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GET Notes to Novels Fiction Writing Process System DOWNLOAD

Attention Would Be and Amazon Kindle Authors…
“Let Me Show You How I Wrote A 76,000 Word Novel…In 11 Days…And How You Can Do The Same!”


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If so, it’s time to…Finally Build Your Fiction Kindle Book Empire

By Creating Books Readers Crave–Fast… With this Tested Simple 3 Step Fiction Writing Process that quickly turns simple ideas into popular genre books in less time than it takes to read a short book!


Since this system is based on proven tactics from Top 100 Bestselling Kindle Authors and Books, it gives You the must have steps to get from Nothing, Nada, Zilch to a Novelthat makes you money–month after month

Dear Frustrated Author,

If you’ve spent more than 1 to 3 months on creating an engaging fiction book to sell as a Kindle Book, you’ve spent WAY too much time and effort. Keep Reading…

Michelle here and one of the things new writers struggle and fight with is how to produce a story that folks want to read–fast.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You no longer have to be enslaved to thinking that you need to pay a lot of money to have a ghost writer write your book. Or, that it will take months and months to produce one on your own. No, you are able to write. No matter how bad you might think your grammar is or how non-creative you might feel, the art of writing engaging books readers want, is rooted more in steps and skills than gift and luck.

If it’s a skill, it can be learned and used.

I’ve come to realize that writers can be made. Think of all the rags to riches stories of people who, when faced with dire circumstances, engaged BIC (butt in chair) and wrote books to get out of their looming demise. There was no pretense of whether or not they had the ‘gift’ or ‘talent’ of writing. No, they came up with a system, process and plan. Then, activated the system to get their books written and making money. 

Are they any better, different or more special than you?

Heck no! YOU CAN write a book or even lots of books. All you need, is to understand the mechanics and systematic approach to writing a book people want and are willing to pay for. Then create a system that works for you. With your system, you are not bogged down with trying to pick interesting topics out of thin air. Nor take forever to write it or employ ‘hope marketing’ that readers will like it enough to buy. 


  • Readers in the genres give clues to what they are interested in and direct the ideas you write about
  • Sales data and understanding the momentum of reader buyer behaviors pinpoint your book structure
  • Consistent action of writing with a formula increases your speed and ability to publish often, even once or twice a month

Focused concentration + System + Consistency = Success

Think of where you can be six months, a year, a few years from now. You could have a robust catalog of books that consistently sell and bring in royalties. Your lifestyle could change and your ability to do things you’ve always wanted to could be a reality.

It’s time for you to experience solid training that builds your skills level to Write the Darn Book!

Follow along as I show you in video training and supplemental materials, each step to ensure you find the best ideas, build a solid system, a formula that gets you in the writing mood and gets that book written! From researching the most in-demand fiction genres and titles to writing the book, designing the cover and creating the book description for promotion, you’ll learn to ONLY do the things necessary to produce a great book product.

Michelle Spiva, Author

Michelle Spiva, Author and Creator of Notes to Novels

I’ll show you how to go treasure hunting to find the best gems that give you an unfair advantage with rabid readers.

Let’s face it, the fact is, you need a system. One where with just a few tweaks and a solid formula, you can produce consistent quality books that hit the Big 4: Engage, Entertain, Inform and Inspire.Michelle Spiva

  Sure, you could outsource it, leave the system up to someone else, have a book rather quickly and hope they get it right; but why take that chance when you can control the process with a greater certainty of success? Also, what about the flexibility, freedom and feeling of accomplishment that comes when readers gush over your stories and want more from YOU?  The more you produce, the more your readers will let you know what they want. With a successful system that you control, you will ensure that your loyal readers remain that way.

Successful Kindle self-published authors have a system and formula that helps them produce books on a schedule. Most are able to churn out quality books each month. And, you can too when you take only the most important actions needed to develop a working process and system of your own.

 This is not about producing watered down derivative, copy cat or knock off books 

No, this video training program shows you how to develop your own unique ideas that readers will love based on solid research of what others are doing in your chosen hot genre. You are creative in ways you couldn’t imNotes to Novels Where to Start?agine–you just have to have a step-by-step recipe to unlock it. You may be scratching your head and wondering were to start right about now, right? No worry, this system breaks down how to find ideas and develop a strategy.

Then, you learn how to build a framework that houses your book. This means you have a firm foundation and structure to follow when you start to write the book or develop the steps for your outsourced team/ghostwriter to follow. And that translates into completed books that sell. 

If you have ever wanted to take control of your earning potential, explore your secret desire to write a novel, or explore self-publishing as an income generator; you owe it to yourself to make this investment. Your ability to make a successful go at self-publishing is based on your understanding of how the most successful in the industry do it. 

It’s not hard, but it’s not easy either…

I’m not going to lie to you and blow smoke up your butt. There is REAL WORK involved in writing or producing a novel. And, even if you outsource it, you will still need to be the cohesive project manager of the process. Thus, you must have a clue as to what you are doing. 

Notes to Novels gives you a one-up to doing that.


Notes to Novels Fiction Writing Process

Just what is it? And, why you need to get it now.

Notes to Novels is an effective and efficient fiction writing system. Based on solid research and application, it provides a comprehensive process to help you develop your fiction writing system to get your books published faster. It’s comprised  with all the training and tools you need to get started and go from nothing to solid notes to a novel. Everything you need is included:

You Get

  • Module One–ResearchVideo (43 minutes) of over the shoulder view training as I go through websites, tools and tasks to conducting research to find book ideas, reader insights and author profiles. 
  • Module Two–FrameworkVideo (29 minutes) training shows how to set up the framework for the book using the notes collected from the research done in Module One.  Accompanying PDF notes, links and training.
  • Module Three–Fiction Writing FormulaVideo (45 minutes) training on setting up your formula and the process for writing your book
  • Scrivener Writing Software SetupVideo (62 minutes) over the shoulder view of how I set up Scrivener with the necessary components to produce books fast, using the Notes to Novels system. 
  • Bonus Training–How I did it(Video 35 minutes) over the shoulder view of how I used this process to created a full length 76,000 word fiction book in two weeks.
  • Accompanying PDF notes, links and training. Scrivener Template used in Setup Video Training, PDFs of the Writing Checklist and Plotting Structure, Text file of Research Example notes and a MS Word Novella Template

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 Still not quite sure?

Not a problem. Notes to Novels come with a

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


I’m ready to prove everything I claim. Download Notes to Novels right now, and use it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here when you do the work, I’ll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


 GET Notes to Novels Fiction Writing Process System DOWNLOAD


Notes to Novels by Michelle Spiva

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