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Save time and money by Ultra boosting your links and getting super fast rankings using high quality backlinking software.

Dear SEOs, Marketers, Web site owners..

If you’d like to take your rankings, sales and cash flow to a massively higher level in the next 30 days then this page will show you how.

Be warned though….

The door will slam shut on this opportunity after a certain number of savvy buyers have taken up what I have on offer.

You’re about to learn one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your rankings and traffic that I’ve seen in years.

Sound good?

Before I say anymore….Let me ask you a quick question…

Are you still wasting time with back linking
strategies that deliver poor results?

I know I was.

I would spend days building backlinks only to watch my sites floundering in the rankings and getting nowhere fast. I was struggling to get any results when I discovered that the majority of my SEO efforts were 100% the right things to do!!!

WHAT!! Seriously??? How??

Yes and my SEO efforts included:

  • Posting quality content
  • Generating high PR backlinks
  • Blog Networks
  • Video sites
  • Etc etc

It can be mind-numbingly boring and such a waste of time.

ALL my links were good quality BUT… I had sites that were still not ranking?

I realized that up to 80% of the high quality links generated were never seen.

Do you know that most site owners waste, on average, 80% of their SEO efforts?

Do you realize that this issue will be affecting the rankings on your site right now?

Yes this issue is real and is affecting you!!!

Over the past two years I’ve seen this on thousands of client sites and it is always the same issue. Maybe you’ve even tried outsourcing your SEO process only to end up with a load of spammy links that have no effect on your rankings.


You have a shop in a small side street in a particular town and that your shop is the best shop in the world with products that are simply amazing.  Imagine further, that you have spent thousands of dollars in advertising for this shop – maybe on TV or newspapers

You would expect that the shop would become the ‘must go to place’ in that area and that lots of items would be sold. Yes?

Well what if all your advertising was never seen – it went out on TV channels that…., or in newspapers that … or the adverts were lost amongst tons of other ads… and no one knew that your shop actually existed in that street!

People just walked past the end of the road every single day and nobody ever saw your shop or your fantastic products?

This would kill your business right? Of course it would.

This is exactly what is happening to your website and thousands of other site owners today.

But there is a solution…

18 months ago I stumbled across this strategy which uses a mix of selected traditional link techniques together with our unique new ‘Link Boostology’…

And from then on things changed dramatically – for the better!

This solution brought me back from the edge and I now owe most of my high rankings to ‘Link Boostology’ strategic linking.

Here’s why ‘Link Boostology’ is the answer to
higher rankings and more sales…

Supreme Authority

Strategic linking can get you ranked.

Staying power

That backlink can maintain your position for years to come.

Boosted Ultra Links

All your wasted links are recovered and re-generated with new links for highly effective SEO.

More Google love

as you ultra boost and recycle your links and your link profile.

Higher rankings

as you can drip feed your recycled inbound links.

Boost your sales

with higher rankings come more traffic and more sales.

Trusted Links are Created

You create links that Google loves.

No spam or private IP’s

I do NOT create any spam links. All links come from several different platforms for link diversity as well as authority sites.

Builds Website trust

using trusted link technologies and link recycling. So NO high link velocity ratio’s that would trigger google filters. So very safe.

And it’s 100% Google and Bing safe

In the past you could just put up a site, throw thousands of links to it and it would rank. But then Google disapproved and changed their algorithmsI’ve been protected from Google’s Panda, Penguin and other zoo-type slap downs for well over 18 months now and the best of all –  No-one else has been doing this the way I am.

These dark times are a thing of the past now I have a good strategy in place.

So what did I do to make this happen??

I built a software platform that does all the difficult strategic work behind the scenes and added a simple software front end to allow links to be added quickly and easily.  I call this software…


The software schedules and recycles links and uses several technologies to ‘ultra boost’ those links and recover the 80% wasted SEO on your site. The speed and variety of boosting combined with link creation is the key.

And it is all  so simple to setup and run that my young 9 year old daughter was able to setup the whole process for her own ‘first school blog’ and got tremendous results in a matter of weeks – and all on auto pilot.

Now Pay Close Attention

Here are some of the stats from my clients’ sites.

Spot when I started using Link Alchemist with the clients site…


Used Link Alchemist from October 2014



Used Link Alchemist from June 2014.

As Dan Kennedy says…

Money Loves Speed

The more strategic links you build to more sites, the faster you’re going to make money.

Link Alchemist has completely transformed my online business and enabled me to get rankings I’d never even dreamed of before.

The bottom line is that you need to be using every ounce of link juice from quality links pointing to your site to keep your sales and affiliate clicks growing all the time.

You now have an opportunity to use the same software and link infrastructure that I do and get my strategic ‘ultra boostology’ linking for your own site and boost up your rankings.

Think this is just another Backlinking software tool? Think again…

Link Alchemist blows its competitors out
of the water… because…

All link drip feeding is randomized through each platform

Google actually likes this type
of linking

Long term drip feeding is built in with link recycling

You actually recover links using the software

Everything is setup in under
2 minutes

Quality proven links + diverse platforms used

The 80% of previous efforts can be reclaimed

Beta testers saw ranking changes in 5-7 days of using the software

The platforms and sites in the software are not made public so will not be hit by future Google updates

This Is Your Current Website

80% Wasted SEO Effort =
POOR Rankings & POOR sales

This is Your Site Using Link Alchemist

More link juice from your SEO Effort =
Top Rankings, More traffic and More Sales

Here’s how easy it is to setup a campaign with Link Alchemist

NOTE: Don’t let the ease of setup fool you. This software is ultra powerful.

Let this be the year you flood your money sites
with more traffic than ever before

Now the really important part

You’re going to be shocked when you find out just how little you need to invest to claim your copy of this ‘ultra link boosting’  technology today.

The Link Alchemist software includes
the following features:

All link technologies and platforms

Drip feeding scheduler

Link recycling option

Flexible scheduling options up to 364 days on auto pilot

Keyword / phrase rotation

Description spinning if required

URL list randomization to further enhance drip linking

+ more

The Licence Options

icon-24Basic licence allows1,000 content linksper month to be generated.

Pro licence allows5,000 content linksper month to be generated.

icon-24Elite licence allows12,000 content links per month to be generated.

Your Link Alchemist plus all of the built in technologies, link drip feeding, flexible scheduling and content link creation is available today for the special price below.

Why so low in price? Well that’s simple…this is new technology that will help you and your web sites when it comes to rankings.

The price reflects a simple commitment from me to you that allows you to try out a quality product,and all its tremendous features, to  will help you rank your sites And allI ask in return is that you send me a quick testimonial as soon as you’ve tried it and seen what amazing results you get.


Take the plunge right now and get your hands on this powerful link building software today.

You need to act today… as in right now!

See below for the current release price. Once I have all the testimonials I need the price WILL be going up so if you delay you will miss out on this tremendous ultra-low price ‘and will be kicking yourself in a month’s time when your competition are the top dogs in your niche.


I have to admit that Link Alchemist is a snap to set up. I have used other so called push button software in an effort to improve my SEO rank but they just didn’t work. Some of them moved my rank down.

All I did was spin a few keywords and a short description, fired up Link Alchemist and added a few urls, then set the scheduler, that’s it. It took less than 5 minutes to complete.

Link Alchemist even sends email notifications whenever a run is complete.

So, now Link Alchemist is running in the background, is it working? I added 10 websites, some of them have lost their rank in Google and Bing over the years but they were on page one in their day. I also added a new website that had no rank at all.

Does Link Alchemist live up to its claims?

In one word, YES. I started tracking my SEO rank for the sites I added and to my surprise the older sites perked up and I was seeing upward movement in just a few days. The new site was also starting to rank. I tracked the SEO rank on a daily basis and found Bing was moving up 20 to 45 on some keywords taking my older sites back to where they belong, this is good. Google was a bit slower but they started moving my sites up in smaller increments 5 to 20 per keyword.

Conclusion: You won’t find a better deal than Link Alchemist, I am using the Elite version priced at $37. This is a steal, I am a web designer and SEO is part of the game. I have spent a fortune on software that did nothing since Google decided to go ballistic a few years ago. Pander, Penguin and whatever other monkey they throw our way, it makes me crazy.

Bottom line: Link Alchemist was simple to set up and use and it actually does what it was intended to do. Improve Your SEO Rank in a painless way. I have spent 100’s per month to do the exact same thing in the past, not anymore.

Vin Andella

Vin Andellahttp://vinbo.com

This software is so easy to set up, my mother could use it! Plug and play at its best!

Elaine Mcnabb

Elaine Mcnabb

I was excited to be one of the beta testers for Steve’s new program – Link Alchemist. I have and use several other of his programs, so I know what he is capable of providing! I was a little “disappointed” with the beta test process. But not for any of the reasons that are probably popping into your mind. I was disappointed because I really didn’t have to do much of anything!!

Sure, the testers turned up a couple (pretty minor) problems. But Steve got those fixed lickety split and back we went to testing. And the testing amounted to creating a project and adding your keywords, a short description, and your URL(s). Then you just let it run. Oh, you can get more “sophisticated” if you want…you can add more projects – ha! And that’s it…Link Alchemist does the rest! I’m going to volunteer for the next product he needs to beta test as well…this was too easy! Thanks, Steve!

David Ashenfelder

David Ashenfelder

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