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The SECRET Is Out…


  • Newbie Friendly. If you’re new to MAPs, this is YOUR guide!
  • Veteran Friendly. If you’re a veteran in MAPs, this guide is PERFECT FOR YOUR NEW TEAM MEMBERS!
  • Saves You Time. No more wasting your time doing things that get you nowhere fast…
  • Saves You Money. Hey, we could all use a little more cash in our pockets right?
  • Makes You Money. Not only does it help you scale up your MAPs business, you earn 50% commission as an affiliate too!
  • Helps you build marketing and recruiting skills used by all the top producers in the industry
  • Helps you scale your MAPs business to 1200 credit packs faster (if you haven’t already done so)
  • Helps you understand EXACTLY how to scale your referral commissions to 6 figures and beyond!
  • It’s the PERFECT guide to share with all of your new team members to get them off to a fast start
  • There’s an attached affiliate program that PAYS YOU 50% commission for sharing this guide with other MAPPERS!
  • Product pays for itself after you make just 2 easy sales! (this thing sells like crazy)
  • No recurring fees, or need to setup complicated systems or software
  • As the MAPs community grows, so does the market to sell this product!
  • You’ll never have to waste your MAPs Ad Credits on products that don’t sell ever again!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • q-iconCan I get access to the affiliate program without buying the product first?

    No. We believe it’s important for you to know what you are selling inside and out. It’s not an ethical business practice to sell something to someone when you know nothing about the product itself. If you wouldn’t buy it, why would the people you know buy it from you? So, you can see, it’s best to BUY it now, experience the product for yourself, so you can give honest and accurate information to your customers. It’s only fair.

  • q-iconDo I need to be a member of My Advertising Pays to use or sell this product?

    Yes. This product was designed to help new MAPPERS as well as those who have been struggling in MAPs to reach 1200 credit packs, and scale their referral commissions to 6 figures and beyond. If you are NOT a member of MAPs yet, please contact the person who sent you to this page and ask them for their MAPs referral link. MAPs is 100% free to join and there’s no credit card required.

  • q-iconSomeone told me there’s more stuff I need to buy, is this true?

    Yes and No. It’s true that there are 3 additional training methods inside of MAPs Ultimate Game Plan to help you scale your referral commissions to 6 figures and beyond, but there is no requirement to buy these products in order to benefit from the information inside of MAPs Ultimate Game Plan. However, it is strongly advised that you do purchase access to ALL 3 additional marketing and recruiting methods if you are serious about scaling your MAPs referral commissions to 6 figures and beyond. The methods offered inside are marketing and recruiting methods that are currently used by ALL of the top producers in the industry who earn anywhere from 6 figures to 7 figures per year or more in their own businesses. We put them in the guide because THEY WORK, Use them, and prosper!

  • q-iconAm I guaranteed to make money promoting this product as an affiliate?

    No. It’s not possible to guarantee personal results as everyone is different and each affiliate will choose to put in a different level of effort than other affiliates. Also, some affiliates may be more skilled marketers than others or have larger marketing budgets as well as a strong online influence within the industry. That’s not to say that we don’t have newbies earning money with our affiliate program because we do have quite a few of them earning decent money with our program. Go ahead and give it a shot. We provide you with all the affiliate resources you need to be successful and we’re adding new stuff all the time. There’s everything from Text Ad swipe you can use in the MAPs traffic exchange so your ad credits don’t go to waste, plus Email Swipe for your team and lead list, and even some sexy Banner Ads too!


Our affiliate program is directly attached to our product, so when you purchase a copy of MAPs Ultimate Game Plan there is no additional cost to be an affiliate, as it is included 100% free of charge!

All you do is click “Apply To Be An Affiliate” inside the guide and follow the instructions in the video on the page that loads.

It’s important to note, that we host our products at JVzoo.com, so in order to become an affiliate of our products you will need tocreate a free affiliate account with JVzoo first before you request access to be an affiliate and promote our products.

Also, JVzoo is setup with PayPal so we can quickly and easily pay you for your affiliate sales of our products. You will need tocreate a free PayPal account and connect it to your JVzoo account in order to get paid.

Being an affiliate of our products is optional, but highly recommended if you want to make extra money.

Please look at the benefits of being a MAPs Ultimate Game Plan Affiliate Below:


  • Earn 50% commission when you share this guide with YOUR TEAM and OTHER MAPPERS!
  • Earn 50% commission on 2 back end up sells that give your profits a boost!
  • When your team makes sales, they make more money, buy more credit packs, and you earn more!
  • You will automatically earn 50% commission on ALL future addons / up sells for this product!
  • You never have to deal with customer service or refunds, because we handle it all for you!
  • You can have more profits to scale up your MAPs business with!
  • You have access to the hottest selling third party guide available to the MAPs community!

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