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Serious Selling Needs Serious Graphics

Ninja Graphics Pack

” If you can’t afford the crazy fees pro graphic designers charge for the simplest of jobs.. Or you have been ‘stung’ by shoddy designers that promised the world and delivered garbage then this could be the most valuable letter you’ve ever read… “

Dear Serious Marketer,

My name is Josh Katherman

I’m one of those graphic designers that charge the crazy fees for what seems like ‘simple work’ – but right now I am going toredress that balance and here’s why… 

I’ve been a well-paid graphic designer and freelancer for 8 years and in that time I’ve watched as the industry has changed.. 

Has it got better? 

Yes and no… 

It’s certainly easier to get graphics made for you and cheaper if you areprepared to take risks with your business by getting work done from strangers on sites like fiverr and other freelance websites…

And the same goes for many of the ‘done for you’ graphic packs that are floating around. 

NONE of them seem to offer you everything you need (although they sure do promise it!)

So that is why I decided to put my skills to work for you!

Multiple ‘JVZoo POTD’ Winner
Gives Up Secret PRO Marketing
Graphics Collection For Peanuts!

OK, not quite peanuts, but you get the point. My professional fees can be as much as:

$120 per HOUR..

But relax… that’s not what this is!

I’ve been involved in handfuls of IM & graphical products that were awarded ‘JVZoo Product of the Day’ and my graphics have been used forcountless other product launches, marketing projects, online services & programs. Industry leading marketers pay me thousands of dollars to make graphics and sales pages for them!

The Biggest Problem In The
Market Today Is Getting Noticed!

You can have the BEST product in the world…

” You could be selling the next iPhone with a battery that’s charged by AIR ”

… but if you don’t get peoples’ attention, you’re done for! Your sales page has two jobs before your prospect even STARTS reading what you have to offer!

You need to INSTANTLY:

Reach Out &
GRAB Attention

We know we shouldn’t but all of us instantly ‘judge a book by its cover’… especially online where it is too easy to just click away and move on. 

So your job is to make sure that your ‘book cover’ is clear, sharp and quickly understandable! 

Secondly, once you have their attention you have only SECONDS to:

OWN The Attention
Of Your Prospect

Yup, that’s right, in today’s environment of ‘online skepticism’… you areguilty until proved innocent. So you have to take the attention you have grabbed and OWN IT! You need to turn scepticism, into confidence and trust… 

And the quickest way give your prospect the confidence to buy is by 

Looking Professional!

” If you project the image of a quickly thrown together two-bit operation 
you’ll bomb… everytime. ”

But if you invest in high quality graphics then you will immediately put yourself light-years ahead of most of the competition out there!

Here Is Where This
Gets Good!

Over the past few years I’ve taken the best styles and most effective, popular graphical elements from the successful work I’ve created, reworked them for today’s marketing environment, and I’ve collected them together into a single graphics pack that allows you to quite simply…

Kick Serious
Marketing Butt!

But don’t take my word for it, I’ll let some of my customers do the talking:

I’ve taken on all of the hard work and
all the professional overheads for you…

Save Money & Time: Quality professional designers cost you a lot of money to hire, but this graphics pack saves you tons of money and time on design and development costs. 

No Photoshop Needed: Unlike some other products on the market this graphics pack lets anyone make the necessary edits easily and for free for almost all the graphics modules.

Zero Design Talent Required: A sharp eye for design is needed for custom buttons and killer designs – but I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to!

With The Ninja Graphics Pack In Your Marketing Arsenal You Have The Potential To Watch Your Profits EXPLODE!

With The Ninja Graphics Pack you will be able to grab attention, own attention and convert more of your visitors into customers faster and easier than ever before with:

Ocean Of Talent: 2000+ easily customizable graphics that will cover practically EVERY conceivable design need you will have. 

The Yoda Add On: Free graphics editing training from a master so you can quickly and easily put your new designs to use like a professional without having to pay the fees!

PLUS – You are covered by a Single Site Basic license so you can use the images freely without fear of legal infringement. ( Upgrades available after sale )

Just Check Out The 33 Modules
Of Killer Graphics Included!

You Could Put Killer TextIn Here, Or Whatever You Want To Highlight!Or highlight a button as easy as this:

Order Now And I’ll Throw In 3
Of My Best Hand-Crafted Customizable
Pro Landing Page Templates!

These Conversion-Tested Templates Have Been Used For Real Life Successful
Product Launches, And Are Valued At Over $120, EACH! Yours FREE!

Why You’ll  Love Your New
Graphics Pack!

Winning Designs: I’ve had handfuls of products I’ve designed awardedProduct Of The Day by JVZoo. Conversion tested graphics and templates, what’s not to love? 
Professional Work: You get nothing but graphics that are high grade, professional designs and this pack contains the very best of them! Top marketers pay me thousands for my graphics and sales pages.
Video Tutorials: If you get in a jam, don’t worry! I’ve created video tutorials to walk you through step-by-step through everything you’ll need to know.

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