[GET] Local Freebie Funnel Vol 3 DOWNLOAD

[GET] Local Freebie Funnel Vol 3 DOWNLOAD


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Add This New Profit Center to Your Business and Help Local Attorney’s Grow Their Revenues On Autopilot!

We All Know How Important Building an Email List Is… But Small Businesses Don’t! Make it Easy for Them With These DFY Packages!

How to Use This to Make Money

Not too long ago we offered completely pre-made, DFY lead-gen sites to local businesses. In fact, we use to offer these same packages with PLR to offline consultants.

These pre-made lead-gen sites were awesome and worked great! In fact, they still do.

But what we started to see more and more was that many local businesses started to have their own website. In the past many did not so it made selling the pre-made sites much easier.

Since they had their own website they could not see the benefits in having a separate lead-gen site.

So instead of fighting with them we joined them!Meaning, we started to offer them our lead-gen tools for the site they already had!

Local businesses are much more agreeable to putting a video and optin form on the site they already have versus creating a whole new one!

That’s why we’ve revamped our offer into what you see here and named it Local Freebie Funnel.

When you consider the above it is clear how valuable providing a product like this can be. Or should I say invaluable?

Offline businesses need help. They are looking for people they can trust to help them generate more leads and convert more of those leads into customers. They are tired of all the same ‘ole crap that bombards them every day.

Help them build an email list they can market to whenever they want and you will be their go-to expert for everything marketing!

What Is Local Freebie Funnel?

In a nutshell, these are PLR products that are the entry level point that your local business clients can use to start generating leads and capturing email addresses.

It simply comes down to showing your client the benefits of email marketing. We all know why email marketing is powerful, right? Hint: the money is in the list!

Then show them the videos, reports and autoresponder messages contained inside this package. And explain how you can do the work for them and POW you’re off and running.

Local Freebie Funnel is built around four modules listed below.

“You’ll make your clients look like rock stars and help them blow their competition away!”

Module One

12 Professionally Made Videos

720p HD! (mp4 Format)

Each and every niche will include two-professionally created lead-gen videos in two-different styles. That’s twelve (12) videos in total!!

They come in the following formats:

  • PowerPoint Animation Style
  • Whiteboard Animation Style (Hand Drawn)
  • USA & UK Voice Overs Included for EACH NICHE

Sell these videos as part of your overall package. Your local clients will place these videos on their website. These videos pre-sale the free report they offer to their website visitors.

$750 Value

Sample Videos

These are just two of the twelve you’ll be getting.

USA Voice Over
Whiteboard Animation (Hand Drawn) Style

UK Voice Over
PowerPoint Animation Style

Module Two

3 Optin Reports

You’ll get Private Label Rights to a powerful optin report.

The reports are 2-pages in length. Why 2-pages?

Because we have found through recent studies that offering a freebie that the reader can consume in 5-minutes are less is much more powerful than a lengthy 25 or 50-page report. In fact, the longer reports actually “shutdown” the reader into doing nothing. They get too overwhelmed.

But a short report does the opposite! It gives them value that they can understand and gets them eager to take the next step.

SPECIAL BONUS: Reports Are Print Ready

In addition to providing the reports in Word format for easy editing we when one step further! We’re going to provide you with professionally designed reports in PowerPoint. Simply update the contact information on the report and you can get these suckers printed professionally. They are a perfect hand-out or “leave behind” for your clients.

Easily customize and change COLORS as needed!

$150 Value

Module Three

15 Autoresponder Messages

You also receive a series of autoresponder messages to include in your offer to local businesses. One of the biggest pains is creating top quality email campaigns for your clients. We’ve eliminated that pain for you!

The autoresponder series includes:

  • Full PLR Rights
  • Word format for easy editing
  • 5 messages for each niche (15 messages total)

$100 Value

Module Four


3 Local Niches Instead of One

That’s right! When you download this today you’ll not just receive one killer local niche package but three. Everything you see list above – all three modules – are included for all three local niches. The niches include:

  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Divorce Attorney
  • DUI Attorney

$150 Value


Special Price Ends in:



Ready to Buy?

If you know what we’re all about and have experienced our world-class products before then click the Buy Button below and you’ll be taken to your private members area. If you still have questions click the links to the left to read the FAQs.

Act now and save over 50%! The price will increase soon so get it today…

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