[GET] MOB Surthrivor MobileEdition DOWNLOAD

[GET] MOB Surthrivor MobileEdition DOWNLOAD

Are Your Sites In Danger? On April 21st, Google Is Rolling Out One Of Their BIGGEST Ranking Updates Ever

90% Of Websites Are In Danger…. and It’s About To Get Worse. Save YOUR Google Website Rankings Before It Is Too Late!


Dear Profit Seeking Marketer,

BarbLing here and time is of the essence. No shiny graphics or flashy copy, I’m going to just get right to the point.

Like Any Huge Change… There Will Be Winners… And Losers…. Here’s How To Quickly [GET] MOB Surthrivor MobileEdition DOWNLOAD

Knowledge Is Profit….

It’s coming.

This Google Update May Be Bigger Than Panda And Penguin …

…will you be ready?

do you know what’s coming?

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If you have any of your sites listed with Google Webmaster Tools… and they AREN’T mobile friendly, you’ve been getting dun notices from their team …

…but if you haven’t?

Look… it’s long been predicted… but now it’s come…

…if you’ve been ignoring mobile … if you’ve been sticking your head in the sand…

Now’s the time to wake up …


…because mobile could easily be the biggest change to the Internet since the World Wide Web…

Did you know …

 Mobile traffic now is greater than that from desktops…

 FAR more more people have buyer intent on mobile…

 More than 70% of visitors to a mobile site will take some sort of action, either now or in the future…

So…is it too surprising that Google is changing their search algorithm … in an update which is said to be bigger than Panda or Penguin… to give preference to sites which are mobile friendly?

Now, there are a lot of people making hay over this.


Making Your Site Mobile Friendly Is NotNearly As Hard As You Might Think!

And that’s what Surthrivor: Mobile Edition! is all about …

In 30 short, information packed pages I’m going to show you …

 How to Mobileize Your Site for FREE: (forget what fear-mongers might tell you!)

Includes tips for:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • HTML
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • MORE!

 WHY Mobile Is So Important: (Don’t live for mobile phones yourself? Me too! But I found out *exactly* why (beyond Google!) it’s so critical for you to do this, even if you’re not a mobile enthusiast yourself)

 How to Ensure Your Site Gathers All Mobile Data you need for your sales: (How they find yourself site, via what mobile device and more!)

30 pages so it’s something you can use to get going quickly … not be overwhelmed…

… information-packed … to give you all the techniques you need…

But You Know I Wont’t Stop There!

Because it’s BONUS TIME!

That by itself is enough… but I even add these two bonus chapters:

If You’re New To Mobile Phones – Baby boomers especially might have a hard time… wrapping their minds around the “why smart phones?” craze… I demystify it for you so you can understand and get comfortable using mobiles phones (even if you’ve never liked them before)

Mobile Marketing Made Simple – Ever wonder how people make money via mobile marketing? Not to fear… I make understanding it easy and simple… and even show you where to begin!

And I even include this fantastic bonus:

A bonus class where I’ll show you even more ways to profit with mobile marketing for the rest of the year!

You are going to be amazed by how simple it is.

And, for the price?

Other products telling you how to survive “mobilegeddon” are going for much more… in fact, sometimes much much more…

Why spend all that extra money when you don’t need to?

Why not pick this up TODAY, and see how easy it is to take action and have all your sites mobile friendly well ahead of the April 21 “mobilegeddon” date…

[GET] MOB Surthrivor MobileEdition DOWNLOAD

To recap…

4/21/15 … it’s sending webmasters across the globe scurrying to find a solution.

Mobilegeddon 2015 – again, that’s when Google starts to factor in mobile-friendliness to its ranking algorithms.

And in a nutshell… if your site isn’t mobile-friendly (and 90% of stable sites are NOT), your Google Search Engine visibility will dive faster than a lead balloon.

Imagine… your site disappearing from Google search engine results.

If it’s not mobile friendly, it will!

Imagine… all of your organic traffic that you worked so hard for… gone.

