[GET] My List Building Experiment Case Study Add New Subscribers To Your List For 2 4 Cents Each And Immediatly Make 95 Cents From Each One DOWNLOAD

WSO of the Day 26th September 2014

Case Study Reveals How I added 440 Subscribers to a Brand New IM List in Less Than Four Days at a cost of Just 4 cents per subscriber.

And How in the those new Subscribers Have Already Made Purchases That Have Given Me $419.75 in sales profit. Meaning I paid 4cents per subscriber and have so far got back $0.95 per subscriber!

And since I wrote the report it’s kept getting better!

Dear Warrior,

Call me strange but I get one heck of a buzz out of trying new things, thinking outside the box and trying stuff and then tracking the results and seeing if it worked.

It’s fair to say that a good chunk of the things I experiment with don’t work out although I aways go away from them having learned something new.

Recently I tried something, and the results blew me away.

You see I am used to buying solo ads and building my list that way. So a typical subscriber has cost me $1 to get them onto my list. This is usually offset by some kind of special deal I make them and so I get to break even real fast.

With this experiment I ended up not only getting subscribers for 4 cents (actually since writing the case study the list hit almost 700 subscribers so they’ve cost 0.029 each and cheaper as more come in!

But not only that I was immediately able to monetize this list so it returned almost $500, meaning my cost per subscriber was…


Yes! NEGATIVE 95 cents! In other words for every subscriber added to my list… I got paid 95 cents.

And of course that list will continue to grow and generate me income.

Now let’s be clear…

  • I started a brand new list for this experiment.
  • I hit over 440 subscribers within 4 days and that was all BEFORE I mailed my own customers and told them about this thing.

And I am about to tell you exactly how I did it. 

You don’t have to buy the report I am offering on this page to find out what this is and how it works. 

The report will just fast-track things for you, show you the insider tricks I employed, links to the resources I personally used and more.

Here is what I did…

  • I launched a FREE WSO.
  • I sent everyone who clicked to a one time offer. 
  • On the download page was a special link that covertly generates me more leads. (Very cheap and easy to set up, and totally hands-off, set it and forget it stuff).
  • I encouraged downloaders to become affiliates for the free offer telling them they could give this away and make a great commissions on the upsell.
  • Every downloader and buyer was added to a list and mailed from day one with an automatic follow up sequence. At the time of writing this case study people are still in that queue – so I will see more sales come in of the products it mentions that pay me commissions.

That’s it. That’s what I did. Plain and simple.

Except along the way I employed some very powerful techniques and tricks to 

a) Get the best return quickly from the new list, and 

b) To give it a viral edge and to build me fresh subscribers to some other lists too.

But I also made a HUGE mistake which I took 2 days or more to work out and what I changed made a massive difference. If I had sussed this out from day 1 I honestly think I would have doubled the results I got!

But you don’t have to make the same
mistakes, or figure this out
the hard way…

Because I’ve written up the case study in a new 30+ page PDF and I am offering it to Warriors at a crazy low price.

Here’s what I cover inside:

  • The fastest way to create a decent Free WSO product. I often get comments about the speed at which I can crank out an idea. This will give you an inside look in my brain and my thinking. In fact in this example I do something that others will tell you CANNOT be done!
  • How to monetize the free report (without just stuffing it with ads which is crass and crappy) even if you don’t have other products of your own to offer.
  • How I structured the funnel for my Free WSO, how I handled delivery, including screen shots of my actual funnel.
  • My personal tips and tricks for listing a WSO.
  • What you must do in the forum post of a free WSO if you want it to be taken seriously.
  • How you MUST handle delivery.
  • The MASSIVE mistake I made (and ended up feeling like a dumb rookie for), but more importantly how I put it right and improved it too.
  • How to get further leads using a new service that hardly anyone knows about yet (I was the 319th person to start using it, and I only found it by accident this week). It’s a set it and forget it, hands off, sounds too good to be true but isn’t service and you are going to love me for tipping it!
  • My red hot bonus tips for getting the most of your new list.

Like I said – you don’t have to buy my report. 

You could go and look up my free wso, download it and reverse engineer all the parts that make this work, figure out the subtle tricks I’ve worked into it and if you don’t miss anything you’ll know what you need to do and you can save yourself a few bucks.

But you’ll waste a load of time doing it and unless you really only value your time at $2 an hour (in which case quit IM and go flip burgers) you’d be crazy not to save yourself all the time and energy by buying this report!

The report is delivered as a PDF.

GET My List Building Experiment Case Study Add new subscribers to your list for 2 – 4 cents each and immediatly make 95 cents from each one DOWNLOAD

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