes it easy for small-medium local restaurants to offer online ordering to their customers.

There is virtually “no tech” for your client to mess with, because you’re going to offer to set this up for your client.

  • It doesn’t matter if the restaurant owner has little to no computer skills
  • If the restaurant staff has a language barrier
  • It doesn’t even matter if the restaurant doesn’t have a website. That’s right. (Because this online ordering portal is a website in itself.)

Making More Money is a No Brainer With the Online Food Empire System by your side.


I created this platform to be easy. Easy to learn. Easy to implement. You just need to take a small step today, because the benefits can be massive. This system is proven to work. Just listen to what one of my beta testers had to say!

Hey James,

Good to hear from you again! The new system is awesome! My clients are loving it!

I’d love to provide a testimonial for you. Please see below:

“A venture capitalist buddy of mine recommended I check this eBook out. I have been

self-employed and looking for ways to grow income streams for over 2 years. This

was right up my alley. The book covers everything from getting started and networking with local restaurants, to how to utilize search engine optimization to reach more customers. I love that he teaches how to not only build and strengthen your relationship with your local restaurant clients, but the book makes it comfortable to anybody unsure or uneasy about stepping out of their comfort zone. By using the practices in this eBook, it didn’t take long before I had a $1,000+ account. Would recommend this to anybody interested in branching out and learning how to use the tools the internet provides to make more money every month!”

Thanks so much!


Matt G

(see the email here)

If you can take action, and follow a step by step system, then you have what it takes to sell this platform to local restaurant clients.

I’ll show you how to identify your ideal prospects. Every step of the way, you’ll know it all. Once you get your feet wet, I’ll show you how to CLOSE new business, and how to price your service to maximize your profit potential.

Rock Solid and Proven Platform

Every method inside the Online Food Empire System is there because it’s tested and proven to work. I busted my hump rebuilding the ChowDown software from the ground up… It’s my goal to help small business consultants, just like you, rake in new clients and grow your businesses.


I bought and completely rebuilt the ChowDown software. But I didn’t stop there. I created the Online Food Empire Course, which gives you all the ammunition you need to sell the ChowDown software to restaurants.


See The System In Action!


[GET] Online Food Empire DOWNLOAD


Here’s a Preview Of What You’ll Get Inside the

Online Food Empire Course!


Module 1:


(aka. How Online Ordering Works)

Become an Online Ordering Expert!

The first thing we’ll cover is how online ordering works. Chances are you’re already somewhat familar with ordering food online. You’ve probably even placed an order yourself. In this module, we’ll cover the technical aspects of online ordering.

You’ll learn…

  • The Incredible Benefits Of Online Ordering For Takeout & Delivery Restaurants
  • What a restaurant needs to accept online orders
  • Exactly How The Online Food Ordering Process Works!

Once you know how online food ordering works, you’ll be ready to get started building your own Online Food Empire!!

In Module 2 we’ll cover:

How To Dominate The Local Restaurant Scene With An Online Ordering Hub!


Local online food directories is the key to building your Online Food Empire! And with the ChowDown software, this is a piece cake! You can literally have your first online ordering directory page set up within 5 minutes of activating your account!

But that’s not all! With our system you’ll also have the ability to create custom styled online ordering pages you can sell to individual restaurants!

Inside this Module, you’ll discover…

  • How To Set up An Online Ordering Hub
  • How To Create Ordering Pages for Individual Restaurants
  • How To Style These Pages to Match the Restaurants Website
  • How To Create Ordering Pages that Can Be Embedded Directly Into An Existing Website

Once you know how to use the software, we’ll move into how to land clients and really build your new Online Food Empire!

In Module 3 we’ll cover:

Finding The Perfect Restaurant Prospects!

Now, not all restaurants are ideal targets for online ordering.  The ideal online ordering prospects are restaurants that do a lot of carryout orders! In this module we’ll cover where to find prospective clients as well as the research you should do before contacting them! We’ll cover:

  • The Restaurants That Need Online Ordering!
  • Where To Find These Restaurant Leads
  • The Basic “Restaurant Recon” That Will Boost Your Conversions!

After you’ve learnt how to find, approach and close potential clients, it’s time to move on and turbo-charge your business!

In Module 4, I’ll share

The No Pressure Win-Win Sales Approach Only Crazy Restaurant Owners Can Refuse!


