[GET] Kindle Unlimited Cash Cow DOWNLOAD

[GET] Kindle Unlimited Cash Cow DOWNLOAD

Who else wants to join the

“Kindle Unlimited” goldmine?

Discover how to make tons of money

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Get full access to our step by step training,

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Kindle Unlimited gives access to all the books you can read for $9.99 a month, and that’s awesome news for serial readers. It hit the market as big news, and thousands of people joined it without thinking twice in USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy and many other countries.

But to get money from this program is not as easy as it seems. At least, not if you don’t have a good plan and all the hidden secrets. And this is what we have done for you. We give you the keys to big success on Kindle Unlimited.

On Kindle Unlimited you get paid when

your readers have read at least

10% of your book, otherwise you

won’t get a cent. If they do, you get paid!

Kindle Unlimited Cash Cow

Hey, it’s me! Alessandro Zamboni!

Hi, I’m Kader Baker!

In this Ebook You Will Discover…

  • Your Proven Method

    Otherwise you won’t stand for long… Authors on Kindle Unlimited are paid from $1.33 to $1.81 for each book with at least 10% of the pages read. So if your book is 50 pages, your readers must read at least 6 pages to pass that percentage and get you paid. You comprehend not all books are good for this platform. We will show only the right ones!

  • Your Plan of Action

    You need a plan to follow so that you don’t fall into the many Kindle Unlimited traps hidden on your way to profits. And we missed many ways trying to find the right one! But once you know the right tricks, success will come for sure in a straight-forward way. More, you will discover why on Kindle Unlimited you have to act differently than on Kindle!

  • Power to the Authors

    As you probably heard on the news, the big publishers have not joined Kindle Unlimited. And won’t join it for a long time. Because they need big money from every book on market, to pay the author, the printing company, the proof readers, the advertising and finally, the publisher. So don’t be scared, this is the right moment to come out of our shells and publish!

Kindle Unlimited is powerful for Indie Authors

Like You and Us! And it’s definitely no good for

big authors and publishers, because there are too

many people eating from the same plate!



While others are still wondering if it’s a good idea or not,

join Kindle Unlimited now and borrow all your books there!

Who comes in early, earns more. It’s proven!

We present you…


Jump in right now, don’t wait for all the authors around to grab your spot, otherwise you will be too late! Don’t wait anymore to profit from the Kindle Unlimited idea. In this way you will be found easily, readers will follow you, and you can build your name and authority at once!

Imagine how easy it is to build a constant sales flow of over 10,000 books per month! That means, right now… $13,300 just in April 2015, or $18,100 in the first month this program started!


You can grow your profits on Kindle Unlimited

only in this way! No secondary ways, absolutely not!

Stay with us, and you will start to increase your sales day by day, month by month and year by year! Here are some of our book topics…

What is Kindle Unlimited?
Discover what this new platform is, and how it will evolve. It’s important to comprehend why it’s the right moment to join and make sales.

We show you the real advantages of this platform.
The advantages are only for you, because there are big battles online about this topic. And while big companies and famous authors are out, you can jump into the profits!

The best books to sell on this platform.
We show you three genres, the best for Kindle Unlimited, and we show you how to take advantage of them in a different way no one has used before. Every genre is shown in detail, and we show you the secrets to get lots of books borrowed.

How to outsource your books to native English speakers, for less than what you imagine.
We show you a not very well known website where you can get your books written for cheap, and by native English speakers. Something so valuable that we could sell just this method alone! And it’s not Fiverr!

How to create a free outstanding eCover.
We show you, step by step, how to design a wonderful eCover, and how to download it for free, instead of paying it. You can’t imagine the final quality!

6 steps to generate unlimited traffic (exclusive for Kindle Unlimited!)
Kindle Unlimited will drive traffic to your books alone. We show you how you can get a consistent traffic flow with 6 easy steps to copy and repeat for any book you publish. There are not the usual techniques, but something that works only for Kindle Unlimited!

This is my 3rd guide after the two awesome

“International Kindle Traffic” and “Kindle Thriller”.

And this is my 30th book published in these

last 7 years. You can definitely trust me!



Are you ready to invest in your future?

Have you heard the big news on Kindle marketplace?

Don’t look anymore, it’s time to join us!

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