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Dear Local Marketer,

Finding a newly registered business is almost like finding a pot of gold. This is because studies have shown that most of these companies:

  • have money to spend
  • are excited about their new business BUT
  • they have left their local marketing for LAST

Often, they want or need a local marketing expert but don’t know where to turn to.

As a local marketer, it is CRUCIAL you find these local prospects BUT:

  • you’re not sure where to look
  • it’s very time consuming to search for them
  • it’s hard to know how to target a niche

New businesses are sprouting up almost every week all around you. There are doctorsdentistsbakeriesdry cleaners,yoga studios and more always opening their doors. If got in your car and took a drive, you could probably spot plenty of “Grand Opening” signs, but this could take all day, and in many ways it would already be TOO LATE.

You could also subscribe to a bunch of different newspapers and look for the DBA listings, or find a way to access government and city databases. Of course, you would have to know where to look, how to use all their tools, and keep checking back for the latest updates. There’s really no way for you to organize or save this information, except by hand.

As a local marketer, it’s always a good idea to focus on one particular group or niche that will need your services. That way you can become a local expert and tailor your message just to them.

First timers trying to do it themselves often rely on guesswork or unreliable stats to make their choice. And most of the time, they get it wrong and end up failing where they could have easily succeed.

Once you’ve targeted these prospects, it doesn’t get easier – it gets HARDER. You need to have good sales technique,knowing the proper pitch that is going to get them interested in working with you. Your tone should professional you should be knowledgeable, and, perhaps most importantly, you must be a MASTER at delivering results.

Even if you made it this far – all the way to the “pot of gold” –  sealing the deal is where most local marketers ultimatelyFAIL. This is because they simply don’t have the follow through or enough seasoned experience to land the job.

I’m about to give you the SECRET to solving these crucial dilemmas and MORE with a package of tools, videos, and ideasthat will completely revolutionize your local marketing business.

You will not only be able to find gold (new local businesses) automatically, but also have them come to you forEVERYTHING.




Local Marketing REVOLT (LMR) is more than just hype or empty promises. It’s far beyond a computer algorithm. Instead, LMR is designed to be the COMPLETE Business-in-a-Box solution that is head and shoulders above any other solution out there.

This is because LMR is based on REAL experience, with PROVEN results. In essence, I am pulling the curtain back to reveal the secrets that made ME, Guillermo Mata, so successful in my local marketing business.

I will give you face-to-face video advice, as well as offer an over-the-shoulder view of what goes on behind MY admin wall, so you can see exactly what I am doing.

But that’s not all – you will also receive the LMR New Corporation Finder. This powerful tool will generate leads of newly formed businesses in the area, who are in desperate need of marketing services!

New corporation listings, often known as DBAs, can often be found in local newspapers. But many other listings remain hidden unless you know where to look for them. The New Corporation Finder uses all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) with a special API that lets it scour the “deep web” and find things that would take you days, if at all. Whatused to take hours or days to find now takes SECONDS and is updated daily.

PLUS, you’ll get the LMR Complete Online Business Package, a turn-key professional website with branding, fully customizable to your services.


 lee6164 Community Member

This sounds very excellent I have a client right now that needs it badly.you go!

 rbowen Community Member

I think it’s a great idea! I’m living in CT now, but years ago (back in the 90s?) down in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, a friend of mine & I searched the court records at town hall for such records by hand. Arduous but worthwhile. I’d like to have access to your software-tool.

 Wes, Community Member

I want something that does this. Currently I have to pay someone else to compile these lists for me so having a tool that does it would be beneficial.

 rdp5000, Community member


This would be great, I have always thought about check Secretary of State records, but can’t always see the most recent filings. A tool that could organize this search and compile names, addresses, contact phone and emails would be worth something!

 eddiegoodmanjr , Community Member

I’ve been dabbling in registering local businesses and I am very interesting in learning more. I am looking forward to your new product!

 how2do, Community Member

I think it is a fantastic idea…they are primed to become a long term client and are probably looking for someone to tell them what services they will need.

Thanks G…


“Together, this entire package means that I will literally walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to start generating NEWLY registered business leads and build a 6 figure automated local consulting business!”

My goal is to help you get so many requests you’ll be forced to turn down jobs, or expand. Of course, let’s be realistic.Every case is different,

But I firmly believe that if you follow my advice and use my software, you will be finding, meeting and CLOSING DEALSwith local clients fast.

Don’t let it happen to you what happened to me when I first began my local marketing services!

I learned the hard way about lead generationlocal SEOcontracts, and time management. Even though I made a lot of mistakes, I also uncovered a lot of SECRETS that made the job much easier than I thought possible.