Even if you’ve never landed a sale in your life, I’ll share with you the simple win-win proposal I make to restaurant owners to get them signed up! You’ll get:

  • Phone Scripts to Use Yourself or Share With Your Team!
  • Email Scripts To Warm Up Potential Clients
  • Sales Tips On How To Answer The Most Common Questions Restaurant Owners Ask!!

After you’ve learnt how to approach and close your potential clients, it’s time to move on and turbo-charge your business!

Module 5:

Boosting Your Profits With Advanced Revenue Strategies


There are some special features built into the ChowDown system you can use to generate even more revenue from your online ordering Hub and pages! With your account you’ll be able to:

  • Sell ad spaces to local restaurants (or display Adsense code)
  • Upgrade and/or downgrade sites across three different membership levels
  • Upsell your clients into other digital marketing services!

Online ordering is a great way to get your “foot in the door” with local restaurants.  Once they know you, it will be much easier for you to approach them with additional products and services!

With this online ordering system and my training material, you’ll have everything you need to build a successful online food business! But in case you don’t have the time to build a business or you’d simply prefer to manage and supervise the business, I’ve included one more module!

Module 6:

How To Outsource Your Entire Online Food Empire For Dirt Cheap!


In case you don’t want to do all the work yourself, we’ll also cover how to outsource your entire operation! We’ll go over how to outsource…

  • Acquiring New Clients
  • Creating Restaurant Listings
  • Promoting Your Ordering Pages
  • And more!!

The training is straightforward and simple. I designed the training so even a rookie salesperson can be successful. Seriously, if you have the HUSTLE and the HEART, you can successfully launch your very own Online Food Empire system.


What’s the BEST Thing About the Online Food Empire Course?

Well, the name pretty much says it all. You can build and grow your marketing and consulting business, by offering the ChowDown online ordering platform to restaurants. You can create your own Empire!


Everything you need to know about the software, including how to locate and sell new clients, is waiting for you inside the Online Food Empire Course.


Making passive revenue is insanely easy when you have this software in your arsenal! That’s why you need to get Online Food Empire RIGHT NOW!


If you’ve been struggling to grow your business – or even just to get your business started – you should know you’re not alone. Most small business consultants are out there “hard selling” and pushing all sorts of products and services onto restaurant owners. If you listen to your clients, you’ll find out they most likely need an online ordering system.

Inside Online Food Empire you’re going to discover everything you need to use ChowDown online ordering as the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Being a solopreneur isn’t easy. However, it just got a whole lot easier!


There are several ways to make money here.

  • Charge a monthly fee.
  • Charge a percentage of ticket price (GrubHub and UberEats charge anywhere between 5-15% of ticket price).
  • Charge a flat dollar amount per ticket.
  • Upsell services such as printed materials, Facebook ™ ads or email marketing.

Picture this:

You sell the ChowDown online ordering software to a new restaurant client. (Again, the software is so easy and simple, it will practically sell itself when you show them a demo).

Let’s say you charge your client $1.50 for each order processed by your new online ordering software. This restaurant sells 50 pickup and deliveryorders on an average night. So that means you’ll get $75 per night from this restaurant’s ticket sales.

That’s just over $2250 in YOUR POCKET in just one month. Passive income. All the “work” is in the one-time set up, (which takes less than 30 minutes). So now you have $2250 per month in passive income.

This is in addition to any consulting fees or a la carte services you offer. $2250 passive income per month.

From ONE restaurant client.

(Now, go out and sell 19 more restaurants. You’ll have $45,000 per month, which is over $500k per year.)


Don’t worry, it’ll be a breeze. Because inside Online Food Empire, you’re getting all the tools you need to sell ChowDown online ordering system.



You’re going to use the software to create special offers and easy ONE CLICK UPSELLS to help your client sell more. Their process will be more efficient.

They’ll experience fewer errors.

They’ll spend less time taking and verifying orders over the phone.

They’ll get more repeat business (so you’ll make more money too) !

They’ll get better feedback on review sites and social media!

They’ll view you as a trusted consultant and partner!



You offer email marketing services. You can charge your client for writing and deploying custom emails. These emails and ads will yield MORE SALES for your client, and more residual revenue for you.


Do you see how easy it is to get your foot in the door as a consultant, when you offer a NO BRAINER SOLUTION to a big problem? That’s why you need Online Food Empire today!

And when you order today, you’ll also get





Online Food Empire Kickstart Guide pdf – $47 value


  • Exclusive strategies for finding new, ideal clients for the ChowDown system.
  • How to easily demonstrate this powerful software from your tablet or iPad – ChowDown practically sells itself!
  • How to decide whether to charge a flat rate per ticket or a percentage of sale.
  • You’ll discover how easy it is to get paid! Because the ChowDown system pays you your cut of the sales!
  • The “sweet spot” strategy to ensure you outbid the insane fees charged by GrubHub and UberEats.
  • How to upsell premium features inside ChowDown.
  • The easiest way for you to upsell more of your services to your clients.
  • And tons more!



Online Food Empire Forum Membership ($97 month value)


Access to our exclusive membership forum for Restaurant Marketing Consultants. This is the place where you can share your challenges, experiences, and sales stories with other consultants. This is a private forum available only to Online Food Empire consultants.



Lifetime Discounts On Future Restaurant Marketing Products!


We have a bunch more restaurant marketing products in the works and our members always get priority access to what we create!

We’re working on products for:

  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • WiFi Marketing
  • Local Food Delivery!
  • SEO & Digital Marketing


All of this – and more — is yours today, when you take advantage of this incredible offer here. When you buy Online Food Empire, you you’ll get instant access to the Online Food Empire course and the bonuses. Within moments, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with your log in and credentials.


It’s so easy to get started. You’re just a few keystrokes away from accessing the Online Food Empire system.

Can you imagine what it would be like to finally stop struggling to get new clients? What if you could finally strut into a meeting feeling confident that you’ve got an ingenious solution to your client’s big problem.


KNOW you’re going to walk out with a signed contract in hand! Picture FINALLY being able to make a passive income, month after month, without having to go through the “monthly new business hustle.”


This may as well be money in the bank. It’s so easy to set up and practically sells itself.


Just look how much these restaurant owners LOVE using the ChowDown online ordering platform.


“Dear Mr Camargo,

It is with great pleasure that I send my recommendation for your services. I have been extremely pleased with your on line products. The only thing better has been the service you provide which I value even more.

In this day and age with companies making so many promises it’s very rare to find a company that provides the level of service that you do. Many times I have asked for something to be changed on our website and it’s literally done in minutes not hours or days.

Your online ordering is fast and most importantly easy! It’s allowed us to offer a service to our guests that we would not be able to do otherwise. Carry outs is the fastest growing segment of our business in part to your efficient on line ordering.

I look forward to working with you for years to come. Thank you again for the first-class service.”

Joe L, Greenfield Wisconsin


“We were approached a couple years ago about adding an online ordering option for our Pizzeria. Chowdown did a great job making it an easy, affordable, almost hands off experience on our end to implement the system. James has continually kept us up to date on any changes/ new technologies associated with the system. Our customers love the ease of the system and we have seen steady monthly increases in our online order traffic since going live.After the fact, it was really a no brainer to make the decision to add the option for our customers. I also liked the fact that they have always been accessible and have the independent business owners best interest in mind. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an online order presence to consider doing business with Chowdown.”

Rich L, Greendale, Wi


Imagine being able to sell your clients an easy, affordable, almost hands off online ordering system!

“But I’m not so great at sales,” you might be thinking.


Here’s the best news. It doesn’t matter. Seriously.


You don’t even have to be a good salesperson to sell this system. If you can use a tablet or a laptop computer, then you can show a ChowDown demo to a prospective client – and they will be sold.


Do you have a little hustle? Do you have the HEART to help small businesses succeed and thrive?


Then you have exactly what it takes to successfully market and sell ChowDown to restaurants. You’re going to get everything handed to you on a silver platter.


Okay, so you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me, James?”

Well look, I purchased the ChowDown platform from a friend at a fair price back in 2014. However, I’ve invested thousands of man hours and untold amounts of money into rebuilding and enhancing the platform from the ground up. I know this whole system, and the ChowDown online ordering platform are insanely valuable. Valuable to you, the marketing consultant, and to the small restaurant owner who wants to thrive. I could easily charge $300 for the course alone. But you’re getting the ordering platform too.


So, while I’d love to just ‘give’ it away, I need to at least recoup my investment.


I’m offering the Online Food Empire Course plus the fast action bonuses, to members of the Warrior Forum, for just$27

That’s right.

A one time, pittance price of just $27. But you must act NOW, because I’m raising the price to $47 at midnight March 31, 2017

Wow!!!! I’m still in awe at the possibilities from putting this into practice.

I’ve created an excel sheet where I have started taking notes of my potential clients and their contact information. The amazing part about this is that I don’t need to spend so much to start making so much more money than I imagined. The FAQs look as real as it gets and the responses are brilliant too.

Thank you James and Jon for this


Cy R

(see original email here)

[GET] Online Food Empire DOWNLOAD

Your Investment in the

Online Food Empire Course is Risk Free

30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee


If you’re not happy with Online Food Empire for any reason whatsoever, you have a 30 Day, 100% money back guarantee. In fact, I’m going to offer such an incredible guarantee, you won’t be able to refuse my offer!

I promise that if you’re unhappy with the Online Food Empire course, the ChowDown software, or any of the bonuses, for any reason, simply send an email tosupport@onlinefoodempire.com within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll happily refund your money. (I’ll even send you a picture of me smiling.)




I’m going to take it one step further. If you put this system to use, along with your training, and for some reason you aren’t able to close at least 1 (one) new restaurant client within 30 days (more than recouping your investment), then just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. No problem.


You have everything to gain here, with absolutely no risk. It doesn’t get any better than that, right?

Hey James,

Thanks for the help! Things are going great!! Here’s the testimonial you requested:

This e-book was a quick read that had me pumped up and ready to rock and roll the same day I read it! It holds your hand and guides you through the process of finding and building your client base, with tips and tricks to maximize your earning potential. I found the step-by-step visual guide to be very helpful, along with the bonus resources listed at the end. This book is a must-read for anyone who is serious about boosting their monthly revenue – I’ve gained new clients already, and their customers are not only placing more orders, but spending more per order! Everyone is happy!

Thanks so much!


Cindy G

(see original email)

That is solid proof, right there.


STILL READING? Okay you might wonder if this is for you. You might wonder if this is worth the investment. Think about what it takes to build a business. When you make this purchase today, you’re getting everything you need – all the tools and training – AND the platform to create your very own Online Food Empire.


You have two choices.


You can continue to approach restaurant clients with the same old solutions: AdWords, Yelp and Social Media Management, and Facebook ads. But you’re not solving their big problem that way, are you?

And you’re not setting yourself apart from the other consultants out there.


However, with the ChowDown software by your side, and the wealth of information in the Online Food Empire Course, you are selling a valuable solution, which no one else is selling.


It’s as good as money in the bank.

But you have to take action or nothing will happen.

For just one payment of $27 (which will soon go up to $47), you’re getting all this:

Online Training: 6 Modules
Module 1: How Online Ordering Works $47.00
Module 2: How To Dominate The Local Restaurant Scene With An Online Ordering Hub!

Module 3: Finding The Perfect Restaurant Prospects!

Module 4: The No Pressure Win-Win Sales Approach Only Crazy Restaurant Owners Can Refuse!  $47.00
Module 5: Boosting Your Profits With Advanced Revenue Strategies $47.00
Module 6: How To Outsource Your Entire Online Food Empire For Dirt Cheap $47.00
Bonus 1: Quick Start pdf $47.00
Bonus 2: Online Food Empire Membership Forum $97.00
Bonus 3: Lifetime Discounts On Future Restaurant Marketing Products $197.00

Total Real World Value Today:


Your Price Today:
Just $27


[GET] Online Food Empire DOWNLOAD


And It Comes with This 30-Day

“No Questions Asked” Guarantee!

Remember, you can only get the Online Food Empire course right here, from me. Don’t let this opportunity slip away to grow your business and make more money.


Online Food Empire lets YOU set your own pricing and gets you paid. Take advantage of this offer today, while you still can!



James Camargo


Build Your Own Online Food Empire & Get Paid To Sell Food For Local Restaurants!!

YES! I want to boost my business with Online Food Ordering.

  • I understand I will be billed $27 today to receive immediate access to the Online Food Empire membership site and ChowDown Online Food Ordering platform
  • I will receive instant access to the training guide which I can access at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days

[GET] Online Food Empire DOWNLOAD

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