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Offline PLR Toolbelt is the Perfect Solution to Help
Position YOU as the Offline Expert in your local area. 
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It’s Easy to Land New Offline Clients When You 
Have Tools that Position You As the Expert!! 

Dear Offline Marketer, 

If you want to be in a position to land new offline clients, then you need the right tools. 

You need something that will position you as an expert. 

You also need some tools that you can use to EDUCATE your local business prospects.

Local Business owners are not dumb, but they are very particular.

How do I know? 

I have been offline marketing for the past 5 years.

I have been told “NO” more times than I have been told “YES.”

But I figured out one thing……

If you don’t have tools to education local business owners as to why they should hire you to help them with their marketing, there is a good chance you will be told NO more times than YES as well.

So I put together a set of tools for you that you can use to position yourself as the expert.

I have a total package here. 

In this package you get:

1) A Rebrandable Windows Software that you can use to send to local business owners to educate them as to WHY they need to be marketing their business on the internet.  The software includes 6 educational videos that will help local business owners understand why they need to market their business online. 

2) Access to all the Videos included in this package that you can use to add to squeeze pages, add to your website, or just create a YouTube channel

3) Infographics Package that you can use to add to your website, post on a variety of websites, use to create your own videos, etc.

Read on so you can find out more about this awesome offline marketing pack…….

Part 1: Rebrandable Windows Software Helps Build List of Local Business owners

The first part of this package of tools is the Rebrandable Windows software. 

This software is a great tool for local business owners because it educates them as to why its so important to market their business online.

The videos include:

1) 3 Ways to Drive Local Traffic Using Facebook

2) 5 Ways your business can survive Mobilegeddon

3) 6 Critical Elements that Every Business Needs

4) 5 Steps to Getting New Customers on Demand

5) 5 Ways YouTube can Help Your Business

6) How to Get Positive Reviews for your Business

The videos play as soon as the user presses one of the buttons. 

You can rebrand the title, the video buttons (you cant change the button text, but you can change the video they play) plus you can force your users to get a “Registration Code” before they can use the software. 

In case you read that too fast, let me explain how valuable that “Registration Code” is.

When you give away your software, your local business clients are going to want to use it right away so they can start learning all the marketing techniques that will hlep their business.

But before they use it, they need to get a registration code. 

The best part is you have FULL CONTROL over the registration code and where to get the code. 

So you can send them to an optin page, they give you their email address, and you send them the registration code to use the software. 


You just collected an email address from a local business owner without them even realizing they gave it up.

Pretty sneaky right? 

Well, most people are not willing to give up their email address so easily anymore, but we figured out a way around that.

When you Rebrand your software, you will get to choose what registration code to use, and where to get the registration code.  

You send them to an email optin form, and you collect an email everytime.  

Do you see how easy it will be to collect email addresses now? 

Plus, you willl be getting emails from real business owners, they ACTUALLY want help.  Now you can send them an email and let them know more about you. 

Check Out the video, I probably explain it a little better in the video….. 

Part 2: Custom Informational Videos

You get 6 brand new videos in MP4 format. 

You can do anything you want with the videos, here are a few ideas: 

  • You can add them to video sharing sites. 
  • You can add your own branding to the end of the videos. 
  • You can add them to your website to become the expert in offline marketing. 

Every video encourages local business owners to hire you as a marketing consultant…..  

You also get every PowerPoint presentation and graphics that were used to create these videos.  This gives you the ability to change anything or even add to the ready made videos. 

And that’s not all….

Take a look at this awesome infographic pack…..

You also get a pack of 6 infographics that you can use to print out, create new videos, or just add to your website for more credibility. 

You get the PSD files, along with GIMP files so you can easily edit these infographics with all of your own information. 

Just Follow These Simple Steps:

Step One:

Rebrand Your the software app using our 1-minute branding utility, and have all links going to your sites, especially the registration link.

Step Two:

Give away the software to as many local business owners as possible.  Be the hero on your local area by providing training, and educating them, not just the guy who wants to SELL them something all the time. 

Step Three:

When the local biz owner runs the software, they will be prompted to “REGISTER” for the software, and that registration link will lead them to your optin form so they can get their registration code.

Step Four:

Contact your new leads via email to see if they need any help with any offline services.  Make sure you follow up, ask them if they have any questions about online marketing and ask them if they would like a “FREE Consultation.”

Step Five:

Show them the entire menu of your services and get ready to Collect your check!! 

Still not convinced You NEED THIS?

Here are some reasons why adding this tool to your mobile tool belt will give you some great advantages to using this pack. 

Advantages like…

  •    You can  position yourself as the EXPERT in local marketing in your local area. 
  •    Gives you the ability to build a list of local business owners that are interested in your software so you can market to   them and find out how you can help. 

  •    Create your own YouTube Channel to show more of your EXPERT information.

  •     Add Infographics to your blog or website to promote your offline services. 

  •     Ability to Educate your clients, qualifying them as a customer before you close the deal. 

100% Guarantee!

Of course we guarantee our product.  If you are not happy, then neither are we.  Just ask us for a refund and we will take care of it.  

But trust us, for the price you are going to pay for this package of goodies, it will be well worth it, we guarantee it. 

Buy Now, Price Rises on Every Sale! 

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