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  • Brett Rutecky

  • Austin Anthony

Brett Rutecky and Austin Anthony here, and we’ve personally developed and use the tool on this page in our successful software business.

Due to HUGE demand and massive need, we are now releasing this revolutionary tool to you so that you can rank sites with as much speed and ease as we do.

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Imagine being able to rank a website on the first page of Google for keywords like these…

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Mobile Optimize Pro works for ANY wordpress sites..whether its..

  • Amazon review websites
  • Local business websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Affiliate websites
  • Or any other type of site you may have

On April 21st, 2015, Google drastically shifted search engine rankings to favor sites that are optimized for mobile devices.

And from respected blog SearchEngineLand:

You Can Take Advantage Of Google’s Update With This New Technology And LAUNCH Your Sites To The Top

Believing that your site is already mobile friendly may cost you high Google rankings, loads of traffic, and lots of income.

That’s because Google has it’s own specifications for what makes a site truly optimized for mobile…

…and if your site is missing even ONE of these qualifications, it can take a dangerous slap.

And if you haven’t yet optimized your site for mobile, now is the chance to leap ahead of the competition in SECONDS with NO EFFORT.

The advantages of having your website rank highly in Google areEXTREMELY clear:

  • Unlimited free targeted traffic hits your website 24/7/365.
  • Meaning more leads, sales, and lifelong customers.
  • A bigger list for you to remarket to at will.
  • Presence in your niche that can last for years to come.
  • And one easy-to-use plugin will help give you ALL of this today…


Mobile Friendly Theme

Include the ONLY mobile theme guaranteed to always pass Google’s mobile friendliness test.

Mobile Friendly Optimization

Instantly create a Google-approved mobile friendly version of your website with one click of your mouse.

Google Slap Protection

Protect you from the MILLIONS of slaps that non-optimized websites will get starting April 21st.

Lightning Fast Installation & Activation

Work in TWO EASY STEPS: Upload plugin, hit activate, and you are DONE. Launching you AHEAD of millions of sites that are not correctly optimized.

It takes Just 2 EASY steps…





DO NOT GET PENALIZED! Now Is Your Chance To Rank High On Google!

Grab Your Copy Of Mobile Optimize Pro With A Significant Discount

Get In Front Of The EXPLODING New Audience Of Mobile Users

Consider these FACTS:

  • 75% of Americans admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom…
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to ACTION WITHIN THE HOUR…
  • 4 out 5 consumers use their SMART PHONE to SHOP…
  • Mobile is predicted to OVERTAKE desktop/laptop usage…
  • So if you’re NOT actively working to GET IN FRONT of this mobile crowd…

How many sales…

How many new list subscribers…

How many potentially lifelong customers…

Are you leaving behind for your competitors?

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do online…

If you sell information products, or if you’re a hair dresser…

You already KNOW that you need to be in front of this mobile audience.

And Mobile Optimize Pro is going to do that for you in the BEST and EASIEST way possible… with CERTAINTY that Google will REWARD YOU.

“But I think my site is already mobile optimized.”

Hundreds of WordPress plugins have come out, promising to optimize your website for mobile.

And even if your site looks good from your cellphone or tablet, there is a HUGE chance that this is NOT ENOUGH.

Google has it’s own qualifications for what makes a site TRULY mobile friendly…

…Rules about how the backend of your website should be, that you might never know about if you only focus on the website “looking good.”

And Mobile Optimizer Pro is the only plugin designed with Google’s specific qualifications in mind…

GUARANTEEING that ALL OF YOUR WEBSITES pass Google’s mobile friendliness test with flying colors.

So it makes NO SENSE to risk getting massively slapped, when instead, you can get Mobile Optimizer Pro RISK-FREE and be sure to LEAP AHEAD of all of your competition…

Let’s Make Purchasing MOP AnAbsolute No Brainer For You…

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try Mobile Optimize Pro for yourself for the next 30 days. We’re confident you will find this product useful and you will be able to put the plugin to good use.

If Mobile Optimize Press does NOT make your website mobile-friendly for whatever reason and we don’t fix your issue as soon as we are notified, simply let us know and we’ll issue you a complete refund.

And consider this…

Hiring a programmer to make just ONE of your sites mobile friendly can cost $100 (if you’re lucky and find an affordable programmer…).

Price will double when grand opening special ends.

So, let’s recap…

Google has announced that a HUGE SHIFT is coming…

Bringing websites that meet THEIR SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS for mobile friendliness to the top, and sites that don’t to the bottom…

So if you have a Google presence, or if you WANT ONE…Now is your chance to make sure you are at the top…

With less effort, and with more ease, than ever before in HISTORY…

All it takes is the easy action of clicking the button below…downloading the Mobile Optimizer Pro plugin…

Installing it on ALL of your websites
(yes, you get an UNLIMITED LICENSE)

And clicking “Activate”…

Then, when the change occurs… watch your websites rankings increase…

Even if you’ve NEVER been at the top page of Google before,


Does it make any sense to let this opportunity pass you by?

And miss out on the thousands of new, FREE visitors your websites could be getting each and every month?

Exploding your list… Filling your affiliate accounts with sales… Flooding your inbox with new clients…

Say YES to ALL OF THIS just by clicking the button below and downloading Mobile Optimizer Pro.

If you hesitate… not only will the price of Mobile Optimizer Pro double…But you will risk being SLAPPED by Google…

So Why Risk It? For Such a LOW ONE TIME Investment?

You will be Missing out on a SURGE in rankings and traffic…

Why take that risk, when Mobile Optimizer Pro is risk-free and guaranteed?

Instead of taking that risk, SAY YES to not just protecting, but GROWING your business, enjoy better rankings and more profits with more ease than EVER BEFORE.

So don’t miss out, click the button below…

And FEEL GREAT about making the RIGHT DECISION for yourself and your business and get EXCITED to be at the top… (you won’t have to tell anyone just how easy it was… unless you want to!)…

We’ve worked extremely hard on this plugin making MOP a great tool we can be proud of. Remember if the plugin doesn’t work for you as expected within 30 days we’re going to refund your money!

But that doesn’t matter because we believe in our Plugin and our support will be there 24/7.

So don’t regret missing out on Mobile Optimize Pro, especially during launch week pricing.

Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose & so much to gain…

  • Brett Rutecky

  • Austin Anthony

PS…. Still here? Haha that means you really want to buy Mobile Optimize Pro! Are you waiting for my approval Okay here’s what you need to do… Click the buy button below and I’ll see you in the members area ☺

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