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Hey,   Ranking High On Google Is The Key To The I.M Game. Magic Web Finder Is CHANGING That Game. Ranking high is what it is all about. The ability to show your website for specific keywords you know your website deserves to rank for. whether your selling a product or affiliating for one, you have the product but where’s the traffic? Google has it, but it wont send it to you unless you are worthy. So how do we prove we are worthy?

The Idea Use relevant high authority links to get higher ranking ability.   Lets see if we can make this easier:

High Authority Relevant Links + High Traffic Keywords = LOTS OF SALES

Let me explain a little more

But first…


My name is ROBERT THWAITE, I have been internet marketing for 5 YEARS now, I started off selling my own Xbox Live codes through a small website of mine. It was going great, I was WORKING FROM HOME and was able to pay the bills. Until one day I was wiped out by someone, they stole all my products and I had no fall back. This was when I realized I could advertise other people’s products and have a AUTOMATED SYSTEM that would generate income for me. This is where my Internet Marketing journey began.  

The Learning Experience

When my internet marketing journey began it was amazing, learning new things every day but there were some issues that are very hard to overcome. For example with all the new google updates happening its becoming harder and harder to rank. So how do we keep up?

We dont! My advice is to give Google exactly what they want. Great content and a great website. But unfortunately this alone will not get you on page one for the keywords you want. So how do we get there?

The Answer High Authority Relevant Links.

But these are so damn hard to get. Unless you have thousands of dollars to blow and a big blog network. Even then the time required is massive to register, host all the different websites, make each one look unique. But what if i told you there was a free alternative. Where you could have a bigger network then most people and it would take you half the time. Don’t believe me? Web 2.0’s, yes we have all herd of them, and they are great! The only issue is finding ones that already have inbound links that are authoritative, so you can simply just go register it. Magic Web Finder, A Program That Will Find Hundreds Of Ready To Register Web 2.0’s Ready For Your Own Network.

Imagine it, A program that finds high authoritative Web 2.0’s that are relevant to your niche. All you have to do is enter your niche keywords and click find.


1335495_96355938Software that gives you RELEVANT web 2.0’s ready to register.

1335495_96355938Using 3RD Party analysis such as MOZ to make sure it’s AUTHORITATIVE.

1335495_96355938The ability of having HUNDREDS of web 2.0’s ready to be used as a private blog network.

1335495_96355938Updates always been worked on to bring you MORE platforms.

Introducing Magic Web Finder…

With extensive testing, this program has been through a lot, and has always come through on top. Been developed from the people who brought you “301 Redirector”. You are in safe hands. Available to anyone who dare use it’s POWER.Thwaites Seo, has been working very hard to perfect a system that brings everyoneGREAT RESULTS. With this nice piece of kit, I reckon everyone will be shooting up the rankings. A GAME CHANGER indeed!

General Testimonials


“This system changes all that and makes it cheap enough to try out.”


“A great piece of software if you know what you want to achieve with it”


“A+ Support from Rob!”


“I just gotta say a few words about attitude. These days are no different than any other when it comes to trying to make a living selling stuff. And I’m a firm believer that what makes people come back and buy more is reputation, quality of service, functionality and overall user satisfaction… That’s why some of us back in the day went ahead and bought everything scrapebox,, mostly their other stuff back then was a waste of money and virtually useless in my opinion, but I still love scrapebox and if they one day come out with something just as useful, I’d still look at it, even though I got burned with a few of their products.. Now that’s customer loyalty, brought about by customer satisfaction.

Conversely,, I just finished writing a slammer on one of ‘The Other Forums’ where supposedly warlike people these days have to tread through the garbage and scams.. I must say they gone downhill over there for quality of service and just about any have-ago hero can sell rubbish to the masses and walk away laughing as paypal don’t like refunding digital goods. Go ahead try it for yourself, put together some rubbish wso and go float it to the suckers over there..

Once in a while,, through the din of garbage,, you see some bright headlights and think, hey,, what’s that!! This brings me to Rob. He’s one of those folk who’ll be able to sell me anything he likes (within reason ha ha!) The guy is patient and passionate about his product and he cares about supporting it.. Even when let off the hook, the guy is like a dog with a bone! He doesn’t let it go till it’s fixed and he’s got customer satisfaction! Now that’s service beyond price!

Absolutely wonderful support Rob! I must say that attitude will serve you well and keep your customers coming back year after year whenever you got something to sell. And I’ll be ahead of the queue!!

If any of you folk are sat on the fence, jump on this and get on with it. Because you know what,, Rob’s going to make things happen and the price of his stuff will have to reflect that eventually. I’d lay odds this guy’s name will be as respected and shiny in this forum and beyond as some of the biggest names out there..

Way to go Rob!! Excellent support from you today!!!”


“My experience with you has been fantastic. You are nothing short of an amazing business guy. I am thoroughly impressed by how professional you are …. your customer service is second to non. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your products.”


“The software worked great for me. I was able to find about 50 available web 2.0’s and I am positive I would have found more if I hadn’t been so sick (got hit with food poisoning). This software is great and only a fool would pass up on this software.

If you’ve used rob’s other products then you know that he only makes quality products backed by excellent support. I am very great full I was able to test out this product.”


“I’ve been playing around with Magic Web Finder for just over a week and I must say I’m really impressed. As a user of 301 Redirector I just knew this latest release from Rob was going to be great, and it didn’t disappoint!

In less than 10 minutes I had found a good selection of Weebly and Tumblr blogs that were  ready for the taking.

Magic Web Finder is SUPER easy to use that even a novice can find some great web 2.0’s for their tier-one projects in no time at all.

The support is excellent and the frequent updates make buying this software a no-brainer

Well done Rob!”

At Your Finger Tips You Have:


Filters That Allow You To Pick How High Of Authority You Want Your Web 2.0’s To Be.


Pick How Many Threads You Want To Use. The More Threads The Quicker You Will Find Powerful Web 2.0’s.  Magic Web Finder Has The Ability To Create Up To 250 Threads!


Already Scraped Some Web 2.0’s? That’s Fine, Just Simply Click “Import Own Urls” And Away You Go!


Since Google’s Page Rank Is Rarely Updated We Have Added In Moz’s Free API To Make Sure The Web 2.0’s Authority Is Updated And Shown.


Although Google’s Page Rank Is Rarely Updated, We Thought We Would Add It Just In case There Are Some High PR Web 2.0’s Ready To Register.


If Any Web 2.0’s Are Ready To Be Registered, And Are Above Your Chosen Filters They Will Be Highlighted Green To Make It Easier For You To See.


Using Moz’s Free API Magic Web Finder Will Tell You How Many Inbound Links Are Coming Into The Web 2.0 That Has Been Found.


If The Found Web 2.0 Has A Link Inbound You Can View The Links Moz Authority By Simply Clicking The Web 2.0.


Just Look At How Many Available Web 2.0’s Have Been Found!


There Are No Limits With Magic Web Finder, Import As Many Keywords As You Want, And Find As Many Web 2.0’s As You Want.


Import As Many Proxies As You Wish, The More The Better And Faster Magic Web Finder Can Work To Find You Great Web 2.0’s


Use Our Inbuilt Proxy Tester, And Make Sure All Your Proxy’s Are Working Properly. The Less None Working Proxy’s The Better Magic Web Finder Works.


With 7 Engine’s You Will Never Run Out Of Web 2.0’s To Find! Plus, There’s More Been Worked On By The Thwaites SEO Team.

With All These Great Reasons To Get Magic Web Finder No Wonder Its Flying Off The Shelves

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