[GET] Leadsnaps Drag & Drop Page Builder DOWNLOAD

[GET] Leadsnaps Drag & Drop Page Builder DOWNLOAD

Best Ever Drag & Drop SqueezePage, 
SalesPage & FacebookPage Builder. Period.

7 Sexy Ready Made Templates. 60 Second Setup.

Easy Drag & Drop Page Builder

Create professional web pages without any coding involved

DFY Elements and Pages

Sleek designed and easy to customize web elements to choose from

Seamless Facebook Integration

Integrate your web pages to your Facebook fanpage in just a few clicks

Conversion-oriented Designs

Get well-structured and sleek designed pages to boost your sales

Seamless Autoresponder Integration

Leadsnaps works well with all the major autoresponder systems

Facebook Integration

Easily integrate your Leadsnaps designed webpages to your Facebook fanpage. Have any page linked to your fanpage with just three clicks, hassle free, fast, and easy.

Autoresponder Integration

Leadsnaps supports all the major autoresponder system in the market today such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, SendReach and a whole lot more.

Funnel Integration

Easily create funnel pages for your products with this easy funnel integration feature. Leadsnaps guarantee a well-structured, effective and sleek funnel page outputs.

Easy Facebook Integration

Integration your pages on Facebook with Leadsnaps can be done in with just a few clicks. With this feature you would be able to post to drive more traffic to your website with the help of the most popular social network today. No need to get a social media marketer to have your site viewed by many, you can accomplish it with this system.

Just link your Facebook fanpage to the Leadsnaps system, design the page you want to build, publish it and enjoy an increase in traffic on your new site.

Mobile Ready Templates

Every website is going mobile. If your webpages are not mobile yet then you are losing a lot of money every day. Our blocks and templates are designed to be mobile ready. This means that all the functionality of your website on desktop view is the same as the one on mobile. Your customers or site visitors won’t find it hard to navigate on your site in any device if they are made from Leadsnaps. 

Mobile industry is a going market, with a lot of traffic coming from these compact devices having your websites mobile ready is a great advantage. Drive more traffic from any device without compromising your sites’ design and functionality with Leadsnaps.

Detailed Analytics Display

Get up to the minute analytics of your website with Leadsnaps’ analytics function. The system provides you traffic information of your website, and would then give you an insight if it is doing well or a campaign if being picked up by your desired audience.

With this helpful function, you would know what to change and to retain on your website in order to boost your traffic or meet your desired target. No need to have a separate plugin to analyze your site for you, Leadsnaps can do it better and faster.

SEO Friendly Designs

We give you a boost on search engine ranking with our SEO friendly designs. Every page you create can be properly tracked and tagged in order for it to be seen instantly in online searches. Simply update the page settings with the right information about your site and appropriate meta keywords and tags you’d then be able to have a boost on your search engine ranking.

No need to hire SEO specialists to it for you, be your own site’s SEO specialist with Leadsnaps. Save more time and get an instant boost upon publish of your site with this awesome software.

Detailed Tutorial Feed

Leadsnaps was designed to be very easy to use and user-friendly. However, if you get confused on certain aspects about the system we got that covered for you! We have a detailed tutorial sections which contains the common processes and things that you would encounter when using this system.

We are updating it and adding additional videos to this page from time to time. Get descriptive and easy to follow tutorials with just a few clicks away.

Create Your Websites Through Leadsnaps

Easily create any type of websites without any coding experience and with less hassle. Leadsnaps gives
you tons of options that would help you make your task easy so you could start earning or getting traffic.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

The easiest method to build any type of webpages. Select an element from the wide range of design templates available on our system and put it anywhere in your page.

Host on Our Server

You have the option to export your finished web page designs from Leadsnaps or host it on our server. You can easily host all your web pages with us, it is more secure efficient.

Reach Potential Customers

Since our Leasnaps output has conversion-oriented and sleek designs, you would be able to reach a lot of potential customers. High extra traffic and great sales returns are guaranteed.

imgGenerate Leads

Improve your list drastically by making use of different and popular social media sites. Leadsnaps comes with an awesome that would allow you to link your designed pages to social media platforms.

imgCreate Fanpage Easily

Setup your business or personal Facebook fanpage with the help of Leadsnaps. Fanpages woud help you drive more traffic to your local pages and even get in touch with your loyal and potential customers.

imgBoost Your Ranking

Easily get your ranking up by harnessing the power of social media, having your pages integrated to your Facebook fanpage would mean more visits and views which in turn gives you high profile ranking.

The Leadsnaps Possibilities

You have read above how awesome this system is and how easy it is to use. On this section you are going to 
see some of the sleek templates that we have included on your Leadsnaps purchase. Check them out below

Landing Page

Create a landing page instantly with our full landing page template. Just customize with your own products and contents and it is redy to be published.

Optin Squeeze Page

Promote your products and offers in a sleek way with our well-designed Optin page. Easy to update and customize to save you a lot of time and effort.

Video Squeeze Page

Get more noticed with our sleek and modern video squeeze pages. Use our ready made pages on this block and expect a good turn around of traffic and sales.

Sales Page

With our complete and strategically designed Sales page you are assured of great sales output on every product that you sell. Just customize and you’re good to go.

Webinar Signup Page

Invite more audience to your webinars by using one of our ready-made webinar templates. More convenient and less time consuming so you could focus on other matters.

CPA Landing Page

Create sleek and perfect CPA pages by using any from our ready-made elements. Our CPA pages are strategically designed so that the client would see every information right away.

Video sales Page

One of the most important pages in online marketing is a Video sale Page. We took extra time to create an awesome Video sale Page for you and one that works well on any product.

Thank You Pages

A good client should have a good impression on you that’s why our Thank You pages have one of the best designs in the market. Easy to customize and publish.

img Boost Your Sales

Leadsnaps templates were designed properly to help you boost your sales which would give your higher earings. Each elements were placed accordingly to drive sales to your account.

img Build Your Lists

Interact with your clients and customers fast and easy with hundreds of elements to choose from our system. Easily add autoresponder systems for an easier communication with your clients.

img Build Engagement

Interact with your clients and customers fast and easy with hundreds of elements to choose from our system. Easily add autoresponder systems for an easier communication with your clients.

Full Packed with Awesome Features

We made sure that your Leadsnaps purchase and experience will be worth it. We have spent so much time and effort 
to create this system and made sure that every function would help you attain your goals of creating professional websites
fast and easy. Below are just some of the awesome pages you could produce with our system.


Add sleek timers on any page easily on our Timer block


Make your website more interactive by adding sleek sliders


Stand out and provide emphasis by choosing the right header

About Us

Introduce your site through our sleek about us layouts

Feature Boxes

Add feature boxes for giving emphasis on new items


Showcase your wors using our sleek and clean portfolio designs


Show the team behind your firm by adding nice team section


You made several customers satisfied, show case their feedbacks


Add a detailed pricing table on your page fast and easy


Choose from different and well-designed dividers for your page

JV funnels

Ready-made and easy to edit funnels can be added fast and easy

Client section

Showcase the people you’ve worked with by adding client section

Contact Form

Allow your customers to reach you fast and easy by form


Give your site that sleek final touch from our footer block

Why Choose Leadsnaps

If you are still not convinced with what this awesome system can do we have enumerated the best features that 
would help you with your business on the tables below. Check them out and decide for yourself.

img   Perfect for Online Marketers

  • Cost-effective, no need to hire developers and graphic designers just to get your website done.
  • No coding or technical knowledge needed, just choose the element that you need and put it on your site.
  • High quality and strategically designed pages that would easily give you high conversions and good sales.
  • Create Funnel pages for your products fast and easy, each funnel were designed effectively for you.
  • Autoresponder integration so you could interact with your clients fast and easy, supports all mahor autoresponder system in the market.

img   Perfect for Offline Marketers

  • Cost-effective, no need to hire developers and graphic designers just to get your website done.
  • No coding or technical knowledge needed, just choose the element that you need and put it on your site.
  • Done for you website templates that you can use and edit for any niche like salon, restaurant among others.
  • User friendly interface for easy navigation on creating any type of pages that you want.
  • Professional and sleek website outputs that are conversion-oriented so you could drive more traffic and boost your online ranking


Timed Events and Gateways

Add a sleek countdown timer to your websites that gets the attention of your clients to act quickly. Each timer goes along so well with our professional sales and bonus pages which are perfect when you are launching a product.


Easy Styling Options

Customize your website fast and easy with this easy styling options. You would be able to change the colors of the elements, upload images, change font, sizes and a whole lot more. No technical knowledge required.

Easy to Understand Tutorials

We understand your need to have a guide on creating certain things on this awesome software. That is why we have created a dedicated page that you can easily access on the system itself. Whenever you are creating a page you can easily hop to our tutorials page if you have quick clarrifications on certain matters.

From building webpages to publishing them, we got that covered. With Leadsnaps’dedicated tutorial page every question or concern will be answered right away. No need to wait for support personnnel to attend to your tickets we have a detailed and complete tutorial page accesible for you!

Our Customer Reviews


A complete, drag & drop, dedicated marketing and sales funnel solution is not very easy to come by. And when it does it usually is very expensive sometimes costing more than $2,000. 
My search for a complete and evolutionary website and sales funnel builder eventually paid off when I was introduced to Lead Snaps. Leadsnaps can be secured at a fraction of the cost. It offers the same functionally. It improves upon other funnels in that it integrates directly into Facebook. 
I’ve spent many months trying to put a sales funnel together. 
With Leadsnaps. It’s done in a snap. 
Congratulations Prady, Looking forward to your next innovation.

Amien Jacobs

Founder: The Great Niche

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I host the pages myself?

    Ans : Yes, you can export created templates & upload it on your server.

  • If I have a question about LeadSnaps, is there someone I can talk to?

    Ans : Yes, you can contact our support at http://themesocial.zendesk.com. We will answer your questions ASAP.

  • Who owns the data / content / subscribers?

    Ans : You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. LeadSnaps doesn’t have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason. LeadSnaps is just a tool for YOU to deliver YOUR content!

  • Easy Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Seamless Facebook Integration
  • Conversion-oriented and Sleek Output
  • Seamless Integration with Autoresponders
  • Lead Generating Web Pages
  • Professional Templates Available
  • Funnel Integration
  • Affordable Hosting Service
  • Easy Website Export Process
  • 30 Day Money 
    Back Guarantee

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