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Forget Cold Calling, Build a Personalized Lead Gen Page In Under 5 Minutes 
and Land New Mobile Clients!!

Tired of all the headaches that come with trying to land a new offline client?  Well, worry no more, read below to see how easy it can be to 
land a new client in your local area…..

It’s Easy to Land New Offline Clients When You 
Have Access to Software Tools Like This…..

Dear Offline Marketer, 

How would You like an easy way to appeal to local businesses and REALLY help them realize that YOU are the one to help them put their mobile marketing efforts into high gear? 

If you are like me, and there is a good chance you probably are, you hate cold calling new prospects. 

I really despise having to get on the telephone and convince the person on the other line to hire me to help them out. 

Honestly, the things we can do to help local business owners is incredible, so to be on the phone, trying to explain to them why you are the one to hire is tough.

But here’s the thing…..

Cold calling does work, it’s just not fun. 

So one day I decided to write down some reasons WHY cold calling does work, and see if I can create an alternative but yet effective way to land new clients. 

I think I came up with a pretty good alternative…..

You see, business owners like it when you personalize things for them.  

They like to see that you went out of your way to SPECIFICALLY market your services to THEM.  

So that is when I came up with the idea to build a personal lead page for my local businesses.  

I thought to myself……

I need to create a page that has:

1) A personal video so they can hear my voice and know I am speaking directly to them

2)  The Logo and Name of their business on the page, so they know this page was built for THEM!! 

3) I throught about having a link or a way to display how their website currently looks on a mobile device. 

4) And of course, there should be an area where I can point out all the things that I can help them to fix on their website and  help them with their mobile marketing.  

5) Plus, I needed a way to have them contact me immediately, a tap to call button and definitely a contact form.  Business owners like to work initially via email.  

But then I realized, that is a ton of things to go on a lead page.  Would I have to change out all the information for EACH and EVERY new prospect I wanted to go after?  

That would be a REAL pain in the butt! 

So instead of taking things off my lead page, I decided to build an easy to use software that can help me build a page like this in under 5 minutes.  

Yeah that’s right, I can build a lead page 
in under 5 Minutes, watch me!

Here is a detailed look at the lead page: 

As you can see, the more personal, the better.  When you upload the business owners logo, add a huge headline that includes their business name, and include a personal video for their business, they will  know that you care about their business and want to help them. 

You can also edit ANY or ALL of the included text to be more personal, or point out specific items that should be fixed.  Also, when the business owner sees how their website is displayed on a mobile device, you will definitly get their attention. 

And finally, there are a few ways to get in contact with you.  There are tap to call buttons that work great if they are viewing it on their mobile device, and also a contact form that gets sent directly to your email inbox.

So what do you think?  Pretty cool right? 

Everything I wanted on my lead page is included, and the time I save building it is the best part. 

Yes, Our Easy to Use Browser Based
Software Did All That!

No Scripts to Install, No Database Needed, Works on Both Mac and PC!! 

Just Follow These Simple Steps:

Step One:

Login to the members area

Step Two:

Build Your Mobile Lead Page in under 5 minutes using our easy to use browser based software, you must use Firefox or Google Chrome

Step Three:

Upload Your Mobile Lead Page to Your Server to make it “LIVE” on the internet.

Step Four:

Send the link to your prospects lead page to them via email, direct mail, or at a networking meeting. 

Step Five:

Show them the entire menu of your services and get ready to Collect your check!! 

And that’s not all….

How About Two Mobile Template Designs 
with Easy to Use Software?

Vertical Template

The Vertical Template has a drop down vertical menu.  
– This template also includes an extra button that can be used to link to any page you want. 
– You also have full control over all colors

Simple Template

The Simple Template has a simple drop down menu that hides behind a simple menu button.
– This template also includes an extra button that can be used to link to any page you want. 
– You also have full control over all colors

Well, if you are going to build lead pages to land  new clients, you better have an easy way to build them a mobile website template. 

So we included our easy to use browser based software that will help you build your clients mobile websites in minutes. 

We have two packages.  Our Basic Version includes our Simple Template and our Vertical Template.  But, the Basic Version only includes the Static Image Versions of the templates. 

We also have a Premium Version, and that package includes a Static Image Template, a Carousel Slider Template, and a Video Template Version.  

Your best buy REALLY is the Premium Version. 

Plus, they are so easy to build.  I mean, open the software, enter information and build a template. 

But, I couldn’t build a mobile site for my prospects in under 10 minutes if I didn’t have an awesome mobile software builder like the one I am offering you here today.

Plus, having one style of template might not be enough, so I put together TWO different styles of templates that you can use to land new clients starting today.

Take a look at the Premium Version:

** The Premium Version also includes the Impact of Mobile Marketing Video that you can use on your lead page.  This is a video designed to be personal for the business owner.  

How About a Bonus Video?

**Included in the Premium Version Only!!

I also included the video that I showed you in the video above.  Of course, personal videos work really well, but having something that is generic, that you can use over and over again is very helpful as well.  So I decided to add that in for you.

Still not convinced You NEED THIS?

Here are some reasons why adding this tool to your mobile tool belt will give you some great advantages to making money.

Advantages like…

  •    The ability to create a great-looking… feature-rich… lead page to your prospects to convice them on going mobile. (Mobile sites are hot and business owners know their customers are going mobile!)
  •    Gives you the ability to create TWO mobile template styles for ANY Offline Niche.

  •    The ability to create a great-looking… feature-rich… lead page to your prospects to convice them on going mobile. (Mobile sites are hot and business owners know their customers are going mobile!)

  •     Point-and-Click! (Forget the need to learn complicated code… my browser based mobile template software makes building each site easy!)

  •     Speed! (Each site takes just minutes to make… giving you the opportunity to crank them out and profit!)  

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