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If you think that product launches are “boring” and “take too much effort,” well…think again, because you are about to discover HOW you can pull hundreds per day , per product…and you can repeat this process as many times as YOU want!


Subject: $1,000 Paydays with your own products?
From: Yair Dolev (Expert product creator and Internet marketing ninja)


I want your undivided attention.

In just a few moments, I will provide you with my killer product launch system responsible for generating me over $5,257 every month over the last months…

And the best part?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie or someone without any prior experience.

My product launch formula is so devastatingly powerful, that once you start launching your products AND begin making over $1,000 per day, there’s nothing else that you will want to do all day!

Let Me Take You by the Hand and Show YOU the Secrets Behind Generating $172 – $317 Per Day Worth Of Sales… Which Equals a Mind-Breaking $5,172 per Month!

Look, I know that you are used to bold claims and being fed up with utter BS lately.

And if you are skeptical, I completely get it.

It’s normal to feel this way when you truly want to make this IM game work and find that heartless sellers only provide you with dreams and bogus “systems” that don’t work…they only sound good on paper.

But I am here to bring you a fresh change and hand you a product launch method that WILL generate you money. Period.

You Only Need Few Hours per Week!

You heard it right: Why slave away in front of your computer?

Listen, I don’t know about you, but once I started with product launches I had another goal in mind besides making as much money as possible…

And that was NOT to spend the whole day glued to my computer.

Who wants that?

Well, certainly NOBODY.

With the system that I am about to introduce you, you don’t need to be enslaved by your computer…in fact, with only one hour per day you can run the whole show!

That’s Me on Holidays with My Family in Thailand for 2 Months…and Only 1 Single, Tiny Product Paid for It!

Have a look at the pictures below:

That’s me on a vacation in Thailand for 2 months…and ONE single product generated me enough money to pay for the entire trip (that’s HOW effective my product launch formula is).

Check out Some Testimonials….

See what a 6 figure product creator has to say about Launch Revolution…
Originally Posted by williamrs View Post
I was having a look on the WSOs and decided to stop by to say a few words about Yair and his product.

I have been talking to Yair for a few weeks now and I also had the opportunity to have a look inside Launch Revolution.

As a product creator myself and the author of some well-known coaching programs such as CPA Superstars and CPA Evolution, I can tell that the training Yair has put together is consistent, actionable and can produce great results if implemented.

If you would like to learn how to create and launch products starting from zero, don’t think twice and jump on board. The small investment will be easily recouped and multiplied if you put everything that you learn inside Launch Revolution into practice.

Yair is also a great guy who is always looking to help others and will provide top-notch support.

6 Figures Product Creator is Saying…

Originally Posted by Matthew Olson View Post
I checked out Yair’s WSO and I have to say this is one of the best
product creation courses I’ve seen this year.

If you’re not creating your own products you’re missing out. Big Time. 
Product creation is one of the fastest and most proven business models. 
And I’m speaking from experience… I’ve been creating products since 
2009 and it’s the most lucrative activity I know.

If you’re a newbie, maybe you think product creation is over your head. 
Not true. The only barrier is in your mind, nowhere else. In my private
coaching I consistently see newbies creating high quality products that
sell like crazy.

But you know what? The actual creation process is the easiest part. 
It’s the extra steps, the actual promotional part that is the hardest 
(and the most important).

And that’s where Yair’s has you covered… he’s done an excellent job of
meticulously outlining every little detail.

I know from firsthand experience that what Yair teaches here works.
Highly recommended, check it out!

To your success,

Review By Jeffrey Poling

Review By Grigory Kononenko

“Hey Yair,
Ok – here is my review of your system 
As you know, I have already released a few products that did quite well.
So I was naturally interested to see what I can learn from your course.
… And here is what I learnt:
Your course makes it possible for a complete newbie, who has never released a product before, to come up with and create a successful product.
Not only that, you have actually then given a blueprint for how to launch it successfully, such as how to bring in affiliates.
AND, importantly, it has some great information for those who already have experience launching products and want to take their success to the next level, because you are sharing many advanced strategies.
I know you have been very successful with your previous launches, and when we talked on Facebook a few weeks ago you gave me some great pre-launch tips which I implemented and which worked very well.
I was very excited to see even more of those tips inside your course when I watched it tonight.
This is great, valuable and actionable content, delivered in an extremely professional package. This is a complete system.
Given the quality, I would have expected to pay $27 or more for this, so you are really giving it away 
Great stuff and well done! Highly recommended.
Review By Jones Lo
Originally Posted by Jones Lo View Post
This video course of “Launch Revolution” by Yair is the most effective and practical course of online business which I ever attend. 
It covers almost all the essential knowledge of internet marketing from setting a goal to everything about building up a successful and profitable online business.
The 4 modules of training videos provide a concise but intensive guidance for newbies as well as experienced marketers to seek for some extra tools and resources.
There are tons of bonuses and tools included in the course. And these videos, ebooks and templates can surely assist us along the way of our internet business! Only this is worth for the whole course!
I like the last extra module of 5 as it can further boost my profit to a higher level!
Overall it is a course which can’t miss for anyone who intend to success online and what an advantage if you can learn further by upgrade your account & get the ultimate bundle for your business! 

