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GET Market Spy Software DOWNLOAD

How To Be The Secret Weapon Consultant That Biz Owners Quietly Sneak In The Back Door To Spy On Their Competition ForOutrageous Fees…

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You too can collect $1,997 checks from local biz owners without:
  • No need to do SEO, Mobile, Reputation…
  • No need to help solve business problems…
  • No need to handle the biz owner’s tech, or be his webmaster…

Dear Marketer,

If you want to make real money offline, then this is the most important message you will ever read because my new software will allow you to quickly spy on any business’s competition. And biz owners will sneak you in the back door to pay you huge wads of cold hard cash for this service.

First, let me introduce myself, I’m Luther Landro, and while most of you already know me, some of you might not know that I’m a former firefighter turned stealth marketer and developer.

A client asked me to create a snapshot of his competition, so I invented software that did all the work for me. This software I created allows you to spy on almost anyone’s business in minutes.

Prospects will drool at the thought of spying on their competition. Simply provide the business owner with the market data this software hands you, and they’ll pay up.

You will have Top Secret information that will make business owners wet themselves with anticipation while they throw thousands of dollars at you to spill the beans on the secrets of their rivals.

Just look at some of the shocking things this software found for biz owners:

  • The business plan for a new pizza place in West Palm Beach, Florida that has not even opened yet – I was able to sell this as a report to a competing local pizza shop for $997…
  • The purchase orders of a bakery in Columbus,Ohio that I sold to a local distributor client who paid $1,500 so he could price his products to market…
  • The request-for-proposal for a Houston, TX machine shop that wasn’t even public yet; allowing me to broker a $950 finder’s fee just for connecting them with a contact.
WARNING: Before you buy this software you must solemnly promise to only use it in ethical ways.

All the information you find is available in the public record and on company websites. This is all public information that will never cause any legal problems.

There are almost 200 preprogramed niches, 59 searchable document types, and 21 supported file types. This means there are potentially millions of documents and searches you can perform.

This search tool will produce highly valuable data that biz owners will be happy to pay you four figures to read, and you can never run out of materials to sell them.

Once you choose your niche, just select a document type and format, then hit ‘search.’

The software saves a list of assets to your desktop, so you will have a revealing information to sell to clients in just a few minutes.

My 5 Minute Hand Holding Video Will Walk You Through Every Step And Turn You Into A Local Marketing Spy Who Demands Intimidating Fees

Get your foot in the door with business owners by calling them and saying, “I have dissected the marketing plans of all the businesses in your area, and I am providing a free evaluation. And yes, your competition will see this very same presentation tomorrow.”

A business owner would be stupid not to watch his competitors. Most owners know they need to watch their competitors, but they rarely have the time or know-how to do it.

This software will reveal shocking information and give you hyper-valuable assets that biz owners will find difficult to refuse, and immediately hire you to be their marketing spy.

Here’s The Deal:

You’re getting this powerful desktop software that finds templates, sales pitches, marketing plans, and more in just a few clicks.

You’re also getting hand-holding written and HD video training that will get you setup fast, and turn you into a secret consultant in literally five minutes.

Want To See It In Action? I’ll Do You One Better…
Try It For Free

With my no-questions asked 60-day guarantee, you can submit a support ticket saying “refund“, or email me at luther -at- lutherlandro.com and I will refund your money without even asking you why. Sound fair?

You can even keep using the fully-functional software.

Next week, after you implement this, how you will feel when the business owner treats you to dinner, and tells your wife that you are his secret agent?

OK, Luther, I’m In.
What Will This Software Cost Me?

Normally, software like this goes for $197 or more.

But in this offer I am going to give away the farm.

For you, I am offering you everything for $47.

Why just $47?

Well, this is a special promotion just for the select partners before I launch this product to ClickBank.

So if you are on this page now, consider yourself lucky.

You are getting this tool for less than half of what everyone else will pay.

Click the button below to purchase, and download this tool. Follow along with the hand-holding training video, and you will be ready to sell this market data to business owners in 5 minutes!

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GET Market Spy Software DOWNLOAD

You will literally have access to millions of templates, examples, business plans and more… And you will be become that stealth marketer, who gets paid just to provide information to biz owners.

I look forward to working with you.

– Luther

P.S. I have made thousands of dollars selling this information to business owners.

I am possibly the only game in town for this type of info, so I have been “writing my own ticket” and naming high fees.

$47 is nothing compared to the size of the check your very first client will pay you for spying on their competition.

Next week, you will thank me for giving you a cutting-edge service to sell that no one else is offering.

Imagine the look on your wife’s face when you surprise her with a shopping spree that was paid for by your covert client operations.

Click the buy button below, go through the quick training and use this software to book clients immediately.



GET Market Spy Software DOWNLOAD

P.P.S. Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put this software to work for you. With the no-questions asked guarantee there’s NO WAY you can lose…

But also remember, this price will increase very soon…

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