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From The Desk Of 

Dear Our Beloved Potential Partner,

My Name is Reza, I am the President of Mascot Creator Company. In Mascot Creator, We are comitted to help you in any way possible using character illustration. We give you the advantage of having world class illustration in your toolbox whoever you are. YES, we give you world class illustration while

– No Drawing Skill Required 
– No Professional Drawing Education Needed 
– No Expensive Professional Illustrator Needed

Imagine if you need to spend many years in pursuing formal education in order to be able to draw professionally. Imagine if you are dependable to your illustrator to get professional digital image for your project. Imagine if you need to spend hundreds or thousand dollars for such illustration. Imagine if you even do not know where to get those professional.

With Mascot Hero, what you need is


Yes, you read it right, you can literally build thousand of different character (and pose) if you know how to click a mouse..

So, what is included in this package?

The default “Adam” pose Creator

Formal suit for formal occasion

Casual shirt, enjoy me time

TShirt Collection

Training short for muscular body

Become or create original Superhero

Ability to insert your face

Multiple masks collection

Change Hair, Expression, create your own

Change Skin Color

Change Outfits Color

Mixmatch It

More Than thousands possibility literally

Flexibility software, Photoshop and Gimp

Multiple usage of your new illustration

Even better, huge bonuses!

Interesting enough? 
Lets take a peek inside!


Q. First thing first, is there any female character inside? 
Unfortunately but we do not have it for this superheroes theme (yet), but we do have a high quality female mascot in our

Q. What exactly you are offering here? 
We are providing a high quality tool for you to create your own hero character, you can use Photoshop or Gimp to customize the character creation

Q. What is the rights for this package? 
You have limited developer rights for this. This means you can only use them in your own personal projects or projects for your clients. The product can’t be sold or giving out for free.

Q. Can I use Gimp or Paint.NET 
Yes, gimp (native xcf file is also provided) and paint.NET has an ability to open psd files. The transparent png also provided, So if you can just point and click, you can use the product.

Q. Are there any OTO’s or upsells? 
Yes, the OTO is our bundled package in discount price!

Q. What do I do if I can’t access my purchase? 
Please send an email to [email protected] and include your paypal transaction id

Q. Do you have any other high quality products like this one, I’m interested to know more? 
Yes, our product is known by it’s graphic quality. visit our website

[GET] Mascot Hero – The Most Heroic Mascot Graphic Package DOWNLOAD

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