Launch Revolution

This is the ultimate and definitive product launch where you will learn how to generate your FIRST $100, to $500, even $1,000 and scale it up from there. This is a MIND-BLOWING course where nothing is left behind — so that you simply copy what you’ve learned and start easily and effortlessly churning out your profitable product…for MASSIVE paydays!

Launch Revolution consists of 5 complete modules with HD, step-by-step videos and dozens of resources that my product launch system is made of. I will also show you how to BUILD profitable lists full of buyers!

Here’s what you GET:


In this video you are going to determine WHAT your true objective is. This is a crucial step in order to make the system work, mainly, because if you don’t have a defined goal in mind you won’t be able to go anywhere. 


Niche Selection Process (BUYERS are what will make you money)

You will discover the secrets of choosing HOT and IN-DEMAND niches full of buyers ready to pull their credit cards out of their wallets and spend like crazy (they will buy from you, of course!). 
I will also show you a DUMB mistake that most marketers make when picking up a profitable niche and HOW to avoid it.


Product Creation (Let’s get the ball rolling!)
If you think that creating a product is complicated and requires a lot of time, you are wrong. I will provide you with my unique and off-the-grid 6-step guide that will allow you to churn out PROFITABLEand cash-inducing products in a heartbeat.
And there’s more…

  • How to recruit and attract JV partners (affiliates) with BIG lists that will send you unlimited traffic and generate you endless sales.
  • The easy way to come up with your “unique twist” that will allow you to come up with money-grabbing products – quickly and easily.
  • How to write compelling, sizzling-hot copy that will persuade your visitors into taking action (buying from you). I will provide you with a KILLER 9-step template that can be used in ANY niche!
  • How to conveniently package your product for your customers so they can enjoy and digest your products easily.


List Building (How to build a hot list of BUYERS that will buy from you over and over again)
We all are bored to death of hearing that money is on the list, but that’s the truth. In this module you will discover in a step-by-step way HOW to build a list of buyers that will become your loyal fans and buy from you over and over again.
And also:

  1. What kind of lists you should go after (and why this step is CRITICAL to your success and $1,000 days).
  2. How to separate your list for maximum efficiency (and profits).
  3. The right way to build a pre-launch sequence that will hype up your potential customers, create buzz, and excitement for them.


Traffic and Launch (Free traffic, JV affiliates, Conversions, WSO, Optimization, and MUCH more!)
It’s time to launch and completely CRUSH IT! In this exciting module, you will discover…

  • How to generate FREE traffic quickly – free traffic is the way to go if you don’t want to lose your t-shirt with PPC or other paid traffic techniques (that’s dangerous and unnecessary, FREE traffic is what YOU NEED).
  • The number one way to get even MORE affiliates on board to promote your product to the masses…so that you can make MORE money without too much effort! I will even show you WHERE to find them!
  • Efficient optimization techniques that will allow you to get SKY-HIGH conversion rates (these are the techniques that I personally use in my product launches…so they are time-tested and PROVEN).


If you want to double your list with a proven and effective method then you will absolutely dig this. In this bonus module I show you a weird, but DEADLY technique to double your list incredibly fast!


Once you get access to the members’ area, you will also have the unique opportunity to get access to dozens of resources that are needed in order to run the launch system and start generating over $150 per day!

FREE GIFT – Headlines

One of dozens of modules that are in the premium upgrade, with over 300 killer, profit -pulling headlines.

1 More Squeeze Page

Out of the premium package and from the dozens and dozens of squeeze pages, I decided to share with you 1 more squeeze page you can use.

2 WSO’s of the day…

You’ve heard me. You will get 4 WSO’s and 2 of them have got WSO of the day. These WSO’s are fresh, and are still selling for $7 or more and you are getting them FREE when you purchase Launch Revolution. Awesome right? Only these bonuses are worth more than what you are paying for this WSO…

And Much More!

Are You READY to Make Your First $100, $500, and even $1,000 Pay day?


-ONLY $4-

Your Money Is Safe, Don’t Worry. I Offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee…No Questions Asked!

My launch formula will make you money, believe it or not.

I understand that in the past you’ve been misled and feel pretty skeptical, and that’s understandable.

In order to show you HOW much trust I have in my system and that I am completely sure that once you put everything into action YOU will see results…I offer a, 30-days money-back guarantee.

Due to the nature of the business we offer an unadvertised 30 day modified refund policy….

Apply everything I teach and fail with proof… Get your money back. 

If you don’t, then no chance. I run a business and you would be surprised how many people just buy to have a peek.

I am sure this is not you, but people do do it and I need to protect the integrity of my business…. Now how can I help you succeed? 

There’s NOTHING you can lose!

The Time Is Now…Get on Board NOW. Your first $1,000 launch is waiting for you!

The more you delay your decision, the further away it drives you from profits. 

All I am asking is a measly $4 (Dimesale, rising up fast) and you will get access to a mind-blowing system that is proven to work like gang-busters.

What’s more, it can help you generate $1,000 paydays…and remember: There are NO limits as to how many products you can launch in a month.

Basically, you can CRUSH IT with your products – the easy way.

I suggest you take action now, the reason why it’s so cheap is because the price is on a dime-sale and rising super fast, so CLICK HERE to get immediate access to the course!

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