I am offering you the chance to BYPASS the trial-and-error phase that DOOMS so many marketers, and CUT RIGHT TO THE CHASE and start generating local income.

Let me go into a little more detail about everything I am offering.

  • LMR New Corporation Finder. This handy little tool allows you to search public information in all 50 states. When a business starts up, many states make this data public, but it can often be difficult or confusing to find the information. LMR New Corporation Finder is already hooked into those databases and knows how to parse this information and deliver you clean results.

  • Works with Mac and PC

  • Compatible with Adobe Air/PC

  • GoogleYahooBing API for “deep web” search

  • Power DBA search across all 50 states

  • CSV option lets you export data for use in other programs

  • 20 (That’s right TWENTY) High End Training Videos, where I explain EVERYTHING backwards and forwards!

  • LMR Online Business Package, with professional WordPress themes and promotional graphics.

  • Professional promotional videos designed to bring you more business.

ONE of these items might go for thousands if sold separately and the total package has a real world value of over $45K. But here’s what I’ve done: I’ve COMBINED them into this giant ALL-IN-ONE offer and…


The Price.

I did not do this just because I’m a nice guy. I am offering you this entire package at a discounted price because I believe in two things: my product and YOU.

With my knowledge and your motivation, it’s an unstoppable force that will propel you to new levels of Business Success.

But that’s just the first part.

When a business starts up, it seeking out new relationships. If you get in right when they open the door, you can find local prospects that will be with you for YEARS.

You are also getting TWENTY High End Training videos, hosted by yours truly.

  • Video One: Intensive: How to identify, select, and DOMINATE a local niche!
  • Video Two: Step-by-step local niche website setup.
  • Video Three: How to get instant calls for any niche in SECONDS
  • Video Four: How to deliver services and proper billing technique
  • Video Five: Closing your first deal quickly and 100% hands free!
  • Video Six: Secrets to upselling local niche prospects!
  • Video Seven: Become the go-to marketing guy for any local niche
  • Video Eight: Motivational intensive to get you moving
  • Video Nine: Make them come to you for EVERYTHING!
  • Video Ten: Pre-recorded closing video samples and one-on-one group training session!
  • Video Eleven: Getting a local consulting business started with no money
  • Video Twelve: Local consulting niche run-through
  • Video Thirteen: Automating entire local websites & funnels FAST
  • Video Fourteen: Generating local consulting leads
  • Video Fifteen: The sales process from introduction to closing the deal
  • Video Sixteen: Services to offer (and how to delegate tasks to others)
  • Video Seventeen: Outsourcing for under $2 PLUS building a team!
  • Video Eighteen: Sealing all gaps!
  • Video Nineteen: First of the month live group session (recorded for future access)
  • Video Twenty: Surprise BONUS Video!

Each video is 20-30 minutes long and PACKED with info.

Finally, there’s the fully-functional website design that includes:

  • Ready-to-go WordPress Theme With Full Reseller/Re-branding Rights
  • High-End Local Consulting
  • PLR Graphics
  • Temporary Portfolio Images With Full Usage Rights (Included with Training Sessions)
  • 3 High-End Local Promotional Videos With Full PLR Rights!

What?! That’s right, I am completely serious. The full Corporate Finder software, the entire 20 video series, AND yourown website template and graphics, ready to go.

This is such an insane deal that is worth so much more that I may CHANGE MY MIND and charge full price.

Hurry, before I come to my senses! :-)

Yours Truly,


Mr. Guillermo Mata

P.S. I am so confident that LMR will totally live up to your expectations and make finding and working with local prospects so easy, I’m willing to put YOUR money where MY mouth is.


If you do not find that the New Corporation Finder, the 20 High End Videos, and the website package have revolutionized your online marketing business. I’ll return your money.


  • q-iconDoes New Corporation Finder work on Mac and Pc ?

    Yes, simply install and it run on both machines.

  • q-iconDoes this come with detailed training?

    Of course! This is part of the 20 video series.

  • q-iconAre all future updates included in this purchase?


  • q-iconDo you provide support if I have questions?

    Yes. Guillermo or someone on his team will help you with any issues that may arise.

  • q-iconHow easy is this to apply and use?

    The software interface is very easy to use. No experience necessary!

  • q-iconAre there any upsells?

    There is 1 upsell and it’s a software upgrade. Only those who purchased the software will get exclusive access to the upgrade and materials included with it.

  • q-iconDoes the software expire?

    No. There are also no monthly fees

[GET] Local Marketing Revolt The Real High End Business in a Box Automate Your Entire Local Marketing Business and Become a SIX-FIGURE Corporation DOWNLOAD

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