[GET] Local Website Visitors Boost PLR DOWNLOAD

GET Local Website Visitors Boost PLR DOWNLOAD


Dear Offline Marketer,

If there’s one thing that most local business owners are FRUSTRATED by … it’s wondering how they can get more visitors to their website.  And even though most of them don’t invest in it, they think SEO is the only way to change it.

Not anymore…

Traditional SEO may have been the “only answer” years ago, but today there are a lot of different ways they can get more eyes on their websites.

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t understand how to connect the dots when it comes to the fact that OTHER online marketing methods – such as  Social Media, Video Marketing, Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing – are also effective for sending more TARGETED leads to their websites.

If you want to tap into business owners who are STUCK in this frame of mind, you need to have professional, high-quality content that can EDUCATE  your prospects, as well as soft-sell them on your services… 

In order to generate leads EFFECTIVELY, your content needs to be:

  • Written In SIMPLE Terms That They Can Clearly Understand
  • Can Help You Establish An EMOTIONAL Connection With Readers
  • Give You INSTANT EXPERT Status & Build TRUST
  • Are EFFECTIVE in moving your viewers to TAKE ACTION

But the PROBLEM Is…

  • Creating Good Lead Generation Content Is NOT EASY
  • Creating Lead Generation Content Takes A Lot of TIME That You Don’t Have to Spare
  • Paying Someone To Custom-Create This Content For You Is EXPENSIVE

Wouldn’t It Be SO Much EASIER to Have a
Done-For-You Solution?


We have removed ALL of the stress…  saving you a lot of TIME and a lot of MONEY.

This ready-to-go package of content will take some of the pressure off of your lead generation efforts.

The best part is that you are getting it at a FRACTION OF THE COST of what you would pay to have someone custom-create it for you…

Just edit the content however you want, add your name to it, and let it work for you 24/7 on complete AUTO-PILOT…

A BRAND NEW PLR Report Titled:
“Local Website Visitors Boost: How to Get
More Local Visitors to Your Website”

A Done-for-You Lead Generation Report!

Whether you want to target business owners who are actively trying to figure out how to get more website visitors… or those that who have simply given up on it, this report will help…

It will explain why various online marketing techniques are effective when it comes to getting more eyes on their websites.

Some of the Topics Include:

– Social Media
– Video Marketing
– Reputation Management
– Mobile Marketing
– Local SEO
– Content Marketing
– Email Marketing

… and MORE

Just edit however you want, add your name to it, and INSTANTLY
establish credibility as a Online Marketing Specialist!

Ecover PSD Included and Report Comes in  MS Word (.doc) , OpenOffice (.odt)
and Notepad (.txt) Formats for EASY Editing!

Ideas for Using this Report:

  • Give it away on your website or squeeze page to build an email list of prospects
  • Leave it with business owners after meeting with them so they can refer back to it
  • Use as a meeting script guide when speaking to businesses about your services
  • Use as training documents for webinars or one-on-one sessions with businesses
  • Give it away as a bonus at webinars or live events with offline businesses
  • Use it to create Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Use it to create PowerPoint presentations
  • … and MORE


5 Email Autoresponder Follow-Up Messages

Need some FRESH content for your autoresponder?


Need some GREAT content to help you follow-up with those who download your report?


We all know how important it is to FOLLOW-UP with our leads…

You will receive 5 Professionally-Written PLR Email Autoresponder Messages that you can easily edit however you want, slap your name on, and use in your email marketing funnel!



A Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Want a PowerPoint Presentation to use as a guide when meeting with local business owners?

You will receive a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation covering the main points covered in the report…

Just edit it however you want, add your contact details and INSTANTLY be prepared for your next meeting, webinar, or training session!

You will receive it in MS PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx) and OpenOffice formats for EASY editing

Ideas for Using this Presentation:

  • Use as a guide when meeting with offline business owners
  • Use in one-on-one or group webinars with offline business owners
  • Use as a training tool for offline business owners
  • Put it on presentation sharing sites to get traffic to your website, blog, or squeeze page
  • Turn it into a video to help you generate new leads or provide training
  • … and MORE

Here’s an Inside Look at the Presentation:




A PowerPoint SlideShow Video

Want to turn your PowerPoint into a SlideShow VIDEO?

We did it FOR You…

This un-branded SlideShow Video can be used right out of the box as-is…

Ideas for Using this SlideShow Video:

  • Put it on your website or blog
  • Put it on a squeeze page to help you capture leads
  • Put it on your social media profiles
  • … and MORE


An Animated Lead Generation Video

Trying to create your own videos can be TOUGH…

So we created a professional, animated lead generation video!

It comes with music and two different endings – “Contact Us” and “Download Our Free Report.”

You will also receive a silent copy so you can add your own music track and voice over if you choose (written video script also included).

Ideas for Using This Video:

  • Put it on your website or blog
  • Put it on a squeeze page to help you capture leads
  • Put it on your social media profiles
  • … and MORE


Clean Eye-Catching Squeeze Page

Want to Build a List of HOT Local Business Prospects by Giving Away Your Lead Gen Report?

You also get this clean, professional squeeze page…

Making This an INSTANT List-Building Funnel-in-a-BOX!

Use this HTML squeeze page to give away your report in exchange for local businesses’ email addresses so you can follow-up with them… (Squeeze Page Copy Text is Included).

Don’t know how to set up a squeeze page?

Step-by-Step Tutorial is included too!



An Action-Boost Checklist

Give this checklist to your clients or prospects to help them get in motion with using various online marketing methods than can help them get more website visitors…

You can add your contact details and use however you see fit in your business!

You will receive it in MS Word (.doc) and Notepad (.txt) formats for EASY editing



  • A Brand New Lead Generation PLR Report w/Ecover
  • A Professional PowerPoint Presentation
  • A PowerPoint SlideShow Video
  • 5 Pre-Written Email Autoresponder Follow-Up Messages
  • An Animated Lead Generation Video
  • A Professional Squeeze Page
  • An Action-Boost Checklist
  • Ecovers are Provided in PNG, JPG, and PSD Formats for EASY Editing
  • All Documents Provided in MS Word, OpenOffice, and Notepad Formats for EASY Editing
  • The PowerPoint Provided in MS PPT and OpenOffice Formats for EASY Editing




Here’s What Some of Our Customers Have to Say
About Our Other PLR Products…

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Having this package of content custom-created would cost you $500+.

But you won’t have to pay that today…

My goal with this offer is to OVER-DELIVER


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