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Solo ads & ad swaps have kicked the bucket. Sending cold traffic to a squeeze page can kill your funnel conversions. SEO & PPC are risky as hell. So how are you to build a top-shelf email list in 2015, 2016, and beyond?

Let Me Show You How to Transform a Single Piece of Easily-Sourced Content Into A Virtual Empire That Puts More First-Class Subscribers and Even White Hot BUYERS On Your List Cheaply, Quickly, and Easily! 

And How You Can Easily Scale This Operation Until You’re Financially FREE and Living the Life of Your Dreams!


Are you ready to finally become the hero? 

Wouldn’t it take away so much pain and replace it with 100% pure pleasure to know that you can fund your entire life… and truly come through for the ones you love, earning their pride and never-ending devotion?

And wouldn’t you just LOVE to do it in a way that makes you genuinely happy?

No more long, grueling, totally fruitless hours.

No more disappointing yourself and your family, while simultaneously feeding the egos of all those nay-saying jerkbags who tell you it can’t be done.

No more wondering “if.”

And certainly no more swinging from one business idea to the next like a damn monkey… going nowhere in an endless forest of despair.

No more struggling. No more suffering. No more fear.

Not for you, my friend. Not anymore.

There is a much better way to live, and it’s right around the corner. It’s always open to those who seek it. And when you truly discover its power to regenerate your entire financial world… whoa freakin’ nelly!

So what is this better way?

What should you be doing to turn your life around starting today?

The Answer Isn’t a Mystery At All…

I don’t know how you found this page. I don’t know how long you’ve been involved with internet marketing. But there is a wildly overused phrase that has been tossed around for many years… and it still gets tossed around today.

The phrase is simply this: the money is in the list.

And while many wise-asses (including myself) might come along and tell you that the money is actually in your relationship with the list… or it’s in the strength of your sales funnel… or whatever…

The fact remains that list building and email marketing are where the big, ongoing dollars are being generated. It’s how lives are being transformed… right now. Yes, even as you’re reading these very words!

It’s how I personally went from losing my family, living in a homeless shelter, and working from the public library to having my own place, owning a shiny new ride, and buying myself and my son whatever we want whenever we want it.

It’s a really nice life. It’s a life that I’m proud to have built from the ground – nay, the gutter – up.

Let Me Ask You a Question…

While I’m not really allowed to make income claims, there is something I’d like to know. How much different would your life look if you were bringing in just an extra $50 a day? And I mean, the money was actually paid into your PayPal account all day long… throughout the day… instantly!

I can’t tell you how often I go out to a nice dinner with my kiddo… or a lady friend… and we’re talking about a really nice, $100+ dinner here… and when I come home and check my PayPal account, I actually have MORE money than I had when I left the house!

This happens to me all the time. I’m making money faster than I can spend it! 

And this is all thanks to the mighty power of list building and email marketing. Really. Nothing more. 

Hola! My name is Lee Murray.

It’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to chat with you a bit today.

I sure hope I’m not coming across as Braggy McEgoton here. But it’s incredibly important to me that you know who I am, what I’ve achieved, and more vitally, what I can do to help you to achieve the life that youreally want… right now, and well into the future.

I want you to really understand what’s possible; but also what’s realistic.

Now, I’m hardly rich. And I’m not here to pretend otherwise. Nope, I am not a wealthy man.

But I am WELL on my way! This stuff is totally scalable, with no ceiling in sight!

Setting all that aside, however, consider this…

I NEVER Have to:

  • Clock in at any particular time
  • Answer to anyone other than myself
  • Do anything I don’t want to do
  • Adhere to a set schedule
  • Deal with any annoying co-workers
  • Ask for vacation time
  • Remain in a single location
  • Miss out on my son’s life
  • Kiss anyone’s ass
  • Break a sweat
  • Wear any particular attire… or any attire at all! 
  • Remain sober on the job
  • Talk to anyone face-to-face
  • Put my life on hold
  • Wait until payday to have money
  • Commute to work
  • Etc.

Come to think of it… maybe I am rich! 

And if you’ll allow me, I will be honored to help you achieve this same type of freedom – and to live the life that YOU want to be living – in far less time than it took me. I can help you do it right… the first time around.

Because as great as this business model happens to be, there is a wrong way to go about it. And the longer I’m in this business, the more I’m able to clearly identify what this wrong way is. Unfortunately, it’s what most folks are doing.

So Before You Get Too Excited, Understand This…

List building ain’t what it used to be.

Once upon a time, an email marketer could set up a simple little squeeze page, drive some 15-cent-per-click Google Adwords traffic to it, and build a list of tens, if not even hundreds of thousands of subscribers in next to no time.

It used to be that solo ads were a good value. You’d get lots of quality leads on your list for peanuts. And these leads weren’t nearly as jaded as they are today.

As such, OTO’s converted better. Email open rates, click-through rates, and sales conversions were higher. People were easier to impress… and you had less legitimate competition, pure & simple.

If you wanted to build your list for free, you could run ad swaps or vie for top search engine rankings in order to achieve the income results you’d been craving. But now, each of these comes with its own inherent set of challenges…

Ad swaps can burn out your list very quickly, forcing you to rely on more and more of them just to keep your list stocked with a base level of subscribers. Not to mention the fact that the leads you do get are often very poor quality. You kinda feel like you’re selling your soul, truth be told.

Search engine traffic via SEO can be fantastic, but getting this traffic isn’t guaranteed. You have to compete your butt off with other savvy marketers for the same top rankings. It can get brutal and exhausting… and all your hard work can be for naught if Google decides to change their ranking algorithm.

Just ask the thousands of previously successful website owners who watched their incomes vanish overnight when a certain bird and bear duo was unleashed upon the world.

No bueno.

In any event, I don’t mean to be all doom-and-gloom, and I hope I’m not talking over your head with all this IM jargon. Let me simplify my message here, cool?

Fact: List building (combined with effective email marketing) is by far the most profitable online business model on Earth. By far. Hands down. No rival.

You may argue that “product creation” is more powerful… but what is info product creation, really? It’s a means by which to build an email list! Right?

You think selling a $17 e-book is gonna make you rich? Not unless you sell 100,000 copies. But what if you build a customer base of just 7500 people via email? You’d better believe you can get rich like that!

Fact: The most powerful type of email list is a buyers list. That is, people who aren’t just opting in to get free information, but people who have actually pulled out their credit cards and proven their likelihood to be a lifetime customer.

The next most powerful type of email list is a list of subscribers who have come to know you through your content, rather than just blindly opting in via some type of advertising. Perhaps they’ve watched your videos, read your blog posts, viewed your forum threads, picked up your free report(s)… etc.

Fact: What I’m about to share with you focuses exclusively on getting you set up with these two types of rocket-powered email lists, thereby making your job more clear-cut, simple, effective, inspiring, and wickedly profitable!

Not only that, but you’re going to find this to be refreshingly fun, perfectly scalable, and easier than just about anything you’ve ever done online.

That’s because you only need to be able to count to ONE.


The power of one.

Just one piece of easily-sourced content each week can set you free. 

Listen. The power of a single article cannot be overstated. It can become:

  • Your user engagement.
  • Your sales material.
  • Your product.
  • Your email.
  • Your video.
  • Your authority site.
  • Your lead magnet.
  • Your relationship builder.
  • Your brand builder.
  • Your search engine love.
  • Your TRAFFIC!
  • Your buyers list.
  • Your ongoing, passive income.
  • Your life-long leverage.

What I’m going to show you inside “That One Article” is very specific. And it’s very simple. It’s about leverage. That means getting the maximum reward for the minimum amount of effort.

It’s easy. 

Once you know the secret of re-purposing your content in the most leveraged way possible, you can do it over and over and over again… practically in your sleep.

It’s fast.

Remember, you don’t have to be constantly writing. You take one article, copy it, paste it, and distribute it in a key set of places and formats.

It’s passive.

Once your article has been distributed, it makes you money and brings you white-hot traffic on autopilot… even while you sleep!

It’s scalable.

Because of the passive nature of the income this process can generate, each week, as you add a new article to the mix, your income rises. Remember, all the other articles you’ve distributed will still be working for you. 

As such, you’re not replacing anything or compensating for dried-up revenue sources. You’re adding to totally viable ones! 

Questions and Answers:

Q: Lee, who will this work for?

A: Literally anyone. You need no special skills or experience to make this work. I take you by the hand and walk you through the process every little step of the way!

Q: How much of a financial investment does this method require?

A: The basic cost of doing online business, really. Domain, hosting, autoresponder, and optional softwares, themes, etc. You could “brass tacks” your way to glory for less than 20-30 bucks a month. No biggie.

Q: Lee, if this is so great, then why are you only charging 5 bucks for it?

A: Because I do whatever the hell I want. 

Seriously, the cheaper I price this, the more people will buy. The process won’t get saturated in a hundred years, so I’m not worried about diluting its effectiveness. So why the heck not? More people enter my funnel… I build a better business and provide immense value. Everyone wins!

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Duh. 60 days. No questions asked. 100% risk-free. That’s how I roll. 

Q: Are there any upsells (OTOs)?

A: Yeah, a couple of ’em. The first one is my Lead Capture Pack, where I share three totally unique ways to get people on your list. You get my award-winning Health Market Gold: Affiliates Edition (along with four INSANE bonuses), Click for More, and Down and Dirty List Building 2. 

This package will help you choose which type of lead capture system you want to build, and will give you a whole plethora of new ideas and strategies that have changed the way that thousands of people all over the world have run their businesses.

The second OTO is my “Email Slick Mega Pack.” Here, you learn the finest email marketing strategies available on the market… but you also get over 100 DFY emails that you can load into your autoresponder and run alongside your “That One Article” business!

Neither of these upsells is required to make “That One Article” work. But they can each play a role in you maximizing your profitability. No question.

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