Sounds scary, right?

But it’s not a just nightmare tale, it’s not simply a “what-if” situation run amuck….

It’s What Is Going To Happen To YOUR SiteUnless You Fix It ASAP

Now imagine instead… that you took advantage of secret knowledge and protected your sitewhen Google comes calling after 4/21/15….

And instead of your site vanishing without a trace, you find your search engine visibility has actually increased….

Not only that but…

You End Up Selling MORE Because More People Stay And Buy From your Site!

Are you imagining that?

You should… because come April, it’s going to happen. Google’s search algorithms will CHANGE and favor mobile-friendly websites over all others.

Do *you* know how to ensure your website is mobile-friendly?

Because if it’s not…. it will sink from search engine rankings.

Plain and simple.

Unless you take action today.

The Danger Is Real.

When you see how important the mobile experience is to users these days, you will understand how smart Google is to factor it in.

But when you discover how simple it is to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, you will stop and marvel at the easy steps.

You will make sure your site is compliant without having to pay developers $100s of dollars….

As a matter of fact, the steps required are free and don’t cost you anything!

The Solution Is Easy.

You have never seen these steps made so simple before. A grammar school child could follow it.

When you understand how critical the mobile experience is and how easy it is to implement, your profit future is wide-open. This can be applied to any aspect of marketing or niche you want….

Product solutions

Affiliate marketing

Kindle publishing





And again, anyone can do this.


Don’t Need To Hire Professionals To Fix Your Site

Don’t Need To Outsource It

Don’t Need To Give Up

Instead, you only need to follow:

3 Simple Steps

to ensure your site not only stays visibile in Google…

It even gains rank.

This easy to read solution….

Quite frankly, you’ve never seen anything so simple before. And because it’s less than 30 pages… it’s a quick effective and easily applicable read too!

That means instead of having to bore yourself with dozens of videos or tedious steps…

You only have to do 3 things to make sure Google loves your site.

And you don’t even have to be a geek to do this.

From my research, I realized:

More than 90% of marketers will be see their site tank in Google after the next update.

But not yours.

Because you will learn TODAY how to make sure Google continues to love your content.

Don’t end up WASTING your valuable time searching out WHERE to learn FAST.

Instead, take advantage of the work I’ve done for you… I’ve made it so simple for you to follow!

You’ll discover in this power PDF the following necessary answers:

How to Mobilize Your Site For Free

How To Take Advantage of Google’s Mobile Search

How To Let Search Engines Know Your Updated Sites!

And don’t forget…I even add these two bonus chapters:

If You’re New To Mobile Phones – Baby boomers especially might have a hard time wrapping their minds around the “why smart phones?” craze… I demystify it for you so you can understand and get comfortable using mobiles phones (even if you’ve never liked them before)

Mobile Marketing Made Simple – Ever wonder how people make money via mobile marketing? Not to fear… I make understanding it easy and simple and even show you where to begin!

Mobile Is The Way of the Future… and it’s here *now*..

And again… it’s a quick easy read as well….

3 simple steps to make sure your sites survive Mobilegeddon!

With additional information for more detailed applications!

This is ‘way underpriced for the value you are about to receive.

This material is critical and will see you safely on the other side of surviving Mobilegeddon.

I guarantee this will give you ideas you never considered before.

And it’s so easy, it will take you less than 5 minutes to implement.

Sure, you could try to research it all on your own, but you will NOT find ANYTHING remotely like it that is applied to marketing.

If you want to survive the next Google update… you must take action today.


Either Your Site Is Mobilized And Higher In Google… or it’s NOT.

Secure it today.

Can’t get better than that!

[GET] MOB Surthrivor MobileEdition DOWNLOAD

Grow strong,BarbLing


ps – you could spend days trying to find this necessary information yourself… or just enjoy the work done for you. Make sure your sites survive 2015 Mobilegeddon!!

[GET] MOB Surthrivor MobileEdition DOWNLOAD

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