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Grab this complete done-for-you
Lead Generating 
that generates passive 
reputation management clients and gigs 
(… without cold calling or having doors slammed in your face!)

Fellow offline consultant,

Are you struggling to generate leads for your reputation management services?

Are you frustrated with the endless cold calling, chasing clients around town all day, and getting doors slammed in your face?

Do you wish you could generate a regular supply of leads who are already pre-sold on your reputation management services and practically waving their wallets at you… before you even talk about your prices?

Then I can help. 

But first, it’s important you understand…

Why you’re failing to make money with your reputation management services…

  1. The competition is high. Every man, woman and child seems to be offering reputation management services these days. But that means lots of competition for you. You need a way to stand out from the rising competition or you’re going to continue being ignored.
  2. Selling is hard work. There are many reasons why local biz owners need reputation managers, but memorizing sales scripts, facts and figures isn’t easy.
  3. Nobody wants to hear a sales pitch. Any sales expert will agree, it’s easier to win new clients and generate sales when you educate clients, instead of immediately hard-selling them.

And that’s why I created…

Offline Lead Gen Machines 
Vol 1: Reputation Management

Skip the cold calling and endless client chasing, because now you can sell reputation management services with no sales skills or time wasting! You’re getting…

Reputation Management PowerPoint Presentation (48 slides)

Complete with animations, professional design and carefully crafted sales copy, this presentation is ready for you to use in person or record and upload to YouTube and send to clients via PMs or emails. Welcome to remote, passive lead gen from anywhere in the world.

Fully editable, animated slides (including presenters script on each slide)

Complete with presenter’s script on each slide, you can edit, brand and present your presentation in your unique style, with all the hard work already done for you.


Professional music backing track

To bring your presentation to life, you’ll find a music track already embedded into the PowerPoint document, which automatically plays when you begin the first slide.

Separate video script, perfect for voice over outsourcing (1832 words)

This handy script is ideal for passing to a voice over artist if you want to outsource your video recording. Now they can read your script and record their voice in a professional setting, without needing to run the presentation each time.

What will this professional, ready-made PowerPoint presentation do for you?

This presentation will allow you to passively presell prospects on the need for your reputation management services. No need to memorize sales pitches, no need to cold call. Run this in person, or record and upload to YouTube and send prospects the link, and watch the leads and sales come rolling in, no matter where you are in the world.

Want to see it in action?

View a low quality recorded sample video here:

Please note: This video is purely a sample at low quality, only to demonstrate the different animations and music in the presentation. This does not represent the high quality of the actual Powerpoint presentation.

How much?

If this ready-made PowerPoint presentation only generates one new client per week, how much is that worth to you? 

I’m not sure how much you charge for your rep management services, but even if I charged you $99 for this and you only land one $199 gig over the next 7 days as a result of this presentation, you’ve already doubled your investment!

However, I’m not going to charge you $99 for this. Even though it would cost at least $395 to hire me to create this presentation for you, I’m not even going to charge you $49.

In fact, you can grab your complete done for you PowerPoint presentation, including audio, script and notes for just…

Despite being a professional copywriter and designer, this PowerPoint presentation still took me 3 entire days to research, write, design and program. Not only are you saving money today, but you’re saving lots of time and effort too.

You are totally protected with my 
double your money back guarantee…

I’m so confident that this ready-made presentation will generate passive, warm leads that actually want to hire you, that I’m making a bold promise.

Simply insert your own contact details in the slides, then either present in person with a client, or upload to YouTube and send prospects your video via email…

… and if you don’t generate at least one new rep management client or gig in the next 60 days, I’ll double your money back here today. Sound fair?

Warning, the price is increasing with every sale…

Order now, before the next price increase and you are getting:

  • Reputation Management Powerpoint Presentation (48 slides)
  • Fully editable, animated slides (including presenter’s script on each slide)
  • Professional music backing track
  • Separate video script, perfect for voiceover outsourcing (1832 words)

A real world value of $395 in copywriting and designer fees!

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