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That’s not going to happen, but what you are about to see is as close as it gets…

“Discover the EASIEST Way EVER for Newbies Just Like You To Make Your Cash Online ”

From the desk of: Josh Mayers

Dear Struggling Newbie,

Are you having a hard time making any sales in your online business?

Does everything seem confusing to you, and you just don’t know where to start?

Believe me when I tell you, I was exactly in your shoes. In fact, in the Newbie stage of Internet Marketing, things are always made much more complicated than they really are!

I went through years of struggling and failure before I ever saw my first dollar online.

I was investing so much time and money, with very little to no return! Honestly, I felt like a hamster on the wheel. No matter how hard I tried to make money online, it just wasn’t happening.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Really frustrating right?!

Online marketing can be very difficult when you’re not headed in a specific direction. By specific direction, I mean the right direction on a guaranteed path to success.

Frankly, if you’re just winging it, it’s the same as shooting in the dark. 
You are going to get..

. . . NOWHERE!

Mainly, what you need to succeed online is a step by step plan of exactly what you are supposed to do, and how you are supposed to do it. 

. . . this is where I come in to save you the time, frustration, and money, and show you the easiestway that you can get affiliate commissions deposited into your Paypal account with only a few hours of work.

Hi, my name is Josh Mayers, and if you’re struggling to profit from your list, or do not have a list to profit from, I believe that I have the solution to your problem that you are experiencing.

Whether you have made money on the Warrior Forum before, or if you haven’t made a single dollaronline, then this is for you!


Lead Profits is a 29 page guide that shows you the easiest method on how you can, LITERALLY, profit from every subscriber that enters your list!

In this simple, but extremely profitable report, this is what you will learn:

– An awesome affiliate network to sign up with for quick affiliate commissions!
– The correct offers to promote to rake in easy cash!
– A secret that will allow you to advertise your affiliate links anywhere!
– How to make special offers that your subscribers just won’t pass up!
– How to make easy and consistent Warrior Profits as a newbie or experienced marketer.

Rather experienced, or not, you can still implement this method to scale up to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in profit!

So, my question to you is what do you think this information would be worth to you? If I guarantee you that this report could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars of profit stuffed into YOUR pockets, what would it all be worth?

Well, I would say that it depends on whether you will purchase my report and throw it aside into the WSO dead. . . or if you will actually take the time to learn what I have here for you, and actually apply it to create the results that you want.

In fact, I 100% guarantee you that if you take action today, and purchase my report, you will make money!

To put the cherry on top of the 100% guarantee of money being made, if you apply what I teach, and don’t see a single dollar in affiliate commissions, I promise to refund you every cent!

Sound fair?

With all this being said, you have nothing to lose, and nothing but pure profit to gain by getting this report. All you would need to do is make a small investment of